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How To approach Stranger in Toilet

Submitted by Sumit95 Location: All India (All India, India)

Can anyone tell me how to approach to someone in public toilet or open toilet to have some fun

I am afraid to approach strangers but want to have fun with them

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Posted On Jun 5, 2024

If any toilet is there in which gay cruising happens, you can identify by staying longer than the time it takes to pee and leave. If you see there are someone who is not going after even 5 mins then chances are they are for gay cruising. But you should still be very cautious as these days everywhere there are goons who are looking for making quick money or sometimes even policemen pretend to stay and might try to catch you. Be cautious, pay attention to your surrounding and see that is happening. For this you need to be very patient and take the slow approach instead of trying to rush and getting instant fun.

Also, because of all the online apps and easy connection, most of the cruising places/loos are not as active as before so you need to give it time and be patient, stay for some time and wait. There are many who still enjoy the excitement of cruising and having fun outside but don't expect you will always be lucky or will always get your type of guys.

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SwitchVers *
Posted On Jun 5, 2024

Just look at their ***, n them make eyes contact n then suddenly look at their *** while slowly jerking ur ***. Then compliment their *** n ask about stamina size or satisfaction n all those things. If he stay comfortable then ask him directly to ***

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Posted On Jun 5, 2024

Agree this is nice trail..guys share ur erotic experience

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Posted On Jun 5, 2024

This approach has never failed me.
Make eye contact with them if they're not leaving after peeing then
start jerking your *** while they stand beside you. Not vigourously like a creep but in a way that they will notice you doing it. . Then let them watch you jerk off and if they keep staring at your ***, offer to touch it.
Most will touch but if they're shy about it, put their hand on your *** and jerk it with their hand.
What happens next you know :)
Remember. Not everyone who looks at your *** is gay. You'll learn to know the difference once you start cruising actively.


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Posted On Jun 5, 2024

Wait, so what if someone who is not gay looks at you jerking

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Posted On Jun 6, 2024

It happened to me KR Market toilet. I was in urgency to pee and my *** was erected. There was a guy who was next to me was looking at my *** and out of curiosity I was also looking at his ***. It was a Muslim *** with foreskin cut, and thick. Without any hesitation the guy hold my *** in his hand and told me it's nice follow me. Like a machine, I followed him to a building and we climbed few stairs and reached the a go down. He undressed completely and told me to *** his ***, i felt hesitated and scared in the beginning but later i started *** it like a bitch. He liked it alot. then I was lying on floor naked and he kissed me and play around with my body. then he raised my leg and started licking my *** and spit multiple times on it. He then inserted his thick *** on my *** and i started crying and making sounds. after around 10-15 minutes of hard *** his water flow inside my *** and started leaking outside. later we cleaned ourselves and left the place.

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Posted On Jun 6, 2024

@calm20invisible No straight guy will keep looking at your *** while you jerk it. If they don't leave and continue peeping then for sure they're gay or atleast bi-curious.

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Posted On Jun 6, 2024

Public toilet cruising always turn me on immediately. I always check for bottom guys whenever I use public toilet even successfully had two experience. Mostly cruising guys will be in last urinal. One time i went to a public toilet in bus stand. There was a middle aged uncle was staring at everyones ***. That toilet doesn't have that stone slab between urinals. So it was easy to see. Then I went near him and started to proceed. He was watching my *** like he is going to swallow it. That look gave me instant boner. Then I pulled out my foreskin and showed him the pink head. Then he came closer started to jerkoff. It was midnight around 1 o clock so there isn't not much people.

So I let him *** but he wanted to *** but I denied due to the unhygienic atmosphere and fear of sti

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Posted On Jun 7, 2024

Public toilet can be both awesome as well as scary too. Make sure you are not the first one to start the activity first, let the other person touch you, meanwhile you can stand at your own place, play with your own tool, give indication by eyes , just remain with yourself . Also if you feel that when you are playing with someone and everyone else start to leave , there's something fishy. Public loos are most famous spot to be looted and getting caught.

Once you enter and find your choice stand near that person , then indicate with eyes, keep looking on his *** and slowly jerk your ***. You can indicate by some direction to make him touch your ***. if you feel unhygienic or unsafe better avoid.

Main rule is, if the other person is uncomfortable never force with him . Also if someone else is enjoying and you are alone, make sure to help them to indicate if someone is coming by making a meek voice . Be safe and use protection if needed, dont hunt for panzy , drunk guy

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Posted On Jun 8, 2024

Just go and pee along side him! Give him a smile and ask whereabouts! What he is doing! Where he is going! Simple..

Nobody would give you his *** at first second!

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Posted On Jun 13, 2024

Try This At Public Urinals On Bus Stands.. Petrol Pumps...And Urinals Built On National Highways... Mostly I Have *** Some Good Guys With Amazing *** In Urinals Located On Highways At Night... Just Simply Stood Next To Them And Stare The ***...If Interested They Will Automatically Approach To *** Them Off... I'm A Nudist Too So Have Been Caught 2-3 Times Nude In Public Urinals..I Just *** Them And They Were Happy...Check My Gallery For More

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Posted On Jun 15, 2024

This is my fav and easy way for cruising. I stand in urinal, pull down my pant till my knee and i usually be in commando and will make sure everyone gets clear view of my as*. Interested people will approach and we take it from there. It never stops with one guy, it has always been multiple guys together causing extreme pleasure to all.

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Posted On Jun 17, 2024

Even I do the same. It feels great to expose *** and *** in public urinals but most of guys don't approach as they feel afraid.

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Posted On Jun 21, 2024

Hello to all,
I'm planning on visiting New Delhi very soon - I am student/doctorate from France.
I was wondering what the best neighborhood would be to choose a hotel, of course to visit all the beautiful monuments you have in New Delhi, but also to be close enough to cruising spots (like parks, from 8pm to midnight for ex) which could be safe for a Caucasian guy like me.
Any recommendation for such a compromise between site seeing and night cruising? 😉
And maybe also some advice on daytime cruising spots (like toilets, universities toilets, etc.). I have no problem to take metro, trains, buses…
I’ve been in Mumbai a few months ago, and I really enjoyed such a wonderful city/country! I noticed that many Indians (that I find sexy 😉) were a little bit afraid to have *** (like bj, ***) in toilets or parks with a Caucasian like me, and where a lot of people no-to-go for security reasons… quite sad… one of the only places I had great funs was in a very famous cinema in Mumbai 😊
I have browsed some announcements / posts here – I don’t know how to start with?? - but so what would be your recommendations please?
Thank you very much in advance for your messages or any help ;-)
ps: feel free to contact me in private if more comfortable, and in the meantime, hugs to you !! 🤗❤️

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Posted On Jun 22, 2024

Hello All ,
This Happened to me while i was in Nashik Old CBS toilet while i was peeing thought to cruise this was my first time, i started peeing and after peeing slowly started jerking myself and one nice mature guy was eyeing me left his urinal and stand besides me , he also started jerking himslef , i cummed in jew minutes and he too , and then i left. Great first time experience

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Posted On Jun 22, 2024

i go to public toilet and pee with my pants below my *** and my *** visible and i keep standing there after pee n slowly play with my ***. its so erotic. almost always someone comes near and conversation starts and i go with him to any nearby park in dark or any dark lonely place. many times in their car. once i met 2 men and we enjoyed in a park.

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Posted On Jun 23, 2024

@warmfeel.... iam sure u cannot pee with u pants down in all public toilets as small kids also can be seen in Mall and movie hall washrooms