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My Journey- How it started?

Submitted by Yuvraa Location: All India (All India, India)

Hello people , we all are living our lives in different location, but one thing connecting us is the curiocity and experiences. I really wish all to share their personal experiences and first encounters which lead us here. Hope you guys get to relive your past a bit. Thanks !

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pravin39 *
Posted On Jun 1, 2024

i am praveen 39 Black Bottom, presently in Bangalore, i met so many hot tops with there place since i dont have place, had very good hot session with all hot tops, all tops are very attractive and aggressive on bed, i met tops below 30 only, once i met one top who is 35 he is the worst tops ever i met since he is not good and not hot enough,

last whom i met is Sunil aged about 22 yrs at his place, he was alone he *** me hard and released his hot *** in my ***, he said ur *** is like mature ***, so we enjoyed well, i met him 4 times

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

I am a ver Btm From Thane.
My story started from when i was in 3rd or 4th std.
In my Society there was this guy who lived on the floor above us and i would go play videogames at his house after some time he started to touch me and after some time things got out of hand and he put it in my ***.
After some more time he penetrated me first time and his friend joined too. Both of them would take me to a terrace of the building next to us and would have *** with me for hours. Those 2 guys once took me to their house and had 6 more of their friends and all of them *** me and made me drink their ***. I never told anything to anyone and left with painful butt. First *** was painful and i cried but i didnt feel the rest of them that much.

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

Hi, I am 54yrs chubby n hairy bttm

MY journey is also exciting -

My introduction was when i was in 3rd or 4th standard. my best friend his older brother started playing with my body. it ended up with me and my friend feeling each others *** for hours.

As I grew, these sessions ended. but the fascination till continued. When I was around 23~24 yrs, after a party with my male friends i was riding on a bike in Pune station area (Sadhu Vasavani chowk). this is one of the oldst cruising spots in Pune. I did see some cute looking females and eventually i ended up picking up one of the hookers.
While she took me to bushes, while feeling her up, i felt a bulge underneeth her jeans. That was instant turnon. She also noticed and encouraged me to feel it and suk it. Eventually ended up on all fours and she trying to *** me doggy style. That could not happen but 25yrs on, still lovein suking *** s

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

My whole life I always got used and others always took advantage of my innocence or naivety. Be it my classmates or some random uncles. When I was in class preparatory there was a school camp organised where kids could stay in school whole night. Programmes were organised and dinner was also brought for students. I had to go to washroom at midnight. One kid has followed me there. We were alone. I was stupid and innocent. Today I understand that at that age itself he was much more perverted and knowledgeable about *** and lust than me. I knew nothing about lust or *** at that time. When I was trying to urinate, he suddenly stood behind me and grabbed my *** and started asking me to urinate. I asked him to take his hands off but he told me that he was helping me urinate. He was stroking my *** by pulling the foreskin up and down and making hissing sounds. Soon I started urinating while he kept holding my ***. After that nothing happened till class eight. I made a friend in class eight. He used to think of me as his girlfriend. He used to make me give him handjob. I was never able to make him ***. He had extreme control over his ***. Maybe he did kegel exercise too. But everytime he touched my *** he was able to make me *** with in one minute. Sometimes within a few seconds itself. During a class fight at least fifteen students had pinned me down and one student grabbed my *** and balls completely with just one hand. I felt shivers run down through my spine and my legs felt weak because of the squeeze that he had given after grabbing my groin. It felt like something inside my scrotum was vibrating while he was squeezing my *** and balls together with just one hand. He laughed at me and told everyone in class that he had grabbed my *** and balls. He also told everyone that my *** and balls were very small and soft compared to his own *** and balls. After that other boys also used to tease me. They used to slap my *** and run away. They used to make fun of me because they saw my *** was big but *** was small. I had chubby moobs too. So they used to call me a fatty aunty every time and run away after pinching my nipples or slapping my ***.

When I used to go to my cousin house, they used to pull my pants down and insert fingers in my *** too. Once a friend of my cousin's father saw me alone so he took advantage of me by pulling my pants down as well. He pulled my pants down and started tickling me every where all over my body.

My male cousins used to strip me in front of my female cousins.

Many times I was sexually to, touched by cousins, uncle's, classmates. Then after hitting puberty I started dreaming about being a woman or a girl myself and getting *** by men. In my dreams I was the girl wearing panties and the guy was teasing me, licking and kissing me and forcing me to have *** with him.
Then I stumbled upon sissy hypno *** and gay shemale ***.

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

My Story
I have an elder cousin who introduced me to ***. He is 5 years older than me. We have always lived together since he and my aunt lives with us. So I was introduced to all this at a very early age. As early as my LKG class, in kindergarten. During that time he used to ask me to hold his *** and inside bed under the cover go down, pull his pants and keep his *** in my ***......later during his turn he used to do the same to me......I am talking about an age of 5-6 years, so I didn't know what it was but since he used to do and say, so I used to do.......later on these incidents matured into him trying to insert his *** in my *** whenever we got a chance, be it in bathroom when no one is around, or him asking my parents to bath me, or later on coming over the wall of another toilet to my toilet as the wall was not till the roof.....we used to coordinate the timings so that no one would suspect......my whole childhood till class 6 was like that as I used to start enjoying it, but sometimes not when he didn't used to give the pleasure back.....as a kid I didn't understand at that age that all that was wrong unless the thing was mutual, but by that time it had become more of a habit. I can't fully say that he used me but if he had not done anything initially, I don't think I would have become such a big *** lover today. Last we had a session was back when I was in class 12. It's been 10 years now, we haven't spoken about *** anymore after that. I believe it's because of this that I am a bit weird about my romantic interests and sexual feelings. I still have my heart broken by a girl but when I am *** I want a boy to hold my *** and *** it or I want to *** a boy. But I also fantasize about having *** with girl.

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

@jimmyrustle24 . Really sorry for what happened to you. Have you ever confronted this guy?

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

@Womaninmalebody we all can feel the pain. We all deserve equal treatment and better life. *** those bastards !

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

Mine was started at my 9 years by my neighbour uncle and his friend, once my parents left me in his house for a day as they went to a funeral of my relative. Previously they ask me to sit on there lap and press my moobs and private areas, but I'm not aware that is a bad touch, that night they both Mae me nude, squeezed my moobs, licked lover, made me blow them. And threatened to not tell outside. It continues whenever I'm alone or playing in his home, later on my 14s my mates tutor, he asks me to stay for sometime even all the students left, he seduced me by showing his naked body, used me for his last manytimes, I opened it to my cousin who is 2 years elder than me, he took advantage and used me for his last, and 2 years later my cousin and his 2 friends used me as a feast for their night, it was continued till by 16, later I moved to hostel for my diploma studies, there started another part of list story in my life, I was frequently used by my room mates, warden, Autocad master, seniors, the lists was increased, that time I realized and I was expect more from whoever I see. But not clicked with everyone. Later went to massage center for part-time job for earnings during my UG, no need to say about massage centers... till it continues..

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

Is there anyone who has faced similar situation and came out it by some means ?

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Roykhannaa *
Posted On Jun 1, 2024

Hey guys mine starting journey have been long.. so please bare wid me..

I have been with 3 different dudes
Once when i was in 4th std once during 5th std school time and one during my college time 11th std

During school time i was first time introduced to this gay world

But i never got ***
Just got my *** licked fingered and played with always
And in my college time i got bodyplayed

During my school time when i was in my 4th std
Once my mom was out with the downstairs aunty and father in office, the power suddenly got cut since there was some issue during those days

One of my friend who was 3 to 4 years elder to me came home to play video game. But as the power was out we both sat and chatted for a while. Where he and me were very sweatie, and start telling me a game in which we feel different and fun. He started touching me and told me remove my tshirt and pants and he did it too

Later he got complete naked and undressed me completely

First i was confused and reluctant
But later he conviced me since it will be fun
And i was always very playfull
Alwys in mood of playing games

We were very sweatie and hot by then.
Later he told me wear the towel on my waist and on sholder like was wearing saree. And asked me to act like we were standing in the bus. And he was a man behind me.
He acted like a co passenger and later molested me and groped me.

Then we acted like we came down from bus and he follwed me to my home, later came in my home from a window and again groped me
I acted like i was attacked and i started running.
We played running and catching for sometime. Later he held me from behind and stripped my towel saree down and put me on the bed of my parents. Locked the door and started kissing my body

I acted like whats happening which was true
As i was completely unkown wht was going on

Later he played wid my small *** which was unaware too

He even licked it and my smooth balls since i was very young so i was hairless complete

Some how my *** got a bit erect

Which i loved and he said see i told u it was fun

He kept on jerking my *** and his and asked me to do the same to him
I didnt agree so he asked to jerk him atleast which i did and we both cam in sometime. I was so young that i did *** but there was nothing coming out of my ***

But i did enjoy it and we slept on the bed in our sweats

He asked me if we can do it again
I was so happy i said yes.
He said we will try different fun more fun next time
I was so excited tht i immediately said yes

He came after somedays when again i was alone home. This time i was ready and excited

He came home i was already naked and he stripped immediately
We got in bed and he told me to get on my stomach upside down

Then he put 2 pillows under my *** and belly which made my *** hang up and open in front of him

He made a sound like he was in love or something

He said wow how beautiful *** u have friend
And i was like wht next and excited

He poured coconut oil on my hole
And i was like wht are u doing bed will get dirty
And he calmed me down dont worry

He open my small *** and tight hole and poured again and filled the whole hole with oil as possible

And rubbed the *** chiks on each other

As the oil went in i was like wow whts this
It felt good

Later he said now be calm and see wht i do

And he slowly put his index finger which was oiled too in my hole very softly

I was about to scream and he held my *** and stopped me
Later he took out the finger and i said no its very painfull

I dont want to do it
I resisted for a while
Later he calmed me again and said just be calm and see u will feel nice more fun than last time

And he again put his finger and held my ***
I again felt the pain
And he started fingering my *** hole slowly slowly

I some how stopped resisting and enjoyed it

Then he fingered me speedily
Then with 2 fingers and then very harshly

I was mouning and enjoying the ride
Later i was riding his fingers
Like moving forward backward on his fingers and he was like having fun right my darling and i was mouning and screaming in fun

He kept on finerging me
Later spanking my ***
So hard tht it turned red
And i came after a while

He asked me to jerk him again like before and he too came

We again were on bed completely exhausted

We had different role plays he use to finger me and jerk me and i jerk him for almost 4 to 5 months
Later his family n he moved to other city

As i was experienced in getting fingered and mutual jerking i found one of my school friend in 5th std who also use to do this stuff with his cousin elder tk him

He use to finger and i use to do the same to him
But he also use to lick my *** hole and *** my ***
Which i loved getting done to me
Specially he licking and eating my *** hole

But i never did it to him nor ***
As i never liked it to do anyone

This also kept going for almost a year
Later we moved to other city

The third experience was when i was in 11th std
And my friend in my tution
I use to go for studies to his house and spend the night at his place.

Once he was alone and we use to drink that time. So we got super drunk.

And i was almost not in my senses and acted as if i was out
But i wasnt, i acted so as i knew he was attracted to me and use to look at my huge *** always

I was bulky by then

So i acted im very drunk and cant sit
So he said to get in the bed in the bedroom.
I acted i was asleep and out
And the music was on and he was drinking after me aswell

He later tried to check me if i was out or awake
He tried waking me up which was fake
And i didnt respond although i was awake and in my senses
I was very drunk rhough

He started caressing my ***
I was wearing shorts and t-shirt

He was too dizzy and very drunk and was mumbling
And saying dirty things to me and my ***

He could control for much and he pulled my shorts of so fast that my underwear too came of in one go

He was so horney that he was very happy to see this big ***
As i was lying on my front and my *** was completely visible

He remove my t-shirt and made me naked

He got naked too
And came on me

I was afraid if wht will he do
Bcoz i had my experiences but from my childhood n tht too some not all

He startd spanking my *** slowly
Afraid if i woke up

But i didnt move
So he pulled my *** to him and put some saliva on his finger and my *** hole and fingered it for some time

Later i felt something smooth on my hole and it was his toungue
He was so horney that he tongue *** my hole for atleast half and hr

Then again fingered me..
I was mouning in my sleep he thought and kept spanking my *** and kissed *** my whole body my nipples everthing

Jerked my *** and his aswell
He never insert his *** in my hole though which was surprising but i was relieved as i didnt want him *** me
My hole was and is very tight

These were all my experiences
I hope u enjoyed the experiences
Do tell me ur thghts and wht all u liked or disliked

Also all these are completely true

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

i m now52 year vertile living ghatkopar. my *** starts at 15 year.me and my friends sleeping on the terrace bcz rooms were very short, i m in confusing age at that time like to wear ladies undergarments. one night while deep sleep i realize my frend pushing his *** to my *** crack, i like that bcz my pen is grow fast i slide my pant bcz that time no underwear at that age!,he slowly grab my *** and get his erect pen out and touching my *** we both are ***. he spite on my *** crack in pushed his pen slowly in my butt i think half part in my *** and half is out i feel so *** that time i push my *** towards his pen!i n4,6 minuts i feel his warm *** on my ***,ozzing through but crack!then it becames my habit!whenvar we got chance we enjoyed fully,bcz no one comes to watch us. he *** me many times on terrace! one night when we only 2 sleeping bczall went to native place so we 2 sleep ful naked he *** me full night and 1st time i do blojob fr him!1

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

I was using net cafe for watching *** in ug days. Started watching shemale *** in Pune,but didn't get courage to *** a single one. Shifted to mumbai and started following ohmojo cruising site. Made courage and *** shemales at cotton green,bandra T junction,Andheri,Santacruz. First took shemale at hotel in Delhi. Now shifted to hometown. No shemales here. Still not in gay business. Next time want to try gay with shemale.

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Posted On Jun 1, 2024

Nice thread. I can trace two incidents that, to me, made me enjoy *** a lot. My story also started when I was in 4th or 5th standard. We lived in a small village where there was only one telephone booth that allowed incoming calls also. One day, we were expecting a call and I was there around 8 at night. The booth is sort of private. I was waiting for the call and the operator started touching me. I didn’t know what else to do, so let him do it. He slowly went into my shorts and started masturbating my *** with his hands. It felt oddly good, so I left it. After sometime, the pleasure went and it became sensitive, plus I got my call, so I spoke and left.

I then experimented with a friend of mine when I was older and we masturbated together (didn’t touch each other and all). He used to give me dares like to run outside naked etc. and I found that super fun.

When I was in 10th, I had gone to another town in TN to visit my relatives. That time we went to a local theatre to watch a movie. Once the lights were off, the second incident that I enjoyed happened. A guy, very rough looking guy, around 40-45, wearing a lungi sat next to me and slowly held by hand and guided it to his big *** under his lungi. After a little while, I got the hint and silently complied and gave him a handjob. I liked that.

When I was around 19-20, I used to study with a friend. Sometimes we’d watch something sexy at night and when we slept, we used to touch each other. I liked that too. We never acknowledged it at all.

Later in life, around 22-23, one night, my friend and I were hanging out and after we slept in my room and around 1 am I felt him touch my ***. I got very *** and let him, after a few min, I also touched him and soon we were 69ing. We both enjoyed it so much but didn’t talk about it. We did that a few more times.

After a few years, I suddenly started craving ***. I told my wife at that time and she encouraged me to explore if I wanted. So I started cruising. Slowly I started owning my sluttiness. And that evolved into lots of kinks like cruising, theatre, hotwife, cuckcold etc.

Now, when I get *** for ***, I have one simple rule for myself, I cannot say no and I love that I don’t have any power to stop anyone from making me give them my hand or *** to use how then want. I am a powerless *** and I love that!

I’ve realised I like to please men and offer them everything I have, my ***, my body, my hand, and when I was married, even my wife (who was a huge *** hersel!). But we are not married anymore.

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Posted On Jun 2, 2024

Mine started at 5th standard. Lived in a joint family situation and I was seduced by an older relative who started coming to my room and touching me and quickly escalated to oral and then to him *** me. This became a regular occurrence for the next few years. He got me addicted to ***.

Then I accidentally discovered cruising in a mumbai loo. And then i really became a *** to older guys. Got picked up by many older married guys who would take me places and *** me.

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Posted On Jun 2, 2024

All interesting tales. 30 vers here from Bangalore. Let me know if you want to meet, I'll show you my first experiences in person

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Posted On Jun 2, 2024

I belong to a small village from southern Tamil Nadu. I was in my 6th std and we had a new boy joined our class from Jammu . He was so pink and chubby. We sat in same bench and everytime during the class , he use to caress my thighs and I had no clue about masturbation or *** . The sensation of caressing over my thighs exited me . We wore trousers and one day he slided his fingers inside and could sense my ***. I felt something warm and liked it yet scared . Class was going on and he slowly took it out through my trousers and slowly started to stroke it and Mede it fast and after sometime I had a different feeling and i held his hand and made him stop . I could not take it more and that feel was awesome . After that we often did it and he made me to *** for him and it moved to bj and *** etc

Many in my village started using me and I used many as well : i

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Posted On Jun 2, 2024

My First experience was in school.

As regular i was going to school when I was in 7th std Classroom One boy trying to made eye contact and I was ignoring him and this was twice then one day in recess once students are out for food Classroom was empty he sat besides me as I was weak in maths he helped me solving problems and then he suddenly touched me thieghs It was not Good then he put his hands in my half pant my *** little got erected.

Myself: kya kar raha hay tu
He: Chup reh thoda time plz.
Myself: please mat touch kar naa
He: please thoda time de na
Myself: ok chalega firstly I'm feeling uncomfortable koi dekh lega toh.
He: don't worry kuch nahi hoga

This was regular then we both were touching each other he was seducing me and suddenly my *** was extremely erected then once school bell rang we were going to home then he told chal washroom mai then he put my zip down started hugging me and fully touching as no one was in school washroom then my *** got again erected he told mere aankhon maj dekh then he lip kissed me i felt uncomfortable again as was my first time then he again kissed my lips then again same repeated attempts then i became comfortable with him he told open your lips then i opened he kissed my deeply and then we were kissing for almost 15 mins I was enjoying his lips and he as well. He told plz mera hilayega kya I told ok hum dono ne hilaya and i cummed huge bahut pani gira humlog ka I came satisfied home.

We were enjoying this much only and i was doing with him at regular premises with searching place then had a great lip kissing and hj he told plz *** karega kya mera I told ok he put his d---k in my *** fully tight hua he said wow your *** and lips are very juicy hay then he told thoda deep le na then he did my *** it was sounding wak wak wak wak wak my *** was dripping with saliva then he suddenly cummed huge In my ***.

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Posted On Jun 3, 2024

I was in my engineering. My college friend's parents had gone out for function and he was alone. His parents talked to me and said to be with him until we return. I slept in their house. In the night my friend was rolling on top of me and was feeling all my body. I was rock hard in the night and he even opened my pant zip to feel. Wow, my precum was oozing. He even kissed me on my lips. But in the morning nothing had happened.

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Tanha dil
Posted On Jun 3, 2024

When I was in 5th standard, had a subject moral science. This text book had detailed description of male and female reproductive organs, how they work etc and was fascinated by male reproductive organs. Wanted to experiment with it. So I coaxed a friend to experiment. We both got nude in my house and started experimenting. One thing led to another and we both ended up *** each other's ***. Since that day had numerous sessions including hj, bj, 69, and rimming.
One fine day found a packet of "nirodh" and it's instruction manual (yes during those days around 1981-82 condoms were new to India). After reading the instruction manual, discovered it's usage and unsuccessfully tried *** with my friend.
After some years my cousin seduced me and started having sessions with him. He introduced me to nude baths, kissing, smooching and a lot more.

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Posted On Jun 3, 2024

@jimmyrustle24 i feel you even similar experience happens to me too when i was in 5th std, i go to my frnds house a lot, which is Two building from my home, so I spend most of my time there playing and watching cartoons. While I went one day to frnds house ,He was not there that day , only my frnds dad and his baby sister was in home . So i watched cartoon and played with his sister in hall , his dad was in room . His dad was so friendly and nice to me always and even play with us sometime which made me like him. Then his sister slept, so we placed her in bed . Then my Frnds dad asked me to stay and continue watch cartoon .Later he came out and sat beside me and started talking and asking what I like . Then he called me close to him and ask shall we play a new game and showed *** . I asked what game is it and why all are without dress . Then he convinced me it will be nice and asked me to play that game with him . I don’t know what to do but i liked to play new game and also confused while watching *** my first time , so I was silent and he started touching me and undressed me . Then he removed his underwear and asked me to shake it and then shoved it in my ***. I said is this the game and he told me to do it if I need a gift in the last and shoved in my *** forcibly again. Then he holded my head tightly which makes me unbreathable and I started crying And then after some time released me . I gasped for air and noticed something in my ***, I spit in out then he told me to eat it. Then he gave me chocolates from fridge and consoled me and asked me not to tell others about this game and to keep it secret . This continued for some days where he calls me forced me, being so reserved and silent kid was in his advantage and he also gave me chocolates, snacks to keep me silent. Then one day he gave me his mobile to play games and started to do usual things to me while playing that game , he started rubbing my back , and asked me shall we play another game and shoved a toy bear in *** and inserted his *** into me which is very painful and I started crying and tried to escape he caught and hold me tightly and lied over me . He didn’t stopped but keep taking it out and inserting again and again . After he finished he tried to console me saying it will not pain don’t worry and kept ice pack on my back , gave me things to silent me , and then asked not to tell anyone. And tried consoling me by allowing to play video game . Then after that I didn’t see him for 2/3 days . then when I went his home after a week to watch cartoon, he approached me again and then asked me to sit in his lap and watch. He kept rubbing my body and asked me why are you silent ? U like this game ? Nice kid u didn’t tell others about our game , I like u , we are frnds now so ask me anything u want and his friend came and they both did with me . This become regular thing which happen while he is alone in house , started calling me to do it while showing *** to me . Then he took advantage of me like this many time . Later I don’t know whether I used to it or liked doing it, I really thought it was a game which adults play and played it with my frnd which is his son, where he is husband and me a wife and *** his ***. This goes on some days and one day my frnds mom caught me and my frnd playing and scolded us (mostly me). Then it made me think that it’s wrong game , that’s why she scolded. Then after some days we moved to different area.

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Posted On Jun 3, 2024

I don’t realise then at that age that i was used , just what i thought was it is a game and i will get lot of chocolates and money to bug chocolate. But later when i grow and know things thats when i realised that he used me . Even this happens long long back , This is one of the incidents that i faced during growing up even in college, as i am shy and weak kid . At least now i have the courage to say no to someone try to touch me without my interest.

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Posted On Jun 4, 2024

@Sanjay_69 nice one

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Posted On Jun 4, 2024

@sanjay_69 why didn't you confront him then when you grew up?

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Jeanebad *
Posted On Jun 4, 2024

Nice thread.

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Jeanebad *
Posted On Jun 4, 2024

My journey started during engineering days. I was never into guys or girls during my teens. It all started when I shifted to hostel, and met this guy from Bhadrak Orissa. Short around 5.1,chubby and stocky guy with strong arms. He was a bully to me, always intimidating me. It all started in a bus ride. I wore full shirt inserted with blue silky denim trousers, no undies inside. We stood face to face in a crowded bus, and soon due to lack of space our bodies came into contact. Our chests bumped, His tummy poked mine and our *** started to clash. He had a thick mushroom *** 2 inch compared to mine 5 inch. He got hard due our frequent bumps, he started to attack my *** with his.I was flabbergasted. He would intentionally bang his *** to mine. He was wearing full grey shirt and a silky satin black trouser even if he got wet, it won't be that visible. He wanted to humiliate me, and so he continued, till I got hard and started cumming. Wetness was outside my pants, visible. Once we reached our destination, he started pointing it out and most of colleagues started making fun of me. I was too embarassed to even think about it. Now I realized it was only starting of my journey as a gay.

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Posted On Jun 4, 2024

Sanjay 69 , my story is similar. When I was 4 years old, a neighbour boy who may be about 16-18 at that time , used to ask me to *** his *** and then give me some sweets... I used to like it as I was getting sweets. I remember the taste of *** was salty. But after that I started liking *** and was always attracted to 18 years about guys.. even now I am attracted to same age

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Posted On Jun 4, 2024

@Rustedankles thats the last time i seen him after we changed house and then we even shifted to city settled there for my education purpose . So dont know where is he and what he do. Not thinking about that these days .

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Posted On Jun 4, 2024

@sanjay_69 sad...

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Darling baby
Posted On Jun 4, 2024

I am rajesh, my journey starts 2012. I was in Jaipur that time. Once i sit in a famous park. A men came and sit beside me. We just have a chat while he tried to touch my thighs after sometime he tried to touch my ***. I got *** then he ask me to go with him to his room. That was a summer days and he lives alone

I agree and go with him. He has a single room he ask to lay down on his bed. I was tired so lay down then he ask me remove my clothes as feeling so hot. I undressed my self and now I am wearing underwear only. He also sleep near me I was trying to sleep but i feel his hand on my ***

Then slowly he moves his hand on my *** after sometime he put his hand in my underwear and rub my *** gently I feel so *** then he removed my underwear and now I am lying down naked. He now tried to insert his *** in my *** and put his hand on my nipples and kisses on my neck and then we have enjoyed a lot this is My first pleasant *** experience

Second experience

I met a boy on ohmojo and we decided to meet casually that day i was alone at my room. We meet and ask me that you are living alone, i said my parents go to village. He ask me what you like in *** and he says that he is bottom. I close my room and we both undressed and he took my *** in his *** it was so amazing I feel like in a heaven it's was my first time to get *** he *** till i *** and swallow. Now he bent me down and put his tongue on my *** hole lick sometime my hole and really enjoyed it he put his tongue in my *** hole *** me with his tongue he makes me so *** then he ask me to *** him I *** him

Thats the second experience and I am became gay from that day

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Posted On Jun 5, 2024

Interesting thread. My journey started late at age 19 when I was in college my friend I thought was straight seduced me. After that there was no looking back.

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Posted On Jun 6, 2024

I'm 55 years now and still remember my first encounter with my cousin I was 5 or 6 years then and he was 15 years. He gave his *** in my hand. I had first felt the hardness. As I grew up my interest and love for *** also grew up. My crush I still remember was Arjun when I was in 4th standard. May be 9 years. Arjun had asked me to hold his ***. Once during lunch interval Arjun and friends had opened up my zip and saw my small ***. I still miss Arjun. Inhad touched his *** and still feel it. I wish if I can meet him again. I thank these two guys who played a role in making me Gay. My cousin I still meet, he's 65 years now.

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Posted On Jun 6, 2024

I used to go to a bike repair shop for my cycle sometimes and the owner knew me from face.i had made friends with him only thinking ill keep getting discounts. I had just passed my 10th .
He wouldve been around 30-35 .He used to give me discounts and special treatments too. I thought we are friends.He had my number too.
It was the time when it was going to be my 18 birthday. I had talked to him about it as i was excited and kept saying everyone .
He wished me on whatsapp and that was the day we began talking.
We shared what we like or dont. I told him casually i want to try alcohol for first time. He told me he has kept a keychain for me as a gift, will give me raatko if i meet him.
So he invited me to his shop.. We met at 10pm but He then told me if i want to try beer. I was like fine na kya hta hai beer se ill try. So he took me to his shop but from behind gate, like it was a godown type with limited lights and no place to sit , everywhere it was box or spare parts.
We sat there for a while , talking and stuff. I even drank 2 sips and i did not like the taste. The 3 rd sip i took and puked beer on my pants. He came closer and started wiping the beer , deliberately touching my ***. And he got closer this time. Put another hand over my shoulder and one near groin.
I didn’t knew what had happened suddenly.
We began talking while we were really close , i knew what had happened since i got turned on too, my *** was getting tight. He rubbed mine, i was moving here and there , he held it tighter and took my hands on his *** too. And omg that was so big , i was very ashamed bcoz i have a very avg *** and he had such a big one.
I began shouting, he hit me and made me quiet. I remember crying.
He removed his pants to see. And i just kept on seeing it.
And thats when the story take not so happy turn for me . He got ***. Forced me to *** but i didnt i pulled back, he was very harsh. I shouted once, he slapped me really hard . And shut my *** and nose . He undressed me and he held my hands very tight
I still remember crying while this was happening. He shoved his *** in my *** but i bit him. And he got very angry. Now all of this was getting recorded in his spare mobile he had kept on the stairs of this godown. He pointed that to me. I panicked. (In reality there wasn’t a phone😂 it was just a phone cover which i didnt knew)
I agreed to do what he wanted.
We began kissing tho i Was enjoying it I didn’t show him i was, suddenly he turned me backside and started fingering me. I was new and virgin. That finger *** pained a lot. But it didn’t matter to him. Eventually ended up getting raped. He *** me . Without lube , without condom . I cant explain the pain in text. I remember just lying on the floor after he was done not been able to move .

So this wasn’t the end. I ended up going to him almost once a month . I got blackmailed to this coz of video.even gave me 2000rs here and there. I loved when he used to grope me . He took me multiple times to a beach nearby, and *** on the beach at night while im lying on the sand with protection now , somedays pissed on me , made people see in public i was nude , called another bottom and made him *** me ,inserted a dildo inside me .
He even told me there was no video earlier and but i still kept on meeting him .
I refused doing *** with him now. Now i was a year older and he couldn’t force me .
But one time i was invited to party at home. We planned to drink. He invited his some friend over . I was the most drunk one and that day i got *** again but this time it was so wild they ruptured my *** hole they *** me for 3-4 hours or more taking turns . I couldn’t *** for a week. I had to visit doctor , my parents started to wonder and even doctor said it to my face the reason he knew why it happened .
This was the day i blocked him completely and told him to do whatever he wants to do with the video. I never went there.

Now i like being groped in trains ,just not much *** part coz of pain and fear . i still like girls but whenever im *** i think of *** .

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Posted On Jun 7, 2024

My journey started when I was in my college days during my masters, we were living in Rajkot and my admission for masters was in Ahmedabad so had to leave the house for the first time.. During my graduation, I did tried wearing mom's saree and blouse, felt that it drapes my body better than any cloth so was attracted towards it.. But that got lil hault when I started working after my graduation, and it resumed once I had my mind n body free from work lol...

When I planned to move to Ahmedabad for my masters, I was searching for a PG to live and I found one in prahladnagar area which was quite near and proximity was as such that I could easily get transportation for within/outside Ahmedabad.. With the feminine side, I was lil excited to see how could I explore more being away from family.. I got settled down at that PG and had a very shy nature zo didn't talked with anyone except the caretaker who was also the owner of that PG.. I had my separate room so no disturbance or privacy breach - and I tried sleeping in lingerie every night...

One night, I remember it was coming on a long weekend and other tenants were not in the town and was just me n landlord.. I slept early after taking shower and dressed up as a girl but suddenly around 11:30 pm the door of my room was knocked... I was in my half senses and couldn't realise that I was in my female clothes, opened the door and I could see the landlord standing outside... To his surprise, he was shock for a moment but then when he saw my slender body and bubbled butts - he pushed me inside the room and closed the door... out of blue he started taking my pics in his phone...

To my surprise, he liked what he saw and directly approached me to serve him the way he want or else he'll share my pics.. I didn't had any choice but to surrender and accept the offer that he was going to give... He said this will remain discreet between two of us and I need to give him a head and back everytime I'm home - if I'm home then I have to be his *** and let him *** the way he wants... Slowly it turned out to be a good thing for me as I had to save my rent and not to pay anything... But things got twisted when one night we were going to be alone in the house and I was about to reach home...I was prepared that tonight will be a full fun for him... When I opened the door, nobody was there and when I entered my room I saw 2 men (landlord and his frnd) watching *** n masturbating...

My landlord introduced me as his *** to his friend and asked him to use me the way he wants... His friend gave him 2000 rupees and told that I'm sold to him for the night... I remember I was in so much of pain next morning because I didn't got a chance to mentally prepare myself for this huge man and neither was my anus prepared... I know the good part was that he had a good stamina at the age of 53, didn't left a single cloth on my body that night - entire house had his *** drops as I was moving in the house with his *** dripping from my ***...

That's when I realised that men wants holes, no matter whether it is a *** or anus or even *** - you give them hole and they give you ride of lifetime for free and many rewards to follow...

That's how hailey was born... This life continues for 2 yrs, just before 2020 started when I finished my masters and started working... Meanwhile dad also got transferred to gandhinagar so we eventually moved to Ahmedabad and now he's retired so no more living alone or staying away from family..

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Posted On Jun 8, 2024

Here is a question arose in my mind.after reading

Journey stories no 2 3 4 and others
Its all child molesting journeys
Now is question
1)was it painful memory
Or r we accepted as pre written destiny being a gay.
Nowadays from school students are learning what is good or bad touch.
Sorry for my poor English

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Posted On Jun 8, 2024

For me it started when I was 11 years old.
I was curious to know how a grown man's *** would look.
I would stare at the crotch of young men and try to imagine the shape. I was just curious. Nothing sexual was involved. I didn't even used to get erections at that time.
There was no internet either to see it. When I became 13 years old, my seniors from schoolbus (15-16 years old) used to make fun of each other and heard words like 'hilana', 'pani nikalna' etc. Then during the summer when I was 13 year old, I wanted to try masturbation as I heard when some seniors were talking about in the school bus. I held my *** between my hands and started rubbing. It got hard and I stared feeling good there. It was as if I was getting some kind of relief. I still can remember that feeling. It felt how we feel after stratching the itchy skin. It was making me feel relieved. And suddenly only small drop of something sticky came out.
Then I shared this with my cousin. He told me he also does that. Then we started doing it together. After that we started feeling attracted to each other and first time we jerked each other off. That's how it started for me.

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Posted On Jun 13, 2024

I am Raaj vers, My journey started when I small boy, at my grandma's town i met some frnds with them I first time put *** in my ***, then when I was in around 8th class I had my very first experience of *** *** with my cousins we *** each other.
And then jump to when I was 20yrs old, I was living away from hometown in Nagpur for studies. I was all alone there then I started to cruis chatting site, on one chatting site I found a gay thread , there i saw people have posted their *** pics when I watch them I started to have a sensation and *** feeling, and started to chat with gay guys online on that site which gave me thrill that night first time I jerked on a gay chat, I got fascinated then I continue to do gay online chats for several days and side by side I was continuing search for gay dating site which will help me to meet guys in Nagpur and luckily I came to this site Ohmojo, where I saw profiles of guys in Nagpur starter to have chat with them and eventually I met a guy from this site. We met at 12 at night along ambazari lake side and we *** each other and that time I tasted *** and Hard Rock *** & that's how my gay crusing journey started.

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easygoinghooch *
Posted On Jun 13, 2024

It started when I was around 12yrs, when I watched my cook masturbating. He continued with the act knowing well I was watching. Fascinated, I started giving him a handjob. But then only when I was around 15-16 got to taste my first ***. It was an uncle who used to play cricket with us on weekends. He always had a thing for me and used to take me home and gave me snacks after our game. On one such occasion, I saw him getting out of the sweaty dress and couldn't take my eyes of his bulge. He invited to have a shower together and I ended up on my knees. Next couple of years was always a treat and got introduced by him to more ***. Good memories!

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Posted On Jun 14, 2024

It started for me when i was around 10 years, I had one friend in school , when we use to sit during lectures he use to tell about how the *** are long and tight of professor, maybe he provoked my gay mind. . I use to find it interesting to discuss about mature uncles *** and use to stare when someone use to grab the crotch area.. Many a times in public urinal i tried to peak and watch uncles ***. found in very interesting and ***. When i was alone, i use to jerk sometimes, seeing photos of uncles from newspaper / magzines which i had cut out and kept in a secret book.
Days passed by and I started with college , I use to travel by Local train and thats when on one fine evening , while travelling in 2*2 one nice mature sardar uncle touched my ***, and got charged. Later once we got down at station , we both went to loo, I showed my erected *** to him and he touched it, after that we talked about m2m *** and he took he to his home. Once reaching close to his building, he took me at a dark place and undressed my pants and started to play with my ***, and once erected he nicely *** my ***. It was wonderful feeling . Have been cruising at public loos and place to find mature mens and w

Since that day, I have came across many mature man, always had a safe and mutual M2M . and never got attracted to young people of my age group . Now my attraction and affection towards elders have been so near that even in office and social media, I tend to spend time with them, make friendship with elders and seniors , some of my friends are for m2m fun as well as being good friends too. I enjoy the company being with elders.

Maybe my first proper encounter was with mature and now, i am only attracted to mature uncles. Looking to meet decent uncles from this platform

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Posted On Jun 15, 2024

My first experience was about in 1984 when I was in XIIth. I was living in Pune in summer vacation with my aunty. There was a young person around 23 or 25. He was living alone. Every day I goes to his house to see TV. {as I am from another place and till that time Television not reached to our area so having attraction}. So one night I am watching some serial with him and one another his friend seating on bed. After some time his friend left about 11 pm. Then we both watching serial. I was seating on bed and he was lying behind me. After some time I feel some hard from my back side. I could not understand what was it. Then he kept his hands on my thighs and started to press. Then I understand what he was doing. By touching his big *** and hands to my thighs I became hard in my trouser. When he seen that I was not apposing and giving response he asked me whether remove your trouser. I don't know how I told his yes. Now I was excited and aroused. Then he removed my trousers and inner wear and made me naked. He already taken down his cloths. We both were naked now. He cuddled me, kissed me my touching his *** with my ***. He given his *** in my hand and asked me to mastrubate at the same time he was also doing with me and kissing my lips. Whery exciting it was. After some time he asked me to sleep with him full night but what happened to me don't know I was not ready and left his house. He requested so many times me.
Till date I have regret that I have stay that night with him😋

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Posted On Jun 15, 2024

I come from a small village of south Tamilnadu . I was in 7th std and there was a neighbour who was in 12 th class that time . We used to play together and he taught me how to hold *** and pull foreskin back and wash it and how to *** etc . He use to have Tamil *** book with erotic stories and he would ask me to read and while am reading he’ll shake his *** in one hand and in other hand he’ll shake mine. Slowly he started *** my *** and made me *** his ***. He used to take me to gardens , river side , abondoned temple etc and that was a great fun experience .

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Posted On Jun 15, 2024

This is not my first ever experience but the first one with my consent. I always liked guys as much as I liked girls but never had a boyfriend because it was considered taboo. During high school, I had this friend we were really close. He was a soccer player and had great arms and legs, enough to even convert a top into a bottom. He had great hair, and even his sweat smelled sexy; I got turned on every time I smelled him after he finished a match.

One day, he called me to his home, sounding almost like he was crying. I went over and found out his girlfriend had left him. He was heartbroken and getting drunk, not wanting to be alone. He got too drunk and fell asleep on the floor, wearing only shorts with no boxers underneath. He slept sitting up, and I could see his bulge and the shape of his *** through his shorts. I slowly touched it, feeling the shape and getting ***, but I didn't do anything more. I shook it a bit and stopped before he woke up.

After that, he started drinking regularly. Fast forward eight months, I had a breakup with my girlfriend too. I didn’t want to drink, so I went to his home to rant about the breakup. He was getting drunk as usual. After some time, while trying to console me, he put his hand on my lap, saying he was there for me. He slowly rubbed my thighs. I asked, "What the *** are you doing?" He said, "I’m here if you need to have something else on your mind."

I said, "What are you blabbering?" He replied, "Don’t act. I know you touched my *** and played with it that day. I know the way you touch me in intimate areas whenever you get a chance." I was shocked and couldn’t say anything. He was drunk and probably didn’t know what he was doing, but since I was heartbroken, I didn’t want to stop. I sat there, letting him touch me. His hands slowly moved to my ***, he took it out, shook it, played with it. I got super ***. I touched his *** too, opened his shorts, and it was glorious. It was the first time seeing such a thick, beautiful piece of meat in my life. I wanted to *** and swallow it.

We both were shaking each other, getting high and making out. I kissed him longer than I ever kissed my girlfriend. We took off our clothes, kissing while shaking each other. We moved to a 69 position, slowly *** each other. I didn’t like it much since I was a top, but he *** my *** like there was no tomorrow. He was so rough and *** it so deep, taking it into his throat. I couldn’t resist such deep suction, and I came in his ***. He spit it out on the floor.

Then he moved to my *** and started licking and putting his tongue deep into my hole, almost making me *** a second time. We didn’t *** that night but had great fun. Slowly, we started exploring more and had *** in the upcoming months. We were never in love, but we were like *** buddies. Even after getting into relationships again, we still *** regularly. His *** was better than many *** I have ***. We *** for years, got our juniors involved, seduced them, had orgies, and had foursomes with girls.

Now he’s abroad working. I'm waiting for him to come back here soon.

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Posted On Jun 16, 2024

There is small correction in last line.
Till date I have regret that I had not stayed with him for full night.😊

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Posted On Jun 18, 2024

I as at a friends house … we were alone … playing games … he was losing and I said you *** … and he said you can *** my *** … I said ok and got on my knees … he was not very surprised and also I guess *** and he look out his *** … I *** it … it was not big but thick … he was about to *** and started strocking his *** hard … I open my *** and took out my tongue coz I have see it in *** … he came in my *** and I swallowed it … I regularly gave him blow jobs after that … once he said I want to *** you … I got in doggy style position … but he couldn’t put it in as we dint have any lube … but from that day I knew I wanted it.

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Posted On Jun 18, 2024

Most of the posts on this thread seems to indicate that majority of the people here entered this journey after being wronged in their schooling years! The origin of my journey has been different. I was curious about this after I casually watched a gay *** video. That was during the dial-up internet days, and I was in school too. Perhaps in 10th, or might be 11th. Internet used to be really slow back then, and I remember that highly pixelated video showing a muscular guy riding another muscular guy. I was quite curious about how this worked. Years later, I began playing with myself, inserting odd stuff like screwdriver (the handle side), glass test-tubes, etc into my hole. A few years later, I dated a few guys through a dating site, and finally one clicked. And it all happened! I've been with him a few times and every single time, I walked out happy and content.

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Posted On Jun 21, 2024

My started with my college senior roommates

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Posted On Jun 21, 2024

Few mentioned here that sexual experience at young age is an abuse and wronged experience . I don’t see it that way . I was seduced when I was 11 years old . I enjoyed it lot. I was little uncomfortable with the taste of *** and *** and balls . But I enjoyed it and from inside I knew that I liked it and I loved it and I wanted it more . Of course an elderly guy seduced me and introduced me to gay world but looking back today , I have no complaints . I love who I am . In fact I admire and miss those guys even now . The first touch , first kiss , first *** and first *** .. it’s all still in my memories .

So let’s not self blame or blame others as well . Of course legally we may claim it as child abuse , but unless we are not emotionally , physically traumatised let’s not play victim . Few kids get affected with such incidents and it’s sad , which is wrong .

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Posted On Jun 21, 2024

@Manlymeat30 you are absolutely right it started by seduction but we continue it as we like & enjoy also. I like the taste of *** & smell of *** & *** my vacation has become troubled alone I think as a bottom I enjoy more then the top

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Posted On Jun 24, 2024

what a thread!!!!

I have a very sad origin story like most of us
@aworkinprogress 's stroy matches mine the most.

Im sorry for what happened to you that night. Sending you lots of hugs