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Submitted by Dommaster24 Location: All India (All India, India)

Most of the guys here r interested in bdsm but don't know how to start OR meet other interested guys..so let's make this post a meeting place and help others connect .

And experienced guys DO drop some tips to help others

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 04:40 AM

I think in today's era everyone like BDSM get tied up slaps even girls are also showing their interest and many boys are playing roles beyond ur imagination they loves humiliation ,slaps, drink *** or pee.
So if u wanna get connect with these types of people then firstly the top guy should behave sensitive and mature so that he can humiliate and torture his bottom partner upto his limit and his tolerance.
So if this behaviour of tendancy adopted by tops then it will more easy to connect and enjoy.

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Shan saha
Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 05:56 AM

I really like to try bdsm, and always imagine me as a slave dog.
but cant dare due to some news where a boy torture like hell and admitted in hospital and that news goes viral..
I wish to do everything which my master demands from me, but in tolerate level.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 07:01 AM

BDSM is getting widely famous with time but still there isn't much awareness in this area. I really like the power dynamics and exchange but that's a rare find.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 07:59 AM

I still don't understand how people are so uneducated. And no one take anything personal here. I'm talking in all general terms.

BDSM, as a thing, a term, a concept, an act, a style, is a very large concept. It has lots of terminology, lots of sub-category, lots of thing underneath. BDSM as a whole is an umbrella term. You have to learn and go through extensive books, and other material to truly understand the meaning, the philosophy behind it, the true nature of it. Although some people think that BDSM is 'kinky', in some cases it doesn't have to involve *** at all. The mental connotations of some acts are more of a turn-on than the prelude of a particular act leading to ***.

Lots of people have polluted the whole concept of BDSM, by watching *** and they have created a wrong ideology, that BDSM is just a power struggle. I won't deny it's not that. But I would like to say it's not "Just" that. There are lots of factors and things that needs to be taken into consideration before you even remotely enter BDSM. Because as so previously mentioned one of it's core nature of BDSM is in power exchange between two people. So you have to take into account not to hurt your partner in any manner, and I really mean any manner, physically or spiritually or mentally.

The second point I would like to say is that, I've met lots of people who claim to be, let's say "Into BDSM". But their whole idea of it, their whole mentality of it comes from a very vague and dull representation which is called "50 shades of grey". I won't deny it's not a fantastic book, but who has time to read these days, am I right? I'm sorry that was a joke. Lots of people after watching the movie came to conclusion, "Oh yes. I now see. That's BDSM. Yes. I'm also into it. So if I abuse women physically like that a woman exactly like Annabelle will come to me". Like come on ? That's your twisted thought? I met a guy once, who was like, yeah I am a top. So I wanted to see what kind of a person he is. After chatting for a bit, I asked him what made him come to the conclusion that he is a top. Like what was his thoughts, what was his experience, why he chose to be a top. Or a "Dom/Top" as he so proudly said. And his answer was, "I'm physically strong. So I'm a top". Like what the hell. Is this is your mentality ? Physical strength has nothing to do with it. Your orientation, your sexual preferences doesn't have anything to do with your body BMI, nor your muscles, nor your waist size, nor your muscles. That's how uneducated people are. So in the same manner BDSM hasn't evolved yet. At least in India, with our society so conservative, people haven't still gotten to this yet. It will take some time before people will learn, and it will take a lot of time before people actually accept this as an art form, as a sexual lifestyle.

I'll stop here before I make this into a school project. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with this.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 09:51 AM

@kingofdesire56 yes you are correct, you've actually written a chapter of your new book 😘 I've been searching for a dominant for a few years now and realized I'm almost on an impossible journey. It'll take a few years before a sizable number of people understand, read and develop towards the lifestyle. Till then Vanilla with some nuts zindabad 😋

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 10:25 AM


Idk what to write anymore. I was surprised to come back here and notice some comments. 😅 It's so hilarious. Anyways, ignoring it, I may have to deny your comment on the impossible journey. I don't think it's impossible at all. We all at one point of life never knew about this as well. At one point of time, we stumbled upon it, learned it and now we crave it, want it and need it. It's the same for every person. No one is born with an innate need for BDSM. So as far your journeys go, I'm sure if you have a legit partner, trying out and exploring new things with your partner and divulging into BDSM, spicing up your *** life is not that hard of a task. Relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding. No legit partner will directly say "No", if you talk with them, and try to like convince them into just trying. Everyone always loves exploring and trying out new things. It's the same as ice cream. Not everyone wants vanilla all the time right ? Sometimes you need chocolate, sometimes butterscotch. But if you never try them you won't know how good they are. I would say millennials these days are very much open to exploring. So that's why I have some optimism in that manner. Gen X people, the older ones (And I'm not being aegist here. Don't take me wrong), they would be the one's who might have trouble accepting all these things. You know with the old age conditioning and all. But as far as it goes it's not impossible. The impossible thing would be to find a legit partner. But I really don't understand, why anyone would actually be trying so hard to like "Want a hard DOM. I'm a faithful sub. I'll lick your feet and obey every command" and whatnot nonsense written on their profile. Like if you want that then go back to colonial times and live there. Even any genuine person, legit person, can be introduced to BDSM world and can actually become a Dom/Sub based on their preferences and likings.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 11:05 AM

Wow you can seriously write bro, yes I agree impossible might not have been the right word there, but it's way Damn difficult. The problem is that I've had some bad experiences with the younger guys and tend to stay away from them. I do understand your suggestion with the ice cream and hence suggested that I've kind of settled with vanilla with nuts in it sometimes 😉

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 11:09 AM

Yes a lot of reading, lot of research and an open mind to experiment is needed to get in a satisfying bdsm or ds relationship. Any top wanting to learn and experiment without judgment, I'm willing to give it a try and guide you

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 11:29 AM


Yes. I'll agree to the "Difficult" statement. That's okay. I mean if good things just came on a silver platter to everyone, no one will actually make any effort then. So that difficulty is required. It would make you feel like you earned it. Makes it more worth it. But then I'll again disagree to your younger guys comment. As I said millennials these days have that sense of adventure. Have that sense to explore things. Let's for example say we are 40 here. If you find someone 30, who actually falls under millennial category, but just because you stay away from younger guys, there's a possibility you might actually lose a chance to be with someone legit. So never be that ageist. Nothing wrong with trying to talk to people. I mean if you have talked to enough people as much as me, or a lot of others, you'll be able to take an accurate educated guess as to how much intellectually capable and mature the other person is. Then you can instantly close that book if that's not your cup of tea. Works fine ?

As far as the reading and research comment goes, there will never be enough. No matter how much you read, there will still always be something more, something new. Because this is like a rabbit hole that never ends. So you have to keep on doing more reading. It's never wrong to learn new things.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 02:10 PM

I'm a switch
Can play both roles
Don't mind training newbies about being slaves, behaviour, body play, session purpose, limits, safe words, rewards etc.
Basic Bdsm kit comes around 4-5k in fort
Keeping it at house is difficult
It includes handcuffs, flogger, *** gag, blindfold. Butt plug, mask tape (depends on seller)

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 03:26 PM

My BDSM is very unothodox, involving a dom bottom and a slave top(me). I had these session with many vers guys, I wear leather undies during sessions, and let my master slap me, pinch my nipples, breath play with deep kissing, butt spanking, hips pinched, get my *** slapped, *** and lightly bitten, take nut shots, get grounded with my master sitting on my groin and doing nasty stuff and at the end of the session, i embrace with my master and we shower together. Did it in Satara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Aurangabad and now in Hyderabad. BDSM is pleasurable to guys who are masochistics and love taking light pains, but shouldnt encourage sadistic and masochistic mannerism. Thats why I chose this unorthodox method. I prefer a master bot with height shorter than me.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 03:59 PM


Just a very vague question. I'm sure I wrote on this above. But still I'll ask. What does the height shorter than you has to do with anything. Like how is that anything related to BDSM. As far as my knowledge goes BDSM has nothing to do with your physical features. Your BMI, your weight, height, muscular features or feminine features, etc. So could you be kind enough to explain the whole ideology and concept behind that comment ?

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 04:10 PM


Trust me when I say this, I don't have much experience at all. I'm still learning. But just a random thought. I did say this above as well. Watching ***, and hoping to learn from that, or even remotely trying to replicate it, or assuming or like having the vague remote idea that what you see in porno films is BDSM is a very wrong thing to do. Stuff done in *** is done in a very controlled environment. No doubt what you do with your partner is also in a controlled environment of your home. But using *** as a reference for your research or saying I saw something in *** and I wanna do that is really not a right way to go about things. So please don't do that. Just a friendly thought.

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Posted On Oct 6, 2021 - 05:26 PM

@jeanebad it's not completely unorthodox .I have had submissive tops but it's all mostly in the mechanics of a dominant and a sub role.Even though I am a top and so was he , the session went well and mostly he was satisfied.
U can always tailor a bdsm session to the needs of the guys involved.

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Posted On Oct 8, 2021 - 01:27 AM

U are right about BDSM, in our Indian culture/society it might need atleast more 10 to 20 years for SM kink fatish and other *** categories to be normal.
But I had seen changes after internet is become common,
As u can see before there was very less escort services available and now u can find alooot, few profiles clearly mentioned role plays and kinky play wearing fatish wear and soft SM...
Bollywood also showing little kinky songs, *** toys etc...
So in my opinion BDSM is here but as on experiment level...
Bro as u write we need to check our orientation like what made as sexually turn ON and OFF...its not much difficult but one have to step forward...
About experience let me u my journey to this...
From early age I like to get turn ON by leather or latex wear.. I like to watch *** in same category then I specifically like to watch kinky *** with spanking degradation sloppy hardcore bondage bound breathplay blindfolded forced act and lots more...
Question is that I don't understand that I like to do it to my partner or my partner will do this to me ???
In school I got my first sexual encounter with my best friend, at first we started jerkoff together by looking midday mate bikini photo and after few time my friend jerk me once and it started...then he *** me off and then after few time I *** him analy...some how I experienced that I want to be in TOP...it never occurred to me to go down to him or satisfy him by any means...as we are best friends so by insisting I tried to but not like it...in school time I never now 1 thing about BDSM but I tried bondage by hand tight behind him and made hi blow me...I like it aloot and after few time I *** him by bonding his had ....
So 1 thing is sure I like being TOP
After study I join Marchant navy...travel around the world...I had been to many countries and experience BDSM clubs...
I tried Femdom...not like much but enjoyed...
After much experience I fixed to sissy cd...
Like the way the boys try to become girl...their total submission efforts to make their man satisfied

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Posted On Oct 8, 2021 - 06:21 AM


First let me thank you for replying. Yes it will take a considerable amount of time for BDSM to come to India. But as there are lots of western culture growing and spreading faster and since lots of media available on the internet, lots of couples are slowly trying to explore the matter. So we can always keep our hope.

As far as your latex fetish goes, did you ever experiment it properly. Latex fetish goes both ways. If you like leather clothes, or latex clothes, you can try buying some and wearing them yourself. Nothing wrong with buying clothes now. It's not at all necessary it has to be sexual. I'm sure you're working and I'm sure you have money to buy them. So try them on. Maybe you'll be able to get some clarity on it. Another thing you can do is, if you've a chance to go to many countries in Europe, there are many clubs where they do lots of female domination, with latex clothes. As long as you pay you'll be able to experience it in a much more professional manner. So you'll be able to get much more knowledge on the matter and then you'll be able to come to an informed decision on it.

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Posted On Oct 8, 2021 - 10:15 AM

Any masters around for master slave session
I'm into bdsm as well as sexual pleasures too

Want my master to *** me beyond my limits and go hard on me
As well as love me on bed as a reward

Maybe it's difficult to find the right guy.
Looking for exact combo of bdsm+*** like a 50shades of gray
I'm experienced here
Well trained!!

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Posted On Oct 8, 2021 - 11:18 AM

I watched the webseries of Vikram Bhat called ' Maya'

It was straight bdsm.. Where a girl unhappy with her marriage because of softcore s*x.. Having an extra marital affair to fulfill bdsm fantasy.. Thinking abt that series hardon my di*k😁

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Posted On Oct 9, 2021 - 09:01 AM

@kingofdesire56… well said and explained about BDSM.

I try to find guys out for bdsm but due to lack of knowledge in them, just end up with having normal ***.

BDSM doesn't just mean torture to sub and screwing forcefully, it means pleasuring your slave sexually and getting pleasured mutually...
For which I have just been with 2 guys till now who I bet are excellent Dominant and truly knows what BDSM means and knows well to use it😉
Google share good knowledge on it, use it well.

It's always good to evade, learn new things and explore your fantasies but with right information and techniques.

Happy hunting.... Guys can ping me if u have any queries. Happy to help.

Any genuine Dom/Master reading this can also ping me😉

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Posted On Oct 9, 2021 - 12:05 PM


First of all let me thank you for the kind compliments.

Secondly, there's nothing wrong with continuing to try and find people who will have the same likes, preferences and kinks as yours. With whom you maybe able to bond more and connect more due to a mutual preferences in things or plays. So I hope you do find some good people.

Thirdly, BDSM in no manner means torture to anyone. That's a very wrong and illogical thought process. As I so clearly explained in my previous comments above, a lot of people have the wrong notion about it. People have wrong sources of information, thus they end up going down a path that's not the right one. And they end up having a misguided ideology that BDSM is just pain and torture. Which is not true at all. I do agree that BDSM entails, pain play, it includes whipping, spanking, even impact play. Which does give in pain. But for some people that pain translated to pleasure. Those are the people who come into the masochist category or have a kink of masochism. But see even that is done in a controlled environment. It's not like you go walking on the street and just punch any random person or start thrashing them and assume that's BDSM. All these thing as you said, like the knowledge on the subject matter is available on Google. Nowadays every single person carried a phone. It's not that hard to actually Google things and learning. Gaining knowledge on a subject matter is never a wrong thing. But unfortunately here we are.

Fourth, I seriously don't understand a lot of people. Like I still see people commenting on many places here and there saying "Slave this, slave that, slave-slave". Like what is this ? Colonial times ? We are not under anyone's rule anymore. The other person is also a human being. At least give him that much respect. You're (And I don't mean you per se. Please don't misunderstand. I'm meaning as a general term), on a public online platform, talking about your partner in such demeaning manner. And yet expect respect and gratitude from them? I understand you may have a "Dom/Sub" or "Master/slave" dynamic going on, but that's within your room walls. Outside you're still two people or partners in a relationship right ? And I don't mean like a romantic relationship as such. Any form of connection Between two people is a relationship right ? So at least treat them with that much respect ?

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Shan saha
Posted On Oct 11, 2021 - 02:17 AM

Can any one explain about toilet slavery,
is it true that human toilet is the part of kinky bdsm

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Posted On Oct 11, 2021 - 02:24 AM

@Shan Saha

Yes. Toilet slaves are a part of a BDSM kink. What do you wanna know.

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Posted On Oct 26, 2021 - 02:28 PM

A few days back I was on the bed with a date, it was going great and in one moment of ecstasy he spanked my *** hard, it kinda exited me a lot, so I asked him to go a little harder, he spanked hard and it gave me a super hardon, we kept spanking harder and harder and it was getting sexier n sexier. Like wise I made him slap me hard and it was another kinda high to me. We enjoyed the session so much that we are considering a full blown BDSM session the next time we catch up.

I had always enjoyed verbal abuses during *** but this was something else.

BDSM does add a certain spark to the *** if you are up to it!!

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Posted On Nov 9, 2021 - 07:25 AM

I agree it's hard to start a bdsm life at first and to find partners with similar likes and fetishes.Everybody has different likes and fetishes , we shouldn't judge them for that.And in India many fetishes are bundled into the word BDSM .
Most of the slaves just want someone to take command over their life choices and be obedient.Some try to include their real life into their fetishes.I had a slave who was a professor and he bought me college uniform clothes,he wanted his master to be dressed as a college student .other slave had a fetish for a PUBG character so he bought me a tight white undies,a bandana ,a eyewear of some kind,a big toy gun and a sword .he wanted to be dominated by a pubg character so everybody has different likes and let's be open about it and explore .
If you are having difficulty finding masters of slaves then have some patience ,don't jump into bed with cheaters or looters.Have a bit of self control and spend a bit on safety .

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Posted On Nov 9, 2021 - 06:49 PM

@kingofdesire56 a big thanks for trying to educate the lot and I can understand your frustration,but humiliation and demeaning is what they crave then ,u can't help it right?
As I mentioned in my earlier post...those guys were desperate for a good humiliation session and they were satisfied with that. Everyone has diff likes and pref and a lott of awareness has to spread around the safe practice of bdsm,but as of now many many things are categorized under bdsm and many don't know the limit and safe methods to practice it.
And @kingofdesire56 thanks for keeping this thread alive and educational...MUAHHHH

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Posted On Nov 11, 2021 - 06:10 AM

@BottomCruising yes it’s true that a Slave always ready to serve his Master in his limit . A slave get satisfaction by serve his Master . But Master also should know the slave’s limit . It’s difficult to get a sensible Dom Master

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Posted On Nov 11, 2021 - 06:57 AM

Ya it's true to find one's limit but if the master and slaves talk about their limits and likes ,then they can know one's limit . If if it's someone's first time being a sub the pls choose a experienced dom,even if he isn't that dominating as u want,but for first timers it's important to take it slow and avoid starting with new masters.Experience is very important in bdsm.Sometimes masters lose their control and go overboard but a experienced one can keep it in check.
If u don't choose ur partner carefully u'll have a very bad experience,which scares you to explore in the future.
And p.s I know some wanted to contact me before,this is my new account ,pm here .

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Posted On Nov 28, 2021 - 10:40 PM

Just putting this out there !
There are many discreet undetected Bad *** masters who play a very active roll in selecting and then seducing Their intended hook ups after he gets them behind closed doors And most BDSM are not looking for willing feminine types to seduce Most are looking for masculine straight /bi / married curious men to dominate n put into bondage and use them break their will and yes using ropes , whips , chains there is a lot of violence ,pain and humiliation That’s why it’s called bondage. Sadomasochist. It’s not a game. It’s real And the end results is they will come back to their Masters for more.

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Posted On Mar 1, 2022 - 07:03 PM

Hey.. due respect to you all and ur knowledge, suggestion..
I want to know is trampling and fetish for shoes in *** list
under bdsm?
I am much interested in it

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Posted On Mar 1, 2022 - 07:25 PM

@Slavebot bdsm is a big umbrella so many things are considered to be bdsm.
And ya trampling does come under bdsm
And many fetishes are associated with bdsm so shoe fetish is a bdsm thing .

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Posted On May 10, 2022 - 03:55 PM

There's a lot of confusion and curiosity around cbt nowadays , I'm getting a lot of requests to explain or give them a cbt session so I'm gonna post this to clear some of your doubts.
CBT isn't for everyone out there, a light slap on your *** may.seem ok but CBT requires a lot of experience if you are looking for extreme and professional level cbt.
There's a diff between just slapping a *** or balls and
From my experience the right ways to do a professional cbt is to actually holding the balls in your grip, putting the pressure or taking a flogger to the *** and balls or hot wax or using weights , clamps , ropes,riding crops,forced orgasm , ball stretching, or using other ingredients like hot sauce or ice cubes or toothpaste.
In extreme cases kicking.
But the main thing to consider is safety of your partner and making sure you don't cause any trauma .
I have had personal experience where I had to do cbt to my subs in all their sessions , it's fun to do but being careful while doing these are important.
So keep this in mind before approaching anyone .
Try it with experienced guys or there are articles on how to do light self cbt if you are curious to try.