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Wannabe tops

Submitted by wingedcupid Location: All India (All India, India)

These days the demarcation between tops bottoms switch are fluid.

However there are quite a few guys who are definitive bottoms and seek tops for fun. Not even vers.

Have you had instances where a fellow sister turned up for *** claiming to be top?

Share your experiences.

Ps: I love co-bots and sisters very much, no disrespect intended

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Posted On Apr 22, 2021 - 04:38 AM

First confirm all then only you need to fix meeting with any one

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HeadsTailsAndHo *
Posted On Apr 22, 2021 - 04:48 AM

I agree with @MonsterCk.
When it is paid fun, it is better to decide clear terms of the fun and payment.
Minimum duration of fun, clear lines of action and role, clear discussion on additional expenses.
If a top ejaculates in 2minutes, or a bot does not get fkd for few minutes even, why the prostitute must paid?
If one pays, he has right to get the complete satisfaction.

And even if it is not paid fun, the action must be on mutual consent.

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 08:23 AM

What's the main concern?
Being top/btm/vers or to have mutual fun and get satisfied?

I'm vers top
But I make my partner happy as we discuss our likes before session. I've *** many twinks who have cute *** n sexiest smooth ***, we ended with a satisfaction from both sides.
It's societies problem that it's judgemental.

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 09:23 AM

Had a bizarre conversation with a guy on planetromeo couple of days ago. He said he was a Bisexual Top guy who loves male to male fun. I asked him what all would he like to do. He said that he will give his *** to me n I should service him whatever way I could please and that’s it. I asked what about me being part of fun how will u satisfy me. He said I’ll just give u my *** n I won’t even kiss u. So is this the new breed of tops ???

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 09:44 AM

Like you have a preference, he also has a preference.
He shared his expectations , You share yours.

There is nothing like this new breed of tops :)

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 06:03 PM

It's very nice he made it clear. You don't want fun don't go ahead. What's there to be so fussy.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2021 - 03:06 AM

That's the reason I don't say I am Top. I would say I love to get ***. You can lick my nipples, balls, ***, finger and rim. Does this mean other one not enjoying?

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Posted On May 10, 2021 - 09:40 AM

Top - who fucks
Bottom- who get ***
Versatile- can do both

*** and kissing is / should be common for all gays.(if your parter is clean and hot to be kissed)
If you can’t romantasise with a guy and just want to *** or get *** then you are neither a gay nor a straight. You are one who is not mentally ready to accept your orientation.

A request to all gays here, please don’t entertain such guys who just waana get served.
Actually its problem with the gay community that they are so desperately looking for *** that they are ready to take anything / anyone. Men who dont get *** or blow job by their gf / wife takes advantage of such gays.

Please have some self respect 🙏

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Posted On May 10, 2021 - 09:55 AM

SundarDeshmukh - That is not fair dear. Every human being is free to do whatever he/she wants to do with whoever he/she wants to do. It is nobody's business. All human beings with hormones are desperate. Let us not go there. Gay. straight, bi etc etc ; please do not stereotype any community. Some people like to just do whatever their partner wishes and vice versa. So it's not fair to shame anyone.

I agree you have your priorities and likes set. But no one has to follow your rules, right? Let each "self" decide their "self-respect".

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Posted On May 10, 2021 - 10:41 AM

@letsfuck , that’s very much true everyone have rights to do whatever they want but the thought process behind this is dominant section who feels themselves like a boss
I am not stereotyping anything, its by definition.

I quote your line “ Some people like to just do whatever their partner wishes and vice versa.” this is exactly the same thought process of a typical Indian wife. (Mera pati jo bolega mai wahi karungi aur complain nahi karungi, pati daru pi kar aaega marega chodega fir bhi kuch nahi bolungi, abala nari ban k rahungi.....)

It took 100s of years for women to evolve and stand for their rights.
I just want Tops doesn’t become dominant and start dis-respecting bottoms.
You can see it as few cases but i see it as coming trends when any guy messages you on dating sites and directly ask “choosega”, “lega” and when I respond with “tu lega ?”
Then answer is always “No i am TOP / Straight”.

Not today but over the years when Indian society and families will accept the gay relationship then these trend of dominant top will become tradition and fir se wahi hoga jo aaj tak auraton k sath hota aaya hai.

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Posted On May 10, 2021 - 05:54 PM

@ SundarDeshmukh
It is interesting how you have confused/mixed the issue of rights of an individual with preferences.

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Posted On May 10, 2021 - 07:41 PM

@SundarDeshmukh, ROFL. They have the audacity to claim that they are straight :P

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 08:12 AM

With all due respect to everyone, with their personal opinion, agendas and preferences.

I am very much concern about these "wannabe tops" who are just seeking a hole to bang.
I mean I get it, many bottoms are okay with it, but have some mutual understanding and respect at least, as a human being.
Like there are so called tops who have audacity to put it in their bio claiming, 'Pure top, want to get my *** ***, and want to fuclk hard. Will not *** or rim, because I am pure top"
these kind of people i have problem with, they are just looking for a hole to dump their ***. They think by saying "PURE TOP" they get away with everything, like I am top, I dont have a place with me, I want you to *** me, I will treat you like a slave bottom, will treat you like a trash, and will *** you without caring for you, and then will leave you place..because I am "PURE TOP"... and most importantly this is hook up so dont expect anything emotional, Just because today i dont have any *** to *** I am using your hole...

And the concerning part is most of the community members are okay with it .... :)

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 09:52 AM

Asi_69...u said it current ...bottom doesn't mean he is waiting with open *** for pure top fellow..

Love respect emotions feeling and then *** comes

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 01:53 PM

Bottoms hole is made for taking tops *** only....

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 03:55 PM

@kharbottom. As a bottom the words u expressed little worrying man. Lust or love doesn't't mean that the other person is slave and can harm them.
Of course its individual choice to be slave or master.
But when i say i am a bottom means in *** i am a girl and vice versa. As a girl i respect my master and expect the same from my master that does not mean i am a slave.
U need a hole i need a ***. So how i am less than u.

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 04:27 PM

@kharbottom and @BottomLicker, may be that's your choice, but that doesn't apply to all bottoms/versatiles/tops. Everyone has their own preference and interests in ***.

@Akkulraja85, girl is not always a slave. Please do change your opinion/attitude towards women/girls. They lead our country in the past and are leading a state currently. They are equal to men and are no less. And I do agree with your opinion of 'U need a hole and I need a ***.' No one is less here.

It's the attitude of a pure top that's irritating. As far as I have seen, all they want is a hole. Let's all ask them to go *** themselves them. That serves their ego.

Coming to 'Wannabe tops', what I feel is that they are either confused of their preference or have been a top and can't let go of their 'top ego'. I initially was too and thought I might be a bottom and tried to, but could be one. Then tried being a top and liked it and so that decided. So, they may be are confused about their position. I did get messages on dating apps from so called pure tops and tops too asking to *** them and I first asked them to figure their role and update their profiles. Their ego didn't let them to update their profile but they still chat asking me to *** them.

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 05:10 PM

Verstop_hyd do you know who is sissy.. if i am calling my self as sissy that means i am devoted to my master.. and i will lick *** rim do all which please him.. and you know what.. that is our pleasure..

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 06:37 PM

@bottomlicker - get you self corrected, sissy doesn’t mean you are devoted to someone.
Literal meaning is weaker or cowardly.
Practically its feminine (guy/gay who have feminine features more than a man) e.g CD.
Aise logon ko north me log “mauga” bolte hai. Dont know what do they call in Marathi or other language.

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 06:42 PM

You may have your personal choice (i would call it as fantasy), pls dont label all bottom.
You belong to a category which you can call BDSM or BDMS or MasterSlave.
Not everyone here like to treated like bitches, some like to be treated as princess if not then at least a human

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Posted On May 11, 2021 - 07:30 PM

@adi69: if 7 have problem u ignore why create so much fuss about it..he cleared his side what he expects and what u shld expect from him, no confusion, u like it take it or resume ur hunt

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Posted On May 12, 2021 - 04:34 AM

thanks for support bro @smartboy040. Thanks for showing your attitude , oh wait are you one of those wannabe tops, because your complete profile is "RATHER NOT SAY".
I don't want any pep talk from empty profile who is not ready to explain his own side. Anyway I would "RATHER NOT SAY" anything about you...

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Posted On May 12, 2021 - 05:34 AM

@vers top_ hyd, i didn't mentioned anywhere that i am thinking all the ladies are slave, i mentioned 'its individual choice and pls dont label all the bottoms as slave', i do respect women and as a bottom i wont act as slave to my companion. My opinion is bottoms or women should not be a slave, this is what i mentioned.

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Posted On May 12, 2021 - 05:47 AM

Hii guys I am btm guy loves be a slave to nice *** love to *** for hrs plzzz use me I can do as u say abhhhh

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Rahul_Mumbai93 *
Posted On May 12, 2021 - 07:14 AM

I've met few slaves from Mumbai who are ready to serve me the way I want, they don't even expect me to kiss, like they just want to get used by men.
Half of them having a fantasy of getting used, being a slave and serve top, few like to get groped n being touched, get *** hard by top men
It's their choice, they are tired of normal *** as they say before session,they have their own choice.
I treat people with respect even to my slaves, for a fantasy we do many things like bdsm, dirty, humiliation n many
N post session we have lunch or a coffee together and we both are satisfied.
It's just about mutual fun.
No offense against anyone just to clear the heat which is going on in above posts.
Recently I've got many messages from btms about they want to explore kinks n bdsm also dom sub roleplays, that doesn't mean tops will hurt bottoms, it's about a little pain which gives a pleasure in hardcore ***
Tops n bottoms knows what pain I'm talking about the one who like hardcore. This type of pain many guys like so they come into this to explore and get satisfied fully.
It's not about degrading but just about mutual satisfaction.

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Posted On May 12, 2021 - 07:49 AM

@Rahul_Mumbai93 thaks for your comment dr. We sissy bottoms are always have our self respect. But when we are into master slave we will turn into maids or even dogs our only intention is to please master.. do whatever he asks.. rimming *** lucking anything..

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Posted On May 12, 2021 - 08:43 AM

Just to add, this is not at all about how one like ***, it’s completely personal choice and preference. Master, slave, degrading, rough, brutal, BDSM, with fetishes, romantic, soft or harcore, humiliation etc. anything, that is upto person to person. All I am ranting is about those who do not respect the LGBTQ community. These are the guys who do not respect individuals, which i would like to add, have no self respect as well. There are many imposter in the community who could not find a chick for a night or wife refuses to ***, and then they get out of the houses to find bottom *** to bang with disrespectful manner. And even in that they carry their male egoistic demands, and that is really annoying, like I am top, i dont ***, but you should *** me, just for an example. Man you are not a "TOP", in fact you re not even bi sexual, you are just a lusty *** looking for hole and your regular *** is unavailable. These are the same people who don't want to spend money on escorts or prostitutes. They are looking for free of cost hole to dump their load.

So its not about the bottom or tops or those who switch, or how they treat or how dominating they are, its a personal choice and consents, as every individual know how to say No. But the regular heterosexual who are taking advantage of term TOP and using community members for their pleasure.

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Rahul_Mumbai93 *
Posted On May 12, 2021 - 10:50 AM

Whether they like lgbt community or they hate
It's their concern
You can't change their mind or thinking

I personally respect transgender community
Have few friends as well, some people will respect them as we are belongs from LGBTQ we accept everyone.
Those hole seekers hate everyone, even their parents in day but in night they need ***
If you want to have *** have with them, if you don't ignore them.
If there's a person named XYZ wants to *** that hole seeker and get *** or used without even kissing
That's their concern, who the hell are we to interfere?

Let them do whatever they want, just mind our own matter.
Hole seeker is happy, the one who is getting used he's happy too, what's wrong with you ?
No one will live the way you want, even if you are God!
Their life , their choice

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Rahul_Mumbai93 *
Posted On May 12, 2021 - 10:54 AM

You expect that so called straight people should kiss a bottom or not to have ***.
Many parents who are having a gay child, they expect to be a straight people, get married, have kids and live a normal life
No one is going to work others way
Let people live the way they want!!

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