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Lost And Found

Submitted by HeadsTailsAndHo Location: All India (All India, India)

Many a times, we all look back and find that there was someone or were few people, we met on the way of the gay life, with whom we gelled well and spent some good moments... But those moments were not long enough that we could exchange contacts... Or even if the contacts were exchanged, we lost those contact details in this fast pace life.

Now looking back, we recall them and wish if somehow we could get in touch back to that one guy...

I hope OhMo allows this thread to remain on the portal, so people can post msgs about their LOST ONES, and can try to find them back.

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Posted On Feb 11, 2019 - 11:24 AM

Few years ago I met this guy who went by the profile name of M. RAJ in Orkut, we chatted for a while. He was like some 8yrs elder to me. We decided to meet in Panagal Park, I was into cross dressing but he wasn't interested in that kind of stuff so asked me to come without any CD costumes. After a brief chat, he took me to his room in a mansion in West Mambalam. To my surprise another guy was there, who was younger and in my age group, but Raj said he didn't expect him to come but he's also into this and he comes to use his computer so he wouldn't disturb us.

It's a small room with a single bed, next to the computer table and a small empty area before the door. So while the other guy was sitting right next to us, Raj undressed me and we made out, after some cuddling and kissing and licking all over the body, I went on my knees to take Raj in my *** while my mind was running like a train in excitement of doing it while another guy is watching. In a while Raj leaked in my face and I cleaned myself with a tissue before I left to the bathroom for further cleaning. I badly wanted to take the other guy in my *** too but didn't want to trouble him. Later that night the other guy took my number from Raj and expresed his interest in me but he also didn't disturb as he was unsure if I'd like it. We flirted all night.

Next time in a few weeks I made out with Raj again but the other guy couldn't make it. Finally Raj got married in his hometown and we lost contact eventually. I miss him and his friend.

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Posted On Mar 1, 2019 - 03:22 PM

it happened quite a few years back. i went to meet a thai guy who was studying in kolkata's jadavpur university. he was nice company but a bit of a chhui-mui type. touch me here, don't touch me there... anyway after a lovely evening of *** i was returning to the station to catch the local train. i asked someone for the direction; suddenly this gent popped the very familiar line.. don't i know you... i played along and said maybe. he said will you come along, i live nearby. i said ok.
we went to this gent's house where none was there. we had a wonderful time together. it was sheer magic. the thai guy had aroused me, this one satisfied me.
he gave me a landline number which i lost very soon. but still remember the experience. and also remember the song he kept on humming.... hey khhoniker otithi.... o guest of a few moment.....

wish i had stayed the night with him which he kept on insisting. but it was a sunday evening and i had to go to work early monday morning.

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Posted On Mar 7, 2019 - 06:19 PM

I saw a guy just now in beard .. he was lil dusky and wearing white formalshirt and blue pants with black shoes.. near dosa center at navarang grounds.. we had a eye contact .. by the time I made up my mind to Approach him .. he started his bike and sent away ..
Dude if u are here and reading this msg .. pls do ping me here .. I would like to hve a chat with u :)

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 07:21 AM

Few years before I meet one fashion designer in Bangalore tippasandra. He was very attractive bottom and slim also. I had few times *** *** with him. After that he moved to lingarajpuram he invited me few times there also for sx. Once we had group fun @ his place. He is very experienced in bad and allow/ capable to attend 3-4 in same time. I forgot his name and contact - if you're in this group msg me . When with you iam most satisfied and happy. Plz drop one and one msg to me.

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raj cd crossy
Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 09:30 AM

I am searching for my top friend ...Vihaan mehta...from Ahmedabad ...
He is near Dmart, nava naroda
Krish gold residency.
We enjoyed 3 times.....
Vihaan if you in this group please contact me....i miss you
Want to meet you....

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 09:36 AM

Hi i am looking for a top. His name is Raj. I met him in Bangalore Babusapalya house. we met online a year ago and he called me to his room. He *** me nice for 2 hour. during fun our double condom was also teared up if u remember. We met on PR but your profile is no more on PR. If you are seeing this msg so pls buzz me would love to meet you again.

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 10:22 AM

Hi. I use to *** a guy in tnagar. Found him outside his apartment with his vers friend at midnight. We use to have wild fun n suddenly i lost contact of him.

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 02:58 PM

Long back I had met a gujju guy in virar local. I used to stay in vasai then. We had *** a few times at my place. Later. When I shifted from vasai n changed my number I lost contact. I really miss him till date. He had just the right size *** for my tight ***. I used to love *** his *** too.
If u are on this site. Connect with me plzzzz. Miss u

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 03:42 PM

Years ago on planetromeo I hd boyfriend Dad4Crossdressers who gv me a birth nd discovered the feminity inside me... He would be so happy by knowing what I am now.... How free I am now.. Miss you baby... Yours and yours only
Miss our wet nights.. Specially delhi winter nights

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 03:46 PM

Met a guy in Murugeshpalya Bangalore. He was from Mumbai, was as tall as me, had big *** and had muscular body. He used to call me to his 1bhk flat and show *** movies. We used to have hot steamy fun as both of us are very active in bed. His *** was like hot gola ;) and I used to *** it a lot. We used to smooch for a long time too and make loud noises. We met couple of times but this guy never shared his mobile number. He used to call through his landline. Finally he left the place without informing. I miss the good times we had. If you are in Bangalore, ping me dude ;)

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Posted On Apr 3, 2019 - 08:30 PM

It’s 2 years back, this guy caught me blowing my bf near churchgate station, You shooed my guy away and took me to some distance threatening me about police, and then you asked me to come along with you to your place.I was scared and that’s why I was pleading to leave me. That blow job I gave to you after that, I can never forget that ***, I regret that No the most.
I wish I should have gone with you that day.
If you are here please ping me.

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Posted On Apr 4, 2019 - 03:18 PM

Hi, I used to meet versatile Santhosh. We have met several times in Bangalore at his place. He has drilled me so well. I just love his action and ***. Wanna meet you honey. Where are you? Reply me if you see this msg. I left you many msg on your gmail but no response. Kindly reply if you see this dear.

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The Born Lover
Posted On Apr 5, 2019 - 10:29 AM

It was a long time ago... I had a friend in our colony... He was younger to me and a bengali...he had a smooth sexy body n a small *** and lovely soft bum... We used to meet in the evening and enjoy... Do roleplays and touch each other... We also enjoyed once or twice at my place... I made him wear a towel as a skirt as it is my fantasy to enjoy and love my girlfriend in short sexy dresses... If u are here on this platform or are reading this message... Please get in touch... I long for you and miss our encounters.

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Posted On Apr 12, 2019 - 07:12 PM

When i was in 7th class,in my school a winter camp used to happen, where we stay in school and enjoy. In the night all boys sleep together. That was when I did my first sexual encounter, I was sleeping in same bed with a boy called harsh and at 1 pm he asked me ,have you kissed anyone, I said no, he asked want to try, then i put my lips in his soft lips and kissed for about 10 minutes. He then put his hand in my *** and pressed, I asked his if he wants to finger my *** to which he said yes and do mine too i love it, we then fingered and licked each other *** till we have lubricated it enough. We couldn't *** *** because our teacher would caught us if he noticed some activity under blanket. He then went to toilet then followed by me and there we again *** *** and kissed and *** each others *** ,he told me how girly i was and i liked hus comment and kissed him more We didn't do any *** because we didn't knew how to do it. Unfortunately i changed my city after 5 months. I still wish he remembers me.

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Posted On Apr 16, 2019 - 03:51 PM

I had many curious straight friend but I never made the first move. It was in late 90's.
I miss one of my cute young colleague named Vinay Dogra. He used to live in Kandivali, Mumbai.
I callwd him once at my friends house. I wanted to see blue film with him but unfortunately I couldnt arrange video on rent. Then I took shower and purposely showed my bare upper body to him. Also, I slept in one room only wearing an underwear but he slept on sofa. I went to him in the middle.of the night and touched his shorts softly but he didnt wake up. I was dam scared and came back in the room.

Later, I realized that he would have said yes if I asked him.... But the time was gone.

I still want to meet him.

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Posted On Apr 22, 2019 - 07:44 AM

During my school days me and my classmate used to touch each other *** during the classes (of course we never let others know what we are doing). We both used to go together for toilet (open area beside school) and hold each others *** while urinating. shaking of the *** after urinating used to give me more pleasure and i would also shake his. We were 10 -12 yrs old and found it very playful and enjoyed it. After our school days, i and he joined different college and went different ways. But once i met him on my way to home and he invited me to his home. At his home, we remembered our school days and we just started touching each others *** and thats it. We never done it again even if i used to visit him at his home.
After few years that his family got shifted and i was not in touch with him as it were days of landlines and no mobile phones.

Now Recently i had met him through other school frnd (after almost 12 yrs). After meeting him i happen to remember all those naughty things we used to do in school days. I thought of asking him whether he still have those funny memories and i would be happy to play those things again but I'm just afraid to ask him. I wish he too have those memories. Can anyone suggest how to start the conversation? now i have his mobile number also.. but afraid...

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Posted On Apr 22, 2019 - 07:32 PM

@snjkmr - I remember vaguely an incident like this happening to me. I think it was 7th std too, a boy who used to sit next to me once told.me.he would show. his *** and dared me to show.mine this was right in the classroom.with our English teacher taking a lesson. We just exposed each other but nothing much happened. He wanted to.do.it more frequently but I refused. The thrill.was the fact that we did it right in the middle of the class not too.much of.sexual angle.to this. Years later I happened.to.meet him and he is happily married. Never got discussing about it. However if I were to ever discuss this with him it will be over a few drinks when our guards are down.and we are.more.relaxed.

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Posted On Apr 23, 2019 - 07:36 AM

Hi there are two ppl who I miss having fun
1.his name is P*** J****** we studied in the same class till 2nd standard or 5th I don't remember
He used to live near my block too,we used to travel in same van to school.i don't remember how it started but we where close buds then..as their parents were working and his brother won't be there at home we used to have fun in his house there used to be a small tank like bathtub in bathroom we used to have fun inside of it.afterwards he joined some other school and we rarely meet accidentally in public...then after few years we were still studying in school we met one day at his house..we were talking and asked I asked him "are you still doing fun stuffs" he asked me back I said " there's no one to have fun with so no I didn't" he said "me too" I was pleased to hear that and We had a little fun that day.. after that years passed we were studying in different colleges so didn't meet.after completing college I was in home town for few months and he would come and visit our friends group rarely but we didn't exchange words other than the normal talk.
He even wished me in whats**p recently for E****r and I wished him back
Machi if you are there let me know.. not for the s** stuffs but to get back our good old friendship back

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Posted On Apr 23, 2019 - 07:53 AM

2.He is my cousin R***P****.. their family was living near Tri**y,Me and my family would visit them during holidays..we were close since childhood andvin this case too I don't remember how we both started the fun stuff since we were kids...He will sometimes drags me to a room the moment I enters his house for the holidays.. making it look like a game or play like so closes the door and he bites me..we used to have fun every night when I visit their home or vice versa..after few years as we were studying 10th to 12th we couldn't spend the holidays due to studies and all that and then the college and work..we rarely meet during any family functions..
Recently a year before he got married and that was the time I met him after some 4 to 5 years gap..I didn't interfere him during his marriage..he welcomed and treated me well even during his marriage..R*** if you are there let me know..I just wanted to get back the old us not for some S** stuff

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Posted On Apr 29, 2019 - 08:30 AM

long time back I met guy name cyril in a hotel at nampally rly stn.. we had lots of fun.. i lost his contact after that.. would like to meet him again.. hey cyril if you are here ping me..

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Posted On May 2, 2019 - 10:54 AM

Was travelling from Goa to Mumbai in Matsyagandha Express on 1st May.Got the upper berth in 2Ac.To my good luck a hot guy was on the other upper berth.He had got in at Udupi.
He had a good smile and spoke well but i dint have the courage to try my luck.
Wish i cudve mustered the courage and approached him.
Hope we cross paths again.

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Posted On Jul 9, 2019 - 10:48 AM

interesting school stories! Here's mine.

when i was in fifth standard, a friend of mine took me to a secluded spot. we stripped down and did some kiddish thing like feeling the *** etc. i made me lie on my stomach and he was laying over my back with his *** on my ***.... i did not know anything.... few times we did this....and later we moved to different schools.

I did not know anything about *** or masturbation until I was in grade X. First time, a classmate explained me about ***. He took me to bathroom and did a hj for me...that was the first time i cummed in my life and was in heaven the rest of the day.... whole night i was thinking about how great it felt and tried few times in the nigh at home.... that's where it all started.... my liking towards same gender. then the news about my friend's hj with me spread to class, and everyone started asking me to come to bathroom....rofl... i so enjoyed the fun and had HJ from few guys. LOL. I feel so good recollecting those incidents now... then I remember, one day we stayed in school till it was dark (some study time before exam i think). a guy by name ashok pulled me in chemistry lab and gave me a hj and kissed me.

good olden days really....

if at all I want to reunite with one of those guys, it is Vinoth (full name, Vinoth kannan or krishnan).... at the age of 15 itself he had the thickest ***... now he must be having a monster. he he.... wish to meet him once and have a session with him... don't think i can get him back...

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