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Shemale wife or partner
i like friendship with feminine minded persons ,with neat manner . me white hairless body having *** and boobbs...hard *** also ...omarried also...but like mutual enjoyment
Gay literature
thanks Vanju! any gay title there?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Wow. He's got a big one 😍
Gay literature
Thank you all for your excellent recommendations. If you're unable to obtain hard copies of the books, there's an app which has thousands of books that you can download and read for free. Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newanybooks

It's an android based app. As far as I know, only English titles are available at present (and maybe some European ones too).
Shemale wife or partner
any hubby for me in pune?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
This is famous guy Bare Grills from Man V/S Wild....
see his big bulge while he got prank.

see from 7:33

Gay literature
"Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the world" is a beautiful read. You will love the characters.
Nudists in India
Any nudist meet in Delhi ?
Shemale wife or partner
Any bottom and shemale long term relationship in Kanpur I m pure top
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

What a boner !! πŸ€©πŸ‘Œ Throughout but more clear @ 5, 11.25 and 13.40 πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
Gay literature
Hoshang Merchant's Poetry
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
Gay literature
Oh, thank you so much @VANJU, I'll definitely check out the audio book on Youtube. As it is, I haven't read the book, nor have I seen the film yet.
Gay literature
@ETERNAL BLISS - I did some search but did not come across any audio books for free, although some are available on amazon.com costing several dollars. However, the book "Call Me By Your Name" has an audio version read by none other than the actor who plays Oliver in the movie, Armie Hammer, and it's available on Youtube for free: Call me by your Name (Audiobook).

You're right, it would be awesome to have gay audio books in Hindi (and other Indian regional languages)!
Any one had circumcision in hyd? Please suggest some good hospital.
Nudists in India
Ok, late evening also no issue
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Nudists in India
I will join in ahmedabad
Nudists in India
@decenfriend i am usually free by late evening... i can host...
Nudists in India
Today anyone free?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
this video went viral - this guy flashed his *** at a girl in an ATM at 2am in Mumbai, i am surprised its still there on youtube
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
The Undie Guy : At last an Indian up on the stage and famous too (Subscribers).
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@HeadsTailsandHo : This is a wonderful thread you have started !! πŸ‘Thanks. Am loving this 😍. Looking fwd for more discussions ☺️.

Saif's lazy lamhe song underwater shot has been THE BEST🀩 in Bollywood till date πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜‹

Family's reaction to coming out
@sissypranita - I think your name says it all if you are sissy then you have to be a bit effeminate which your sis would have observed so she probably has a clue about your orientation. However hats off to her for bringing it up Casually and she even normalised it. There is definitely a change in the way the society percieves alternative sexual preferences
Gay literature

Have you guys come across audio gay books?

I have checked out a few sites, mostly they ask for a subscription. But a sample is available for listening.

I wonder if there is a Hindi Gay audio book. That would be awesome.
Family's reaction to coming out
Well today i was talking to my sister older than me,she asked me if i have any girlfriend, i said no but after that she told me,enjoy banglore bro make girlfriends or BOYFRIENDS, I looked at her,then she asked,are you interested in boys? I said future will tell :p then she laughed and said that means you like it :p and then she told me do whatever you are into! I love how people are changing their perspective man!
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Do u all knows any gay player from pro-kabbadi or any other games
Travelling in Group
I m planing for a thailand trip.need a gud travel partner if any body intrested dan msg me in inbox
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Hello Everyone yes its is true love is not all about ***,but *** is apart of love,how can be succes a relastionship if not ***,but first we need to know each other because here and site more looking for *** and fun,its very sad to say that is very hard to find someone here,but i am here to looking may soulmate to love layal honest and acccept me if who i am,by the way i am jun from philippines i am single and i am looking Goodserious loyal partner i hope to find here pls if you are intrested to me message me or pm me thanks have Good day
Gay literature
On The Move - by Oliver Sacks
Gertrude & Alice - by Diana Souhami
Palimpsest - by Gore Vidal
The Real James Dean - by Peter L. Winkler
Live Fast - Die Young - by John Gilmore

The above are all autobiographies/biographies/memoirs

Reviews available on Amazon.com
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Guys can anyone tell me if I can get my checked for STd and STI in Delhi for free ? Or if not then how much it will cost me .
Gay literature
Shyam Selvadurai is from Sri Lanka of Tamil descent. He lives in Canada with his partner. His other noteworthy works are Cinnamon Gardens and The Hungry Ghosts.

I have read Cinnamon Gardens, but left it half way through. I would want to go back to it. Also, I would want to lay my hands on Funny Boy
Gay literature
@Saggee Do you know if Mitra is available online?

A gay themed novel I've really liked is Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai.

Gay literature
Philippe Besson's novel, Lie With Me,
reminds readers just how complicated falling in love (and bed) for the first time can be.
Gay literature
Japanese Magnolia
Cinnamon Gardens
Saraswati Park
Memoirs of a boatman
Gay literature
I watched an interview of the author of Mohanaswamy, Vasudhendra, on YouTube. It was in kannada, which I do not understand. But you can sense that he is very articulate and intelligent. He's also very handsome ;-)
Gay literature
Also read Pink Sheep by Mahesh Natarajan :)
Gay literature
Try stories by gingerfred man. I'm sure you will love it
Gay literature
@SAGGEE, yes they're the same, although the book is a lot better than the movie as is usually the case.
Gay literature
I've read Mohana Swamy. its a good collection of short stories which are gay themed. In Mookajjiya kanasugalu, there is a gay reference, however, its not all positive in there. it's almost making fun of this gay man or disrespecting him and his opinions. One of the line in the story is, Mookajji says - "The person who does things with a man that he's supposed to do with a women has no say in this matter"
Gay literature
Thre is one gay movie with sane name 'Call me by your name'
Are the book and movie same???
Gay literature
@HOT_CRUZE_FUN - I looked for the English translation of Mohanaswamy and was pleased to learn that it's available. Those who would like to read reviews of the book will find them here: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/33232118-mohanaswamy

Gay literature
@ETERNAL_BLISS - glad you decided to come back to the fold. ;). And thank you for sharing about gaylaxymag. I'm a big fan of Hindi gay erotica. I'm sure erotica in any of the regional Indian languages sounds more sensual than in English. Since you're beginning your exposure to gay literature I'd suggest that you read "Call Me By Your Name" by Andre Aciman. The author makes every scene come alive with the richness and simplicity of his language. As I've mentioned earlier here, I've read the book three times so far and intend to read it several more times.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Friends whoever has engaged in any kind of exposure sexual activity do get checked, because you won't initially anything, but as times passes, if u r inflected,den u start noticing infections symptoms, it might be STI,STD or even HIV.
So don't give falls hopes to yourself,go n get tested.
Because delay will affect u badly.
U might not get HIV
But u could get STD &STI
most of STD n STI are curable, but some are not
They will make ur like hell.
Pus may comes out from Ur ***πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
Ur *** may get caught by genital herpes.in this will wards inside Ur foreskin n on glans 😟😟😟
Don't take it lightly.
Because it's dangerous than we think.
Do use condoms, dental dams
Don't do anything kind sexual activity wen u r not about another person
Don't engage with multiple partners.
Guys STD's n STI's are very easily pass to anybody.
My friend caught with genital herpes, his *** looking like a garage,
That's y u should get checked regularly for STD n STI
Gay literature
Please read "Japanese Magnolia" by Rei Kimura. It is published by Mehta publishing and is available in both Marathi and English.
It is set in Japan and around 600 to 700 years back. One amazing love story between a Samurai and a farmer kid.
Please do read it. And it is compelling to read even if there is no *** in the whole book.
Gay literature
Read the book - Call me by your name (not the movie). Its an amazing book and talks about feelings.
For erotica, better watch ***.
Gay literature
@VANJU First of all, thank you so much for starting such an interesting thread. I had deactivated my profile here, but your thread actually made me log in to the site, and reactivate my profile. I haven't read much, so I hope to get some good tips on literature involving gay *** and gay sexuality in this thread. Thanks once again.

Gaylaxy magazine, (GAYLAXYMAG.COM) has some really interesting stories in their stories section. Infact, I have met a guy who has posted a few Hindi stories, under a pseudonym, and he has a lovely imagination. I always enjoy reading his stuff.

INDIANGAYSITE.COM also has a stories section, but most of them are erotic stories.
Gay literature
@Saggee, thank you for sharing the link. I've learned from the comments section that the complete movie is available on Netflix. Very beautifully filmed, judging from the clip. In spite of my poor knowledge of Marathi, I love reading Marathi literature, especially if written in colloquial Marathi or in one of the numerous dialects - for instance "Sangtye Aika", Hansa Wadkar's autobiography, which is written in the malvan dialect.
Gay literature
@vanju i read Nagin book almost 15yrs back...I think this is still available in my Collage Library...thre is another book 'Mitra' by Vijay Tendulkar...must read...
They have short film also...Veena Jamkar osume performance..
Sharing link below
Gay literature
@kathir7 I too wanted to mention Pasitha Maanudam by Karichaan Kunju in Tamil. A novel way ahead of its times.

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