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61 yr old MTF (Transgender) from Muncie, Indiana (United States)
Last Online: Aug 29, 2016
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Please read my profile fully before sending me an e-mail. That way, no one will be let down if the conversation goes the wrong way. First off, As I haven't been in the dating scene since 2000, I am a bit on the rusty side. I own my house, car and everything in it so I am not looking for a sugar daddy. I wouldn't mind traveling if the right person came along as we would then become one and decide where to go from there. I am easy going, d and d free and expect the same from you(or at least a big emphasis on practicing safe *** part). A princess once said that in order to find your prince charming, you must first kiss a lot of frogs. As I am looking for my ideal (or close to it) prince charming, man, significant other/mate, I reserve the right to talk to whomever I want, whenever I want, and however I want. If you want me to talk to you and you alone, give me a reason to do so. I would also ask that you be real about what I write and/or what you see on my webcam. Don't slather me with complements and tell me that your mine forever and ever. Flattery will get you somewhere, but excessive flattery will turn me off. When it comes to making love, I am open to suggestions to a point. My user profile says that I am a bottom. That is all I am and all I wish to be. Please don't expect me to be otherwise. To me, love is like starting a fire. First, you must strike the match to make the sparks that will start the embers burning. You then must fan the embers gently until you coax the fire to start. As in all fires burning you must always add fuel from time to time in order to keep it burning. So it is with love. Strike the match my lover and lets see the fire start.

One more note of interest: As I said before, I am not looking for a sugar daddy. I also prefer not to be one. I make my money the old fashioned way through hard work and saving what I earn so that I may be able to pay my bills and get food for myself and my kids. I don’t, however, make enough money to support anyone else so please don’t ask. Money doesn’t buy love. And love should not be withheld just because someone needs money. I don’t ask for handouts and expect the same from you.

If I haven't driven you insane with jargon and you have gotten this far without falling asleep, then I may be the one for you. Why don't you send me an e-mail and lets talk. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, if we talk and the conversation isn't going well, you can always stop replying to my replies to your replies. Take care.

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