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Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?

Submitted by kinkbud Location: All India (All India, India)

Is it difficult being a bottom psychologically? i mean in a conservative society like India and where being a member of LGBT community is seen with hatred . have you ever came across a person who treated you just to fulfill their desires and have looked down upon you for being a bottom..lets share our thoughts

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Posted On Sep 19, 2018 - 02:27 AM

Gawd, this is such a self-deprecating discussion. I mean, instead of sharing your bad experiences, you can just be assertive. It doesn't even take any physical strength to be so. It looks you guys require a gay-version of the feminism movement where "bots" are given equal rights (such as equal blowjob time, ensuring that the top makes you ***, cuddles after ***)! Are bottoms women that people can easily deny them a whole bunch of things even if they try to ask for them? Just the way charity begins at home, victimisation begins at home too. Stop seeing yourself as a victim and people will treat you as the way you want them to. You're not stuck in a forced arranged marriage that you have to keep on sobbing like this as if it's your destiny.

In fact this whole "bottom" categorisation is done by the regressive guys (straight and/or gay) just because theirs is an insertive role, which can be compared with that of women in a heteronormative relation. And this shitty thinking is pretty much prevalent in third world countries like India, because of the status of women here. Submissive doesn't mean lesser self-respect. It's a sexual preference, not a real life behaviour and attitude. And it is YOU bottoms who need to impress that upon your man. Stop *** being a sissy and go on PMSing in a forum.

(I'm ranting like this as if I'm a macho top. I'm not. I'm flexible versatile, with right kind of thinking.)

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Posted On Sep 19, 2018 - 06:02 AM

I m not sure if you guys are on the same page. We were, or at least I was talking abt the supercilious attitude of ppl who are tops n think they are above versatiles or bottons. Nothing to do with what goes on in bed during an intercourse. It extends to other areas. Anyways, enough said.

Crazycruiser, u seem to have this personality trait of exploding into a rant out of the blue, nd spit venom towards others needlessly. Be careful abt wht u say. Even grindr is introducing the concept of 'kindr'. Be considerate of what u say. Rather than just playing the blame game etc.

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