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Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I dont know if it is selfish but it sure is unusual. If you're not disgusted by it, try it out one time and see. Just give it a fair chance once and decide whether you want to do it again or not.
Sex in married life
Sounds like a fun life, kiran888. Living it good
When my sxual advances backfired
Come on guys, you don't have to shame him for it here. He already knows it was a bad move that's why he's put it here. Not like he's bragging about it.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Well, my moobs are my assets. They are the center of attraction for any manly guy I met. They worship and love my moobs with nipples. So I just enjoy being previlaged for having those horns. :-)
When my sxual advances backfired
ashish7890 guys like you are result of homophobia.
You make our community sick.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I am bottom but i don't like *** ***. I love getting ***. Most tops force me to *** but when i say no they get angry. Am i being selfiesh ?
When my sxual advances backfired
ashish7890.....u deserve it dude...well i feel most gay guys think everyone is available for hook-up, if you act smart then be ready to face the music as well
When my sxual advances backfired
I've mentioned this story of mine in another thread too but looks like this is more accurate here..

I experienced such kind of incident in Goa at a massage center.

The masseur was a mallu and was very very good looking. The massage was for 1k.

He did a very sensual massage and I tried all possible ways to touch him but no luck. Finally after 45 mins of massage he helped me get up from the massage table and took me towards the steam.. I was standing right next to him.. I was so hard and couldn’t control, I just put ma hand on his ***..

He just slapped me SO HARD ( I got RED ) I was so so so guilty. He was just abusing me.. I didn’t even take the steam. I immediately changed ma clothes and walked out with full oil on ma body, face and head… till I got out of that place, I kept on chanting sorry more than 20-30 times because I was *** scared that he might call any local guys to trap me..

Thank god I was saved. I just rushed to my hotel room.. No sooner I reached the hotel, all my straight friends were abusing me for not taking shower at the spa and for dirtying the room.. But I know what I have gone thru : (
Sex in married life
cheers..! way to go man... 😆
you just told my whole life story..
anyways, thanks for typing about me
Sex in married life
@kiran - you need to visit a counsellor and you look like one hell of a confused person to me. You can’t make up your mind if you like men or women( I think you basically like men but can’t come to terms with your sexuality) you cant decide if you are a top or a bottom ( basically you are a bottom but living in denial, someone who says my tool is big so I Bottom is the most stupid excuse to bottom). Finally you arrange massage services for your wife and she happily agrees to be serviced my different men although she is happy with you. Do you even think it’s a believable story. I think nothing in your entire story is true. I personally think you are a gay bottom man trapped in a straight marriage.
Sex in married life
LOL hot wife!!

not all the cases are cuckold when someone either husband or wife cheats with other someone and both are aware of it. my wife loves me as a husband and as a lover in bed, she go crazy and still cant stand to my stamina. and i love her the same way.
but the thing about me is i have always been so open and free sexually since my very younger age that there are very few things that i have not tried. I'm a man of taste, i like to taste every single thing life can offer. i do not dream of having a BMW and yes i cannot afford it but yes, i have ridden it, i tasted it, experienced it. the same way I've been with with all kinds of women, old like in 60s, 50s, 40s, married, widowed, newly married, soon to married, young teens, very very young girls.. I've been with men too of all ages and places. been with white as well as black men too. i first acted as top but my thing is a bit big and it hurt while entering so i act as bottom. i like to *** nice n clean things and also i love to get ***.

so, now even if i am married for ,2 years and have great sexual relationship with my wife, i still go out to other women and men.
so i managed to make my wife get massages and have *** with other men even if i am enough for her.. it just adds a bit spice to life.

i dont like to call it cuckold, its just a enjoyment and feel a little out of a closed wall..
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Any gay themed movies or series in Netflix
Profile face pics - you can set as private
@valentine84 I guess the first question is like you said to clarify the authenticity. But it's a dumb way to lol. I don't think a person using fake pics would crack under the pressure of this simple question and confess anyway lol.

I do kind of understand why some people use fake pics though. My theory is that they are mostly just looking for a *** chat or something virtual. Also am sure there are some who use fake pics to deceive people into meeting them. I've been at the receiving end of those (got shown *** pics belonging to someone else, i found out only after i meet)
How to clean your rectum
@roy and pimpriboy, are these expensive? And can I get them at any medical?
Sex in married life
A married man is called a cuckold when his wife fucks with other men whenever she wants,whomover she wants with consent/knowledge of her husband and the husband remains faithful and often denied *** by the wife.
This is the definition.
The husband whose wife cheats is called the cuckold.
The cheating wife is called the hot wife
The men *** the wife are known as bulls.
Sex in married life
Remain single is much better than a cuckold husband coz marrige life is more and to above than *** life .It's not easy to see his her partner wid others .It's like kill himself daily wid many regrets .I don't know how u all friends react on it but it's my opinion towards marrige or for a partner
Sex in married life
Its interesting to see a research going on who is really a cuckold. :)
Sex in married life

He becomes cuckold if it is mutual and he too agrees for it.
Sex in married life
BTW, that is my understanding.
Sex in married life
Sir if a wife gets tired of her hubby then she will cheat on him..
And becomes a cheater wife

Then how come her hubby becomes a cuckold
Sex in married life
Sandeep to each his own.
Newlymarriedbot a man turns cuckold when he gets bored of his wife is absolutely wrong.
A man becomes a cuckold when his wife gets tired of him and want to try other *** and yet remain married.
How to clean your rectum
Use jet spray. Press it against *** hole and start water flow. You can feel water injecting inside. Do two three times and enjoy Complete cleaning.
Sex in married life
I am happy that such an arrangement works for you.
I am don't want to get into such a complicated relationship dynamics.
How to clean your rectum
use xylocaine gwl for painless *** sessin
Profile face pics - you can set as private
Oops. I'm glad I had a good exchange of pics with Valentine84
How to clean your rectum
Use LOX 2% GEL for painless enjoyment
Profile face pics - you can set as private
Guys .. Just got pissed off with a guy with this picture questions.

There are some really weird questions which I get. I am gonna post them here with some befitting replies.

why would I post someone's pic as mine, but I guess this question becomes imperative since many users fake their pics. I have had shocking (after repeated instants I view them as funny) since there are guys with my own pics in their profile had texted me. Come on guys . Grow up. What's the point in posting someone's pic and anyways when you reveal your identity it's awkward to know you had lied.

I don't need your pic if you are talking to me like anonymous friend, but if you are asking for a hook -up I definitely need your pic. Else it's like I am talking to a wall.

Now that's tricky. I use this app and you are chatting with me in this app, then why do you expect me to traverse to another app to check your pics ? Also I am not comfortable to share my whatsapp number or mail id to any random guy who texts me.

This is most dumbest question certain users ask me. But yes, they could also been victims. Cos a few times after revealing my face pics I have seen guys vanishing in thin air. May be courtesy is something these men should learn.
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
@Guru005 Which Information by Rahul you found misleading and false?
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
@rahulsam. Please do not mislead ppl with false information. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS
Sex in married life

As u said cuckold marriages...
A man turns cuckold when he gets bored of his wife and wants to add some fun in his sexual life ..
And it will take mostly after 5 or 6 yrs of marriage and also depends on how open his wife is for the idea..

So not every man can become a cuckold and not every women will like to have *** other than her hubby..

Sex in married life
Sandeep there's also cuckold marriages in which u stay married a d ur wife fucks other men.
Sex in married life
Sir when did i say i dnt like my wife
Instead i feel proud when i go out with her as she gets many stares on the road by perverts haha and also ive i feel proud that ive married a full grown lady she is arabian horse like anushka shetty

But yeah when i compare her with me i feel smaller than her..
And yes iam enjoying my married life but as i have bottom feelings so still wanting to have a nice top boyfrnd
Sex in married life
Nice comments here
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Check these hot models demonstrating *** Positions in case of threesome with two bottoms:

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
In movie raavanan @1:22:43
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Actor Karthi in paruthiveeran climax scene @10:08 to 10:25
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Damn, kickass thread! Keep up the good work guys!

I missed the Christman Dance Video. Its not available on Yotube anymore. By any chance did someone save it?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
It must be him because he was also not that popular those days .

This scene of dhanush's *** (from 1:29:45) could be probably body double.
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
Many gay men in India do not do HIV testing regularly. It is advised to do HIV testing atleast once in a year, if you are engaging with multiple partners.

There is a stigma attached to HIV testing in India. While in UK, the government hospitals or NHS, encourage gay men to test HIV and other STDs every year.

If you want to test for HIV, please follow the steps below.

1. Search for any nearby Diagnostics labs that do the HIV testing. Just 'Google' 'HIV testing near me'.

2. Call the Diagnostics lab and book an appointment or directly walk-in.

3. In Reception, tell that you came for HIV testing. They may ask the doctor reference. Say that it's a 'Self' test.

4. It costs Rs. 400 to 500 (according to Lab) for HIV testing. HIV-1 & 2 are tested usually.

5. Give the blood sample to the laboratory physician and walk away.

6. Collect the result after 4 to 5 hours. Check with the lab how long does it take for results to be out and printed. Collect accordingly.

Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
Is it ok to do a testing once in 2 years?
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
HIV+ and AIDS are different. Not all HIV+ leads to AIDS provided he/she gets appropriate treatment. HIV+ person should be inaccurate lifelong medication through which he can keep control of his viral load. Only untreated condition develops as the disease AIDS.

Its possible that someone will never no if he is HIV + for even around 10 years. That's why it is highly recommended to do a HIV test if you have an unsafe encounter.
Other STDs will show symptoms within a month mostly through rashes, flu like symptoms etc...

Recently there is a case where a pregnant women received HIV + blood coz of carelessness of the hospital employees. The donor of the blood didn't know that he is hiv+ at the time he donated. After some months only he came to know that and alerted the blood bank where he donated. But Thier carelessness made one pregnant women hiv+. You know what, due to guilt the donor commited suicide.

I am quoting this because hiv+ may not have any symptoms at all. It's individuals responsibility to play safe.
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
Hello all

for mumbai lookup yes4me they do the test at less costs and it is the 4th gen test.

Bangalore lookup good as you website they have a lot of resources and places you can get tested.
I have tried it , but couldn't resist myself till ***. Sometimes I lost errection while doing this. But it can be good practice
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Don't worry bro. I have a one inch ***. It's the tiniest on earth. I have become a sissy. Start wearing a panty. You will love it. Because our *** is small. We have to accept the reality and become a sissy. Try it
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
Not at all a stupid question. Aids is caused by hiv Virus. Aids is abbreviated from Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. The immunity of the healthy individual is broken down by the virus. When immuniity is broken, it will lead to prolonged illness. Which means even your regular cough and cold won't cure and will take several months to recover as the immunity power has become low in one's body. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.
Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing
Jst curious here... I want to know how we will know if we have contacted aids or other sexual diseases?? (I'm sorry if i have asked a stupid question 😐)
I do edging while watching ***. Then after couple of hours I go for ejaculation but pull out d--k only out of underwear from top in such a way that undy elastic forms constriction at base of d--k. Then after first shoot out I continue to *** till I shoot out at least 4 to 5 times more. This multiple orgasm is a heavenly pleasure. Elastic at base of D--k helps in holding *** inspite of multiple ejaculations one after the other.
How to clean your rectum
@Lips4hugepoles Inbox me and we can discuss about it. Some water based lube would do wonders.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@HeadsTailsAndHo PLease have a look at this interview. He clearly says he was the person who acted in the scene.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Even I love natural bodies. But what I meant was that probably the guy shown in the scene is not Ashok Selvan, as in the scene his face is not visible.
Director has used body double rather than using Ashok.

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