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Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
Accepting yourself is a task. Knowing if you're in the right path. Well it becomes more difficult when your own people put you down. Give confusions and doubts into your mind. But it is a real important task that one has to take.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
I am looking for a nice slight chubby decent looking guy as partner..
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
M vers btm 30 Mumbai. Fair good looks. Love ***. Looking for a bf for love n ***. Need a good looking decent one. Anyone?
Shemale wife or partner
Agree with verstophyd
Shemale wife or partner
Guys, do not generalize a place/category just because of few ppl. No one is a saint here and everyone has their own preference. I have read many posts here and most of them talk about getting into a relation but with handsome, sexy, muscular and reliable guys. So choose what you want properly and again, dont generalize a category.
Shemale wife or partner
i wanna make a shemale friend and long relation , but shemale should be geuine with good figure. drop message asap any one interested
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
I don't know if this have been posted or not..You can see Comedy actor Sanjay Mishra's *** in this scene.
Shemale wife or partner
totally true @cloud2886...wish i could hook-up with some north Indian chick... they're open minded in this regard... especially north eastern people
Shemale wife or partner
I agree with crash3257, in Chennai everyone is money minded PPL only.
Shemale wife or partner
in this regard chennai is worstu.... I've been looking for a shemale /cd/transexual partner for casual long term relationship but can only find online money seekers and fake CDs.... I'd be happy if i could get a trans girl to explore the world of transexuals
Shemale wife or partner
Who want cd as wife .. I'll be ready to be second wife
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Yes i do whenever i see myself in mirror i feel dispressed coz size of my *** its just 3thats y i become a cd but now i happybeacuse i am able to give pleasure to men which i wished everytime something are there which you cant do something you can we should blame anyone
Shemale wife or partner
Well said
Shemale wife or partner
I have seen many people want a shemale but when u meet them your thinking becomes different nobody is trying to understand a cd i am not saying everybody is same but still met many guys they just want *** nothing at all and some cd want money nothing at all but what bother me much is if u want relation you must be truthfull and you must accept the person how he or she is dont go for look u will get classy cd but they will just loot you but if u go for love then i am sure u will get someone still i am searching for that one guy with whom i can live peacefully
Nudists in India
Where nude party can I join..
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Thats very informative @letsdate.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
*Effective HIV treatment reduces the amount of HIV in your body fluids.
*Once the amount of HIV in your body fluids is reduced to an ‘undetectable’ level, you cannot pass on HIV during ***.
*This is what is meant by the slogan 'Undetectable equals Untransmittable' ('U=U').

The amount of HIV in your body fluids is called your viral load. Effective HIV treatment (antiretroviral therapy) suppresses the amount of HIV in your body fluids to the point where standard tests are unable to detect any HIV, or can only find a tiny trace.

Having an undetectable viral load does not mean you are cured of HIV. If you stopped taking treatment, your viral load would increase and once again be detectable.

Having an undetectable viral load does mean that there is not enough HIV in your body fluids to pass HIV on during ***. In other words, you are not infectious.

For as long as your viral load stays undetectable, your chance of passing on HIV to a sexual partner is zero. As the campaign slogan puts it, 'Undetectable equals Untransmittable' or 'U=U'.

More details:
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Super hot clips...
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Thank you all for the support.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Thanks a lot @rajsharma1990 ,, really hot n sexy with love videos ,,, enjoined mm
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Check this out
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
PREP is available in India. It's sold by CIPLA Pharmaceutical under the name Tenvir EM. This medicine is also given to *** victims at government hospitals to reduce any risk of HIV transmission. It comes in a plastic bottle of 30 tablets. You don't need a prescription to buy this at many medical stores. Mostly only big medical stores stock it. If you think you were exposed to the virus, don't wait. Start PREP within 48 to 72 hours and continue taking it for a month. You need to have one tablet each day for 30 days. You're not supposed to miss any doses.

Some HIV negative people who are sexually active are also on PREP. It reduces the risk of HIV by almost 92 percent. If you take PREP, there are extremely low chances of contracting HIV. It costs around Rs 2500 for a bottle, but worth taking it. The best protection is using a condom, but sometimes accidents do happen or sometimes people do bareback in the heat of the moment or are tricked into bareback. I always use condoms, but I keep a bottle of PREP with me to make sure I have it if I need it.
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
there was winter season.one of my friend unfortunately slept with me at night,
Because his room was locked.He has weared night panty only.my room partners are already sleeped.After sometime i kept my hand on his panty and started riding my hand on his ***.there was one blanket for both of us.as my hands are riding,his *** got very tight.i understood that he is responding me.then i put my hands from over panty to inside his underwear.i feel something hot.i can’t stop *** very fastly his hot ***. I kept this for about ten minutes.then his liquid came out.but kept masturbating his hot ***. On that night I have enjoyed this for three times.but now I want to take his *** in my ***.i hope he will be with me soon.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@rocking 45, you CDR cohntbis low. I hope you have started ART medicines. You got to have ART and also a healthy diet. Do regular exercise and keep yourself in good spirit. The mental disposition helps a lot. Accept your situation and look at it positively. You can change it. No unprotected *** anymore because you will be destroying the life of another too.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@rocking45, You do not need anyone's permission to have ***. HIV positive people can have as much as *** as HIV negative people. eIf you are concerned about the ethicality, undetectable people are not at all likely to pass on infection. What I would be concerned is if my partner is open to me about their HIV status. As long your partner makes an informed choice any type of *** should be okay. It is, however, advisable for you to talk to a physician who can monitor your viral loads regularly and advise.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
@lips4hugepoles initially during my college days I used to be worried about the *** size mostly due to watching big *** in ***. But once I started having *** the bubble of big *** got over. Not even one girl I had *** with said about *** size & no girl screams by seeing huge ***. It just happen in ***.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Hi there I have a 4.5 in semi thick *** but no 1 wants it all ask for 7 inches plus bigger the better as it satisfies them. I am top and chubby 60 plus. TOP

When u connect with someone bottom he ask ye *** size first.

Yes I do feel depressed and feel this is my size take it or leave it.
I haven't had safe *** in months because of size
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
His Friends I am HIV POSITIVE my CD4 is 356 as on today and my VL is below 20 copies Undetectable.

Can I still have *** no ANALS but ORALS and kissing etc.
I am onot med for HIV
Shemale wife or partner
Here is an article.

“Look at the men who crave for us. If we are desirable for lust, why not love? Aren’t we human too?” said Priya one of my friends, a trans woman. She always wanted to have a life with husband, children and a big band of in-laws. Shunned away by her own biological family because of her coming out as trans, she now lives alone struggling for a livelihood, struggling for a dignified place in the society.

Thrill of having sex in open area
I had done it in cubbon park. Multiple guys *** me in day light
Thrill of having sex in open area
I had fun in Hyderabad near hitech city. There was a open space where earlier rocks were there but it turned to be IT hub. At 5 am, I taken one bottom guy to that place in his car he *** me nicely I commend in his ***. But few people seem both of us.. Not sure. But it was nice experience. *** n fun in public place.. Specially when people watching u.. is great experience.
Thrill of having sex in open area
I had it twice so far..
Firstly when I was overseas. It was in the afternoon when we met and neither of us are with place. So we drove to a near by super market in his car and made it in the paarking lot. He *** me well and I *** him.

Secondly, it was in Hyderabad. There is a 100 ft road which is not much used and there is a place which takes into a lorry shelter or something. We went there and he *** me off near the rocks. He became completely naked and put his shirt on the rocks to be used as a blanket. I *** him on the rocks there and came home after dropping him off.
Thrill of having sex in open area
So, I like to be thrilled with such outdoor action but was scared, once after being partner with my pg mate serval times, He asked me to blow him in the corner of a dark street near church gate station, I said No but then he kissed me and I got turned on.
So I pulled his shorts down and started *** it, I went in so much mood that I forgot we are at a street.
He removed my t shirt there itself.
I was naked from top and was blowing him hard.
He wanted to have *** with me so asked me to come little ahead but that’s when a matured 40-45 years old man popped and started shouting to stop.
I was scared as had no top and a second ago I had his tool in my ***.
He came near and asked what’s going on between us and started to scare us.
(This wasn’t any action taken on 377) He started saying that he’ll take us to the police.
But then suddenly he asked my Partner to leave and not come back, this was when I got *** scared, I didn’t know what to do.
After blackmailing my partner about police he made him leave.
There was naked me and him there, when I tried to wear my t shirt he stopped me and said “Kya kar raha tha waha?” I said “Kuchh nai” to which he aggressively said “bolega ya ese hi police ke pas le jau?”
He again asked “wo boyfriend tha tera?” To which I replied “ Haa”.
And then he suddenly asked me, mere sath kar le, I was not prepared for this and started pleading him to leave me.
He didn’t agree and asked me to enter a narrow lane there, I followed him.
He then took my hand and started making me touch his bulge, I was still scared and started pleading again to which he suddenly slapped me and said “Chup chap pant khol apni” I started crying to this so he opened his zip and took out his *** out, It was big dark tool, by now I knew that this guy won’t leave me like this.
He made me remove all my clothes and made me sit on kness and *** him.
He made me do it till he *** and cummed all in my *** and face.
Then he again started forcing me to come along with him as he wanted to *** me taking me home.
He then called someone and asked “le ke aau ek ko?”
I wasn’t even able to run as I was all naked, I was getting hints that this guy is going to gang bang me today.
I pleaded a lot and touched his feet to leave me.
Don’t know how but his mood suddenly changed and he asked me to wear clothes and go.
I came out and started walking as fast as I could.
This was my unforgettable experience.
I wish I meet him again and this time I’ll happily go with him.
ZSR CIRCUMCISION is best circumcision method i have ever read and i went through that. Its really painless, stitchless and quickest in terms of method n healing.

I was going through bad days and one of the doctor started diagnosing phimosis

I went through circumcision in Feb 2017 and i kept this under observation for one year though it healed in less than 7 days after circumcision.

it's really painless treatment. you can continue with your daily routine after taking one day rest post treatment. There will be a ring around your *** which will remove automatically in less than 7 days. Also you need to go through dressing 1-2 times in first week later it's not require. you will be habitual with that.

i would really recommend this treatment for all those who are going through *** related problems.. like foreskin problem.. Rashes on the ***.. when you pull foreskin back it crack.. pain after intercourse..
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Another thing guys. If u think you are at high risk of HIV exposure, which might be due to your profession (*** worker) or sexual behaviour (drugs, high fun etc.) then you might consider thinking about PREP.

Not sure how you can get PREP in India.

I am no expert on this, hence would advise you to go to your gay friendly doctor or reputed organisations like Humsafar Trust.

Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
And also refrain from giving handjob if u have any cuts on ur hand..just stating the obvious
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
just to add onto vishal, if ur giving handjob... Be sure there r no visible warts on genitals..
Family's reaction to coming out
And that is undoubtedly the shittiest comment I've ever read on this site... @sandhyaCD
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@Blowbang - There is hardly anything you can do about HPV. Most of us already have one type or the other but don't show any symptom. It is the genital warts related HPV which is the most troublesome. So not much you can do about it, apart from not having *** with someone with visible genital warts. However you cannot get the same from a handjob.

For the rest of the STDs mentioned, again handjob is as safe as it gets.

So ya, when in doubt, compromise with a handjob ;)

Family's reaction to coming out
dutee chand is a dumb b1tch.. u hav to keep your *** orientation to yourself why shud your parents know about your ***-life,with whom all you are spreading your legs for...cheap b*tch doing cheap stunts thats all.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Is it possible that you could get an infections by handjob from an infected person???🤔🤔
An infected person is giving handjob to you, & u haven't put Condom, could get skin infections like HPV,herpes,Syphils from an infected person.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Condom tutorial
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
By the way. Above post is in reference to oral *** and use of comdoms, however is also helpful during *** and vaginal ***.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
There are few things you can't fully protect against. Condom can help in reducing the risk but cannot eliminate the risk.

HPV (condom is of no use)
Herpes (condom is of no use)
Syphils (condom is not of much use)
Gonorrhoea (helpful)
Chlamydia (helpful)
Trichomoniasis (helpful)

As a general practice, apart from not having *** with sore throat, ulcers, bleeding gums and cuts, also look for following:

Any boils, warts, ulcers on the other person's genital. PLEASE NOTE people can pass STDs without manifesting any symptoms (SILENT CARRIERS). Hence this by no means is a full proof method.

Also don't swallow or take into *** pre-*** or ***.

Please checkout this link


Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
What kind of infections transfer through kissing with an infected person?
Which infections u could get skin to skin contact ( rubbing your body on your partner's body.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
its true. if a man and a girl is given a choice for *** i would choose girl
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
Based on my experience, I always believe that there is nothing like a 'straight' guy, especially in India. All are either top, bottom or versatile gays though most would not agree or accept it just due to the kind of social ambiance here. If you pursue with any guy here patiently, you will get him finally for fun. That has always been my experience so far. Everyone who does not agree first time is only because of fear or due to their situation though they love it. Just my personal observation and of course people may differ. No need of any favor as such, just seduce without giving up and you will get them.. :) :)
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
What’s the best way to protect ourselves while blowjobs? condom?
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
@ebubu - your observation is very valid, India is actually the most gay friendly place and most Indians are open to experimenting however everything is a bit covered up. I have seen st8 men in tier 2/3 cities towns and villages are open to experiment with men because the opportunity to interact with the opposite gender is limited and most of them view the top role as the man’s role so they don’t have a problem with it. If you are a foreigner they find it even more exotic and completely surrender themselves. They also are more comfortable because they don’t have the fear of being judged. Being an Indian I can tell you I have seduced a lot of st8 men myself and nothing gives me a bigger kick than seducing a st8 Guy.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Interesting comments!!! "I am not gay but I have *** with men as women are unavailable"- Things we say to justify our acts :-) . Life is more difficult for bottom guys :(

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