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Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
Many times saw live *** session with Hijaras and young boys, even on Highway many people give lift to Hijra from high and hot sessions, daru party at farm house and then *** prostitutes,many gay *** sessions in sumsam Galiya...
Risks while Gay Cruising
@kdj - I guess I also mentioned it as an analogy. Guess u didn't get that ;)
All stores of childhood, not after young age after 25?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

Risks while Gay Cruising
The days of cruising are long gone with the advent of technology. I think yahoo chat rooms started to kill the world of cruising and with other sites like PR, Gaydar it just kept going down and with the Internet on your mobiles it’s as good as gone. However cruising still happens in some ways - I read posts about people going to the Vijaya Movie theatre or Marina Swimming Pool, that’s a form of cruising, in Delhi the gay spa’s on Fri Sat and Sun open up to patrons who can use the facility for sauna/steam and dark rooms, that’s clearly a form of safe cruising. Cruising is fun but like others have already mentioned it comes with its share of risks and safety. However chances of gay curious / straight men who swing once in a while is possible only thru cruising as they are usually not on any sites. Trust me there is a whole new world of people willing to experiment with their sexuality only the timing and the ambience has to be right
Gay marriages and love affairs
@zaroon, i fancied that: waking up with the one special..no luck so far..
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Coming out
@dirtypig788 it's so painful to be in love. I have experienced this. It's mad and painful.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Sexy yesteryears actor Sudhakar in hot red underwear.I am not a big fan of 6 packs and bulged triceps and biceps. A neat tall dusky hero with medium build would be my mr perfect. Had a huge crush on Sudhakar those days. Hmmmm. Enjoy.
Coming out
Yes.. because I love him.. how mad am I right..
Risks while Gay Cruising
@kdj that's what valentine meant lol. He doesn't agree with the comparison
Risks while Gay Cruising
@valentine84. headstails used hunger and cook thing as a metaphor not an example.
Coming out
Dirtypig, you find warmth in being close to a homophobe? Wow!
Coming out
Thanks guys..Good that I didn’t come out to my friend.. that idiot also homophobic..I have observed it today.. I don’t want to loose him.. if not I am taking him to my arms..at least I feel warm ness.. standing next to him..

But I hate to live like this.. horrible double life.
Risks while Gay Cruising
@headtailsho - Physical cruising is for people who dare and wish to take a risk. As for a closet gay like me, I prefer online hook up sites. Also I am not convinced with your analogy of stopping by and buying food when ur cook is absent. We are in the age where we use umpteen food delivery apps to appease our hunger. These apps comes with the review and rating as well which help us choose better. The same holds for online dating as well.

I agree "WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT YOU GET" in online but the review could always help. I am not sure how many of you use the 'classic' version of planetromeo. It's has GB feature where we could read about the profile we are visiting. If a mutual friend gives a GB, it's a safer bet and I mostly try such options. Even in physical cruising, looks can be deceptive but in online hook up it gives you a choice and if your shewrd you can even do a few cursory checks (checking phone nos in truecaller(tagging is a get at feature), whatsapp status)before you go ahead. Also fake profiles could be marked spam or reported.

But in cruising, you have solely depend on your gut feeling which is risky in my point of view. Of course, there are pros and cons in both but BETTER SAFE THAN BEING SORRY :)
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
To good
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
So sexy
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
Good to kNow that.

Even I like to click, pix and videos, of bold guys like you.

So if u want to give a try to pose for my short *** films, or for *** pix, do let me know.

Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
i had uploaded my video of one guy *** me reallyhard on xnxxx videos and after three months one of my friend colleague saw it and called me and ti went pretty viral luckily in gay circle only and since another close office colleague who is pretty conservative saw it had to ask xnxx to take it off the site.

but i still want to do many videos and upload an d also stream live on Blued

i love people watching me getting *** by various guys.
Nudists in India
Any nudists in Mangalore or Udupi. We can have nudism in lodge.if anyone is interested plz send message. It is decent educated confidential type thanks
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
The client is hot
I like him
Wanna massage a guy like him
It's been my fantasy
Let me know if any one interested
The story says he won't be arrested as no one is coming forward to file an FIR against him
Travelling in Group
I m also ok for weekend travels nearby delhi ncr with some .....
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
Amesha, i think u should approach him...you never know the benifit of hunting together.....he may introduce u to lot of people.
Risks while Gay Cruising
Relax. Even he has a good point. Nd so do you. Both activities have their respective pros n cons. Nd ya physical cruising definitely has the what u see is what u get advantage. Its simple too. U dont like someone u dont give them any signals; the end of the story. While online dating is much more fussy n complicated. People take forever to share their pics, whether they are real n accurate pics is baat ko to bhul hi jao. Its an idle mans job, to find a good online date. But ya u do get to pick who u want to meet more accurately online, than in physical cruising.
I read tht story. It sounded consensual to me, whatever happened.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Sorry i didnt find it all tht erotic or even pertinent to the topic. To each his own.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@ Sagar... hot video.. The man lying on bed.. his *** can easily seen while massage.. hot video..
Nudists in India
I'm nude on my room. Anyone want to join, let me know.
Has any one been massaged by the Mumbai based Reiki Guru who is on front page of Mumbai Mirror for abusing male followers.
Risks while Gay Cruising

First of all, it is individuals choice to cruise outside or not.
If idea of cruising outside was really such bad, the site itself had not been there. Remember, the site is mainly about cruising? Such discussion threads have been added later.

Now, coming to Why people do cruise outside, possibilitity of blackmailing, uncertainty of meeting unknowns (cop or goon) etc.
If you say that meeting people from dating sites is safe and sure and tried - tested method, then it is a myth.
I have met cops, army guys, from these dating sites. I have heard stories that people met someone thru these sites and the guy was found a goon. People have also shared stories where they say they got recorded while having *** with a guy who me they met thru dating sites.

What I am trying to say, the difference between cruising online (ie from dating sites) and crashing outside is just the physical activity, ke you have to roam outside and look for a date.
Same like online shopping and regular shopping.
Besides, in regular cruising, one gets thrill, as he has actually put efforts to get someone ***, in converting a possible straight guy to have gay ***, etc.
Besides that, fun of seducing someone, excitement in looking at *** / crotch / bums / chests / biceps of others, chasing someone, looKing others having ***, .... all these are also included.
Also there is another fact with Regular Cruising is
What you see what you get.
While in case of Online cruising it is often, what you see is definitely not what you get. People post their OLD pix in which they look younger, people post one of their BEST pix in which they are looking really handsome, people post pix of the era when they were fit and muscular. But when you meet them in real, you get disappointed, but you can't blame them either as you asked them for pix and they shared their own pix.

I just wrote on behalf of me, a fan on Regular Cruising fun.

PS: In case of online cruising, often you don't get quick ***. If you need quick ***, regular cruising is best.
It is same as, while coming from office, I got late. My cook did not come, I am hungry, I need food, so I will simply stopby to any food joint and will order some good food and have it. That time I will not go and searching what all options are available.
Risks while Gay Cruising
First of all I don't understand why do people go cruising outside. It is never safe. You never know who you will meet, cops, goons, *** adicts, rapists, might be to be murderers etc. Another possibility is , what if they steal you of everything, even you clothes. They can leave you stark naked, click pics or video and then blackmail you for more. Why cruise outside when you can meet nice people on oh.mojo or any other website.

Also please don't have *** outside in a dirty place like public loo. I always meet guys only if they have a safe place or call them if I can arrange a safe place. No *** outside or in public place.
Keep it simple guys. NO SAFE PLACE, NO ***. Its better to be safe than sorry...
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@manuman what was great in your posted video
Risks while Gay Cruising
Yes, this is true and that's why I never meet any locals (kannadigas), this happened because of a bad experience, through Locanto I met one guy he informed that he is 21 and studying, but he was a uneduacted guy and carried a huge knife with him when he met me, it was long steel rod like knife and he was uncomfortable sitting in my bike, I noticed something is wrong and able to make it that's it's 15 inches long.rod knife, I dropped him.in the way with some tricks and he later called.me.and threatened to pay him 2000 RS, as he knows who I am, I blocked his number
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
I have not seen a video as such, but in this very same site I had seen the clear profile of my team lead. But I never spoke to him about that or to my friends, I would have approached him if he was a top or a versatile at least. His profile looked just like me a pure bottom. So kept secret with me only.
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
It would have been even sexier if everyone posted the links as well... Its not like we are invading their privacy!
Risks while Gay Cruising
@Manuman Exactly the same incident happened to a friend of mine at koyamedu bus stand. Since he was tall well built and elderly he literally threw the guy to the floor and escaped.
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
Let's date that's a sexy video. I want to get *** like that but a sexy top
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
I love this thread. Watched all the videos. Keep 'em coming.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Muscles and bulges
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
oh fuckkkk his *** was visible which was nor even hard
Nudists in India
I am in if there is any group in Ahmedabad ...
Risks while Gay Cruising
Once I was peeing in a public urinal and I noticed that the guy next to me was ***. He was cute and I started getting ***. We both held each other's ***. Then he told me to follow him to the toilet. I was *** and did what he said. We both enjoyed in the toilet. When I was trying to open the door, he didn't allow me. He asked me for money and started shouting. I panicked. I took out my wallet and offered him 100 but he asked for more. I wanted to get out immediately and gave him 500 and he allowed me to leave. I still feel lucky that he didn't snatch my wallet and it was a good lesson learnt.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Watch this
Balls/tip clearly visible
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Check this out
Very hot n steamy
The therapist gropes the customer
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
balls are visible slightly 😍😉
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Guys watch this video - Go to 5:54
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
watch this video..

View Video

View Video

View Video

this is what happens in backstage of mens fashion show

View Video

View Video

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

Awesome video buddy. I got hard while watching this video in office now. Need such a massage or can massage such a guy
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@serloras thanks for sharing very hot vdo

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