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Nudists in India
If anyone has place ping me, Iโ€™m from chennai, letโ€™s have a quickfun
Nudists in India
Have a place tomorrow from morning to evening any bottom looking for quick fun...with below 25years...ping me
Enhanced Performance
Any suggestions to increase few inches?
Nudists in India
Letโ€™s conduct a party, a nudists party where even sec is also allowed ;)
If someone has place make a Whatsapp group and plan on it

Location : Chennai
Nudists in India
I am having place in dwarka sector 14. I'm top 23 up for a threesome party also . Anyone who is looking for fun inbox me .
What's in the age ?
i like olders around 60 in age
they are very calm and experienced in ***
my all experienced is with older grandfathers
class doesnot matters
labours and all ppl is accepted

they love u very passionately
Nudists in India
Okay I got kik as well.
Nudists in India
I am in for a whatsapp group too if there is one.
Nudists in India
People planning for Mumbai and Pune count me in. Always ready to shred down those clothes and lay nude exposing everything that can arouse someone.
Nudists in India
Planning for a group of minimum nydist around 5 in Chennai. I would like to tell all its not orgy or group ***. Understand the meaning of nudists and reply me if interested. Will plan together
Nudists in India
So anyone interested to become admin?
Nudists in India
Me in for WhatsApp group too
Nudists in India
M in for what's app group
Nudists in India
Yes let's form a group.. We can conduct meet and book place and we can be naked all the time.. What say guys?
Nudists in India
* Punekar

We can form nudists group

Where we can do nude activities

Nudists in India
We should try nude yoga during nudists meet. this can be done indoors. in fact when you do yoga nude, u can observe how each part of the body ,limbs, rib cage , how breathing takes place. Shoulder stand , vrikhsashan , tadasan all can be done nude.I dont mind showing it next time whenever we meet.
Travelling in Group
Yes am Interested
Nudists in India
Any nudist grp in Manipal or Udupi or Mangalore?
Nudists in India
any one such group in Dehradun?
Nudists in India
guys lets do in Hyderabad ..we can go to a private palace
Nudists in India
Any similar thing goin on or to plan in bangalore
Nudists in India
Any Kik group for Pune guys?
Thrill of having sex in open area
I am interested for Delhi NCR.

People of NCR please ping me via Kik; especially if you are from Noida, East Delhi or Gurgaon (near Sohna Road).

PS: I am pure bottom, I can fondle you and pleasure you. ;)
Nudists in India
Hey matured..good idea...like truth or dare game,card game with bit of action for winner/loser will ease up atmosphere..will try it..

Prob some photo session without face cud be exciting.it depends on how open minded guys are...eg pic of butts in line..
Travelling in Group
Hi! Anyone travelling over 2nd October long weekend? If yes, please reach out to me via Kik and I will accompany you.

I live in Delhi NCR and would love to travel with you for a getaway. I am quite interesting and love to travel, explore and unwind.

Note: I am pure bottom, you know, just for information purpose. ;)
Nudists in India
We have a kik group for Mumbai nudists....its anonymous and safe. Interested guys personal message me your KIK id's. No Gmail, yahoo email id please. Remember Kik is a anonymous chat app. Non mumbaikars not allowed
Nudists in India
Wingedcupid, you can have group discussing on some interesting topic, see everyone nude and praise each other's body parts. Touch any organ of others and play some funny games. And at last all can go for a *** session to end the meet.
Happy meeting. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
Nudists in India
Great to see the popularity this thread gains

I want to discuss agenda here with you all..i know most dont want *** but being nude for 2 or 3 hrs, will be better to have something to do

Whilst dinner can be for 40 mts..what can we do for rest of the hrs...guys may become bored or clueless if just made to talk only esp when there is more than 5 ppl..(within 3 ppl they can talk amongst each other)..
Probably it is worth caressing without ***

Pls suggest.
Nudists in India
Any one in Kurnool
Nudists in India
Guys see my pics.. I love to be nude.. I am not gay. But I like to be nude in public place. It's gives me relax and awesome experience
Nudists in India
Hi add me in. I will.come.to Pune but I want o stay till night as I don't know anyone der
So next morning I cam come. Back.to mumbai
Nudists in India
hey i am from mumbai and can host small nudist meet if anyone interested do let me know
Nudists in India
in chennai any such group ?
Nudists in India
Hi guys!.am new here. I really appreciate the nudist section being so positive. I want to know is there any such groups in Bangalore?
Nudists in India
Anyone from Ahmedabad doing the same ?
Nudists in India
Hi friends right now I am in Hyderabad. Anybody is there plz contact me.olny with place
Flirting with a guy
@ relishing_lov
U need to figure out the reason of being attracted to him
Is it *** or relationship ?
Guys share some tips on approaching a guy
How to strike a conversation with anyone ?
Nudists in India
Thanks for updates. can u arrange once again sometimes next week. I will make it next time.
Nudists in India
So, here r my comments on today's nude meet held at my place.
It was from 6 to 9
Out of so many responses, 3 shared their numbers, with whom I chatted on whatsapp and talked on phone
I shared my location map with them.
Out of these 3, 2 said they will come around 6, one said he will come around 730 or so.
Out of these 3, 1 msgd me, very late, That he lost my number (though I had sent him my loc in the morning itself), then he called me at 845pm, asking he can come now (I felt like I am running a brothel house which is open 24x7).
Other 2 came on said time.
One of those 2 is actually a nudist, ie we had talks discussions etc... No hint of plan of ***...
Second one was, there for *** mainly.

Got one friend from this meet.

Overall good experience based on my first nude meet event in Pune.
Travelling in Group
Am creating a kik group for travellers around and across india... Anyone interested drop there kik id in my inbox with name
Travelling in Group
I was planning to go to either udaipur or goa in Nov....anyone wanna accompany ? Incase anyone travelling in nov somewhere else let me.know would like to join u
Nudists in India
@HeadsTailsAndHo can I join you for nude party
Nudists in India
I used to be nude when m alone at home and even slept nude. And really like it. And it gives a natural feeling.

Nudists in India
Any plans in hyderabad...??
Enhanced Performance
Hello everybody i want to stay hard n precum a lot around 4 to 5 hours . So which tablet should I take .
Nudists in India
Hi friends, i loved to be nude whenever get opportunity. I live nude in home whenever alone. I used to be nude in hostel when no partner around. Infact i travelled nude several time all night in train. Once light goes off, i took off my shorts under the blanket and just sleep nude in running train among the stangers all around me. Thats a aweasome feeling for me and gives me a kick. I do drived car being nude many time. Just pull down shorts and enjoy the drive. Be it highways, country side or in city at signal. I think i am crazy guy and hope there are many out there.
Nudists in India
I think there are nudist groups in every city, but they keep it secret. That's why most of the people are not aware about them. There should be a campaign on social media, those who are of similar interests of being nude in group should come together and enjoy at someone's place.
Nudists in India
In Hyderabad any group
Nudists in India
I love to be nude whenever alone at home or any other place in hotel room. if any nude meeting in mumbai navi mumbai i would love to join
Nudists in India
Love to be nude

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