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Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
I m up for the game any bottom wanna sandwich between me n my gf
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
more from same guy

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
nice budlge and clear *** outlining
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAmrn1mGFvY watch from 55 s
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
look at the butts awesome
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Don't worry Bengali bottom. There are many such people who go by the stereotype. But there is also the other side who appreciate manly bottoms. Maybe you will come across such guys and get the happiness that you deserve.
Prostate Milking
I have experienced it once during the act
Prostate Milking
Prostate milking
Using a finger or a reputable *** toy, you massage the prostate internally from inside the rectum.

ಬೆರಳು ಅಥವಾ ಪ್ರತಿಷ್ಠಿತ ಲೈಂಗಿಕ ಆಟಿಕೆ ಬಳಸಿ, ನೀವು ಗುದನಾಳದ ಒಳಗಿನಿಂದ ಪ್ರಾಸ್ಟೇಟ್ ಅನ್ನು ಆಂತರಿಕವಾಗಿ ಮಸಾಜ್ ಮಾಡಿ.

एक उंगली या एक सम्मानित सेक्स खिलौना का उपयोग करके, आप मलाशय के अंदर से प्रोस्टेट की आंतरिक रूप से मालिश करते हैं।

▪ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK279291/
▪ https://sextoycollective.com/prostate-milking
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
When a married man sucks my nipples I felt like I've breasts nipples. My god, it gives me orgasmic pleasure.
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Eating wifes *** while he fill bottoms *** with hot ***
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
@amolrahul very kinky and appealing I would love to do that as well. Probably a married man with his wife and a bottom threesom at its bestest. Where he ducks both his wife and bot at the same night .
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Hi ,

I am Amol any married men interested in *** my *** in front for your wife

I love *** body play body massage

I am from Aurangabad Maharashtra

Plz inbox me

Prostate Milking
Every guy can leak this postage milk ? What is postage milk in easy language please help me ... let me know
Prostate Milking
@letsfuck thanks for the article ❤
Prostate Milking
For those who dont know about prostrate gland and milking it, use the link below and read. Easy to understand and follow.

Prostate Milking
Is it possible to get an orgasm for the bottom while getting ***? How to achieve this
Prostate Milking
I have experienced this once, that time I didn't know about it as a top took me in missionary pose and start giving me with speed. His speed was to fast to handle and I didn't know that I got orgasm during that ***. I still remember it and like to get such tops to make me wet
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
I was not effiminate...so I got never taunted in my school days....but I faced much more criticism from people inside LGBT community. Gay world dictates bottoms must be twink slim hairless . Any bottom outside these measured guidelines is bodyshamed and ill behaved to. Worse treatments are received at gay dating sites... Direct block... Being gay bottom and not being a slim white twink is a curse... I sometimes think If I was a straight man my life would be much happier without all these bodyshaming
Prostate Milking
Best way to milk a prostate is with *** with a thick upward pointing *** in a missionary position or with a prostate massager called aneros...which gives explosive full body orgasms...
Please let me know if there are any professionals in mumbai who know how to milk the prostate with mindblowing orgasms.
Prostate Milking
What is a prostrate and how it is milked?

Please someone answer clearly about it, not only for me but for all those who already read or will read this thread.
Prostate Milking
I tried stimulate prostate from outside but nothing was happening for a long time. I also tried putting my middle finger inside but perhaps I could not locate my prostate. Also hand and finger gets tired after fer minute, so it is difficult to do myself for long time. Somebody help me to do feel prostate orgasm
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I also meet with some dadies type old frnd they care me hlp me and we meet last 2 years on different places and we enjoy full .
He hlp me economically and much more as he do i aslo give him my best
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I’ve been under one of my uncle (Dad’s very close friend) for around 2 years. And he was a real daddy experience, used to take care of me like a kid and when we used to be alone, I was his sweet lil wife kind figure. He has taken me to his home for my vaccinations when his family wasn’t there and if was one hell of vacation I had.In that vaccination I got *** at all the possible timings.
Later I found out my moms relationship with this guy and it went off my head.
I stopped getting with him from then but It was a real good experience being with him.
Prostate Milking
@Avinash1972 That's not prostate man. That's perineum. It also tickles. Stimulating perineum gives pleasure but it is NOTHING compared to prostate stimulation. There is simply no match.You cannot milk prostate from outside.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Casual *** without much expectations is okay.
But relationship? Think about it.

1. Would he be there for u when u need him ?
2. What if you are not married and this guy never leaves his family? All u get is stolen time, which won't last more than 2-3 hours or max 8 hours a week?
3. What if you see a future or want a future later?
4. Say ur 25, he s 30 n married. All good now. U are exclusive and u dont date anyone else. This guy will never leave his wife, so say they get to know n he leaves u. Now ur lets say ur 35 in 10 years. How many options will u have?
U want to start over now?
5. A person who can cheat his wife or gf or bf, why won't he cheat u ?

You can shake up the morals the way you want. But relationship with anyone who cannot commit fully to you is going to end up badly.
You can blame the society, but people have changed, things for changed. Now u can live with who u want to if you really want to. So don't blame society and ruin a girls life by marrying her and yet *** others.

*** You will never accept your wife if she goes around sleeping with other men ???

Note: When I say relationship, i think of it as couple exclusive to each other and hence the comments. There is no such thing as open relationship :P atleast in my dictionary. Keep it ons, casual or be serious.

I have had *** with all types - married, guys who are partnered with other boys or girls, etc. I think 27-30 yr old guys are best. Most of the 38+ guys are slow and little sloppy on bed.
I am bottom, and like it little rough. So younger boys are the best, they are open to trying things which married men aren't.
Example: Rimming, many men won't do it. Guys these days are okay with flip ***. N more flexible in bed.

I was dating a 24 yr old, he could *** 4-5 times in a go, was an amazing ***. No prob with erections as well.
(dont contact me for others contact, I won't share. And don't contact me if you are looking for quick ***)

Born straight and became gay
This comment has been deleted for violating posting rules (Violations may include posting contact details including phone numbers, meta discussions, repeated ads for services, personal attacks, inappropriate language, off-topic or low-effort comments etc.)
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
First of all i would like to appreciate the thread owner for this thread and opening up and sharing your feeling.
Secondly yes its way to common in school colleges to be called out for mannerisms. Most of gay boys originally have feminine traits. As we are very naive in our growing years we express it very openly without knowing its 'inappropriate' as per societal norms.
Only later as we grow up we 'learn' to hide them and put up our masculine masks and robes.

Groping in school, teasing, getting called by feminine version of our names (Rohan becomes Rohini) . a socially awkward kid becomes even more recluse, but at same time a bit extrovert and self aware guy can revolt and come out to himself first and then to whole society and 'be himself'
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not

Though what you say is true, it's unfortunate that people aren't that mature enough. I mean they want all the benefits of the secret relationship but somehow manage to break the trust and secrecy. It's sad that not much people can do it.

Based on personal experience I think that the relationship with a married men is much more fun. Cuz you get to do things that's so pleasurable. But it like very rare.
Kinky Fiction Story
I agree with hk007... Hope our prized writer is in the pink of health
Kinky Fiction Story
@Eternal_bliss - I hope you're safe and alright! Your absence since such a long time has me worried. Praying for your good health safety! Amen ! God Bless.
Prostate Milking
We can achieve prostate orgasm without any device. Just press in very gentle way in between *** to ball line in mid way. Light touch and press just press it and leave very light touch press on /off ..on/ off. It will give a pleasure like ahhh........
Prostate Milking
I got fingered by a guy in a massage center in Chennai.... I was already wet, so he was able to finger easily. He just milked my prostate and I was oozing *** in no time! Never ever had that kind of pleasure.
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
@wiseman51 no man not yet. Still waiting for that moment to be fulfilled and embrace it fully
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Peachiepie - good experience sharing.. can you share if you got anyone to love you and fulfill your desires.. how did it happen
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Relationship with a married is good as long as it doesn't become an obstacle to his married life and your personal life as well. Its all about understanding and maturity. Things start going south when either of the person start controlling others personal life..it all comes down to *** isn't it. A married men still searching for young bottoms or bottoms means simply that he is bi or gay and still searching to live his dual life to seek pleasure. Some find young chaps more entertaining, ***, accomodating than their wife. Like @jeanebad mentioned above he wants BDSM *** and his wife doesn't allow it so he started looking to fulfill his desire.

Relationship with a married person is not bad as long as both people are mature enough to respect the difference between two partners, maintain secrecy and trust in the act don't use or take advantage of anyone. That all I have to say
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
After reading so many enthralling comments I cannot stop myself to tell my story.since childhood I was bit chubby and shy by nature. I was sent to hostel there I few up and did my studies till 12. It was a boy's hostel. Comman bathroom and all you know how it is in the boys hostel. When I was 14 years old one guy my senoir teased me for having booobs while I was taking shower. There were only two people in the washroom. I didn't comment on it and rubbishes it off. But the incident grew one after another but he never touched me.
After my schooling I went to Delhi for atudies there I was with my cousion and his roommate. Even his roommate once said I would have married you if you were a girl. He commented on my chest, and my back portion hips that I will give the pleasure of girl. But whenever he used to said it he was alone with me but he never tried to touch me etc. These things happening and gradully I developed the effiminate feeling..

My cousin brother's friend who used to tease me was not a hunk but we'll build and sicne then I started fantasing myself with him. That was the time I started developing that effiminate feeling in myself. Yes it was bit harsh on my psychology thar i was called girly and having boobs and someone will marry me etc etc but today i do feel effiminate and desire a person in my life..

It was my cousin friend who brought out the true effiminate feeling in myself though he never touched.. and since then I started liking men..
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Well said Chembur!
Having faced discrimination ourselves , we should be alert that we are not discriminating against others, who are marginalised, underprivileged , excluded in other aspects.
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Pls understand this is how it has been and this is how it will be ... Mindsets change gradually.

It is not just w.r.t. sexual orientation...it is prevalent in all walks of life.
Men shouldn't do household chores.
Women must be experts in managing home.
One should not have too much of meat.
Being aethist is not good.
Gymnastics are predominantly for females
HR is predominantly for females
Engineering is not for males.
....etc etc
All these rules our society has formed since ages...these gradually evolve.

So don't expect society to change quickly.
Rather expect that you will be treated differently for being different than others ( being different doesn't mean wrong)

One you accept and stop expecting others to change, world will surely be a better place.

Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Some people just don't understand the concept called "WE ARE WHO WE ARE". Why do people, even family, relatives unnecessarily go through the trouble of picking at others. Like you have lots of things on your own plate. Look at them. Why are you bothering others.

As much I have read through everyone's post above, mostly everyone has faced somewhat similar problems. If you're effeminate you're so much born that way. It's called genetics. No one can change that. Why are people so stupid to start body shaming others. That's so pathetic and something I never understand. No one has any right or authority to say anything about others much less shame them or tease them for their body or mannerisms. The same goes for any person's sexual orientation. You can't force a gay person to be straight or vice-versa. Our sexual orientation is determined by us. Not some random person or even our relatives or family. Its the part of our society that I don't like, which doesn't give us freedom to be who we are.

Born straight and became gay
@hotbotpop I'm very much surprised to read this!! (I even rechecked whether I myself haven't written this). Exactly same things have happened with me but their are some slight differences. First ur last point didn't happen with me in exact manner. My mom never accused my dad of being cheating her with another women, but my dad maintained very close relation with our neighbors, and he considered neighbor aunty as his sister until they cheated with us financially and quarrel broke out between my father and mother on this issue. Rest of things are same. My mom is still very protective to me, I didn't have friends till nearly 5th standard (got friends earlier than u, still it's too much) , didn't have good friends in college for majority of time, was too shy to play outside as I was and still am very bad at sports, only recently I learnt to ride bicycle and so on. I was never attracted to boys, never found any boy in school to be handsome (now I find many of them to be lol) and never had any connection with boys. In my good school days after 5th standard I would spend lot of time to impress girls, even had crush on total 3 girls and used to *** alot while watching straight *** (sometimes with my girl cousins when I would go to their home in holidays). However suddenly in 2nd year of my college, at which time I was completely alone due to lack of friends, started feeling attraction to boys with even more passion than I had felt for girls during so many years! For around 4 months I was complete gay, and I wouldn't get turned on by women at all... I don't know how but somehow I again started to like girls in my final year in college and again had crush on another girl (I was too shy in all 4 times to propose them, when I perfectly knew that 2 of them had given positive responses to me and only formal proposal was remaining) . I don't know whether it's coincidence or what, that time when I started to again like girls was also time when I got really good friends in college. As of now, I identify myself as bisexual, I had equal feelings towards both boys and girls (though emotionally I'm more attracted to girls while physically more to boys). I can get equally hard while seeing both straight and gay *** . Seeing ur example I think surrounding conditions also must be playing important role in deciding sexuality. Nevertheless studies have already suggested that human sexuality is fluid and may change with time. I don't know whether I will again become completely straight from bisexual or go in other direction again, but personally I would like to be bisexual as I can explore my life fully in this scene!!!
Born straight and became gay
@venuslux36 if imagination of *** *** gives u boner (and u like girls too) then u r bisexual. If u just want to try *** *** without this imagination giving u boner then u are just bi-curious.
Kinky Fiction Story
Eternal_bliss would love to read the furthur thread.
are u still with ur master??
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Amen to you Decentbottom! Glad u feel better..

Queer is a word with so many negative connotation. We made it sound positive.

Poor relatives, they had and have myopic view of the world. They wanted me to fit in their definition of a man and desperately tried to make me one. Learning cycling was a nightmare. Thanks to Providence, i was never ashamed of being girly. May be shy or intimidated but never ashamed of myself.
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming

You are right, all the relatives want their kids to study like us, and earn like, us. So materialistic... aren't they??

I sometimes take that as an advantage and say, it was really tough for me to reach this place, I don't want your kids to go through that trouble.... 😁😁😁
I know, either they don't understand what we really meant, or just wanna pretend as if they were too sweet to us....
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
I wanna thank each one of you for reading through whatever I had scribbled here.

Many kind hearted buddies, texted me and supported my words. Am glad to see so many kind hearts around. I felt as if I got everything that I had lost. Believe me I mean it...

I wanna tell something to juniors and others who have gone through, and going through the same phase of life as what happened to me and others here. Remember one thing, its only you who will remain with you till the end. Don't lose hope. Never ever let your studies or career get impacted by these unfortunate awful happenings that we go through.

These incidents should always make us stronger than yesterday. I have learnt, understood and experienced that if and only if we get educated, progress in life, we get respect. If not, society's treatment would get worse day by day.
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
I studied in a boys school in hostel in hill station.. i was bit chubby n girly body since childhood.. since i was girly in my actions n running.. everyone used to tease me n make fun of me .. i had only 1 to 2 friends ... once v had celebration in my school in 10 th std .. in a skit four of us danced as a arabian belly dancers.. i was happy dressed like tat n danced well swaying my hips n showing my bellies.. i got friends after tat especially seniors.. one evening s senior called to room to study n it was cold n he told i was beautiful n he hugged me.. as it was cold i didnt mind his warm hands carressing my body n it led to kiss .. he was good senior n didnt want to hurt n so i allowed him to use me n he made me to *** his ***... this continued for few days n then he told his friend likes me n then i did with his friend too.. i wanted to have lot of friends since i didnt have any friends in past 3 yrs n was lonely... gradually more n different guys started showing up to my room at night times.. they had fun with me ... some remained friends.. many used me for their lust n didnt even acknowledge me next day .. not even a smile... i left the school after tat year
Born straight and became gay
Hi I am straight guy but I don't know why I am eager to *** ***. Really I want to *** a *** badly but till now I didn't get anyone. I don't know why I am very much interested in *** ***. In my dreams also it came that some is *** my *** woww awesome dream but I didnt get anyone to go live. If anyone is aware about this kind of sense pls respond. In *** also I love to watch shemale porns only...
Being teased for mannerisms, body shaming
Decentbottom, I am very sorry for you and the environment that put you through that ordeal. At the same time I am very glad that you are very accomplished in your life and turned the table around. I am also proud that you never compromised on what your identity is and had your way. Ignorance is the best way forward and you did you best to come through!

That stage, particularly collage/university days are not an easy going thing. When you don't walk their way or fall into the accepted mannerisms and norms, you will be excluded from the group and ridiculed for worst. I guess the lack of sexual education at appropriate stage make them lack of awareness about sexual diversity or is it the culture we live in or both could be contributing factors for continued mockery or ridicule. Honestly, when I turn back pages in my own book, it's no different though it was not the worst that I had to go through. Maybe because I was consciously concealing my identity. As fifty said, we all must be glad that we passed that stage and came out firmly with out identity.

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