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Travelling in Group
I am traveling today by Vaibhav travel Pune to malegav any one
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
I am pure gay, was never inclined to marriage with a woman. My parents saw lot of matches but gave some excuse or the other.
Travelling in Group
Hi I'm traveling from pune to nashik in a sleeper bus on 25th night 10.30pm
Anyone wanna join for bodyplay, rimming and fingering my virgin ***.
Dm me
Fairs of India
I am going to the sonepur mela, it runs for a month. i think if i go towards the end when less people go, i will find men and not families.
late night cruising will be awesome. would love to roam like a village man. dhoti/lungi/gamchh.

Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I am 6'5" tall more bottom guy. trust me it is very difficult to find tops. Most people get intimidated by my size
Shemale wife or partner
I love shemales I want make friends to shemale
Hi All
Can anyone suggest stitchless and painless circumcision in Hyderabad.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Watch Made in Heaven series on Prime. There are lots of hot man man scenes.
Gay boss or employee?
Hugging and flirting is healthy continue it, daru helps a lot to open up partner feelings
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Thanks Rahul!!! :)
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I'm a successful tall mature guy. I have many people work for me. While I enjoy being in charge I love being dominated by young slim smooth shorter guys. This is my escape from making decisions all the time. I have good self worth, some would call me arrogant I'm sure. As a bi guy I like slim smooth young people of both genders and for me guys from north east India are the most beautiful people in the world. I let cute NE Indian guys as often as possible.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Wow mahesh..
It was a treat to the eyes..
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Check this out at 00.25

You are.gonna love it.
Gay jokes
Two vers guys were bathing naked in the river and the soap fell down. None of them bent down to pick that up.
The end.
Gay boss or employee?
Guys don't hug each other while sleeping in bed unless there is sexual attraction. U like hin and evidently he likes u too. But such relationship are in hands of time one opportunity.
Don't try anything rash or sudden. Just be honest and repeat what u did last time. If his responce remains same then he is in for the game. The old school put your hand on his crotch unknowingly in sleep always works. If u feel his thing growing under your palm, he is your man if not then u were asleep. If u see the green light, u can turn around away from him and try pushing your bottom towards him 'once'. Don't try hard, don't be desparate.
Good luck
Gay boss or employee?
Most experiences at work places are to be taken for time pass and nothing serious. Generally, people don't reveal themselves at work atmosphere with a fear on how it would impact their professional image if things go wrong. Very very rarely you find colleagues looking for love/relation.

So, my advice to guys on this post is even if you want to enjoy with you colleague, proceed with a mind set that it will be a NSA activity. If something meaningful develops, well and good.
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I also love black sticks
Gay boss or employee?
@prayag : don't do anything silly. Don't tell him, wait for the next opportunity to be really close to him. Then your hand will land innocently on his crotch and see the reaction. Pretend to sleep in the process, so he a) enjoys it and will arouse, b), will move away. If the latter, you were in your sleep... Then complicity will help.
Gay boss or employee?
I recently joined an IT firm. My mentor is really handsome and i have crush on him since beginning. I never showed it to him as i considered him straight and he has a girlfriend. We have become really good friends and we hang out all the time. I really like to be around him.

This once we had to go to another city for work and we shared a hotel room and bed. I saw him in his boxers and he looked really hot when he came out of shower. Later in the night I cuddled really close to him and put my arm on his chest. He turned towards me and put his arm and leg around me. We were really close and i could smell his aroma. We slept like that only. When we woke up we pretended to be normal.

Now my feelings for him are stronger. I am really confused whether I should express my feelings to him or not.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I consider myself to be a versatile bottom as during the most encounters I've let my partner take the lead.

I feel one of the biggest issues within our community is that people assume being dominated is getting *** hard in the *** with a top talking dirty, spanking bott's ***, maybe little neck choking. This is all bullshit and a stupid notion set by *** videos.

For me dominance is about that feeling when I want to submit to the partner. It is not necessary that we'll get into anals or he'll do cliched acts to state his dominance. I feel dominated when my top holds my hands above my head and smooches me non-stop, when he goes down on me and edges me with his ***, when he occasionally comment on my *** with a spank, when he is pinching my nipples and *** my neck like crazy; this all for me is getting dominated. *** may happen or may not happen but I feel from the inside for that guy to take over me, control me both physically and emotionally.
Fairs of India
What is it about sonepur mela??
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
@WillingBottom, there are many hefty, well built manly guys who are bottom in bed, so nothing wrong in your bottom nature not matching with your looks. I myself know who are 6.3 and above, well built muscular guys who have bottom and feminine mindset in bed. Dont worry you will find your guy soon!
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I m 5.10 in patna Bihar and i look big in appearance but i am a submissive bottom and want my guy to treat me with love and care. Ppl don't expect me to be so by my looks. It's a fact, i find it difficult to get guys.
Fairs of India
Any info. on Sonepur Mela, Bihar? Heard alot happens there two. Also curious because it's around the corner
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Alwayslusty, such questions are asked also to those who are not marrying. Laddoo kab khila rahe ho? Luckily I had to deal with very few such people. Three or four relatives, one neighbour, two colleagues. No college or school friend asked this.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@fifty yes there are always exceptions. But the society I come from, people are more interested in others' lives than their's. So once post marriage, everyone start going like 'khush khabri kab suna rahe ho'. Seriously man, people in general need to seriously chill.

It's not always someone's goal to get married and have kids, gay/bi/straight. These people want to have great career, earn money and travel the world, and do things impromptu.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Alwayslusty, good thinking. Just to give another perspective -there are quite a few straight couples who have decided not to have kids
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
A sensible decision indeed.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
I never had *** with a girl, so I think I can say that I'm gay. But many friends of mine from the community have said that before you decide onto anything, try and date a girl. Only then you'll be sure that whether you are a bisexual or gay. Having said this, on rare occasions I fantasize about having *** with a girl.

With regards to marriage, I am confident then I do not want to go down that lane. The reason is that I am not interested in having any kind of responsibility in the future; getting married, saving money, then kids, worrying about their education then their future then their marriage. No thank you, I'm that kind of a person who loves to go on solo trips, read books, cook, eat, date guys and have ***.

But yes sometimes I feel scared about being lonely forever in life. Coming out will never be an option for me because it will affect my parents more than me. I can listen to the world saying bad things on my face, behind my back. But I can't see the world saying those things to my ageing parents. They don't deserve that. I'd rather become a boy who doesn't listen to his parents.

I hope it'll be a jolly good life. Maybe when I've achieved my professional goals, I'll get into social service or become a volunteer for social causes. This will give an aim to my life at that old age for sure. Let's see what happens, yes I'm scared but excited as well.
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Hey Hi!!

I strongly agree that " duskier" mans are always sexy.. we also call.it as "Nattu kattai" in our language..

Despite me being fair I am attracted more to chennai color guys who are very manly and fit in my choice..

I would like to share a piece of experience here, I work for a pvt concern where I have my own engineering and maintenance team, in this team I have a guy who is physically fit, again not going to gym but with his physical routine work which he does daily.
I had crush on him for a long time but never got a chance to explore him. Once I called him to my house for some wiring work and for some new electrical connection and he was there. I planned and called him in such a way that there was no one in.ky house and as soon as I got to hear the bell my hands and legs were wet (it happens when we are nervous) he asked me "enna sir vitle yarum illiya, and I told him that all have gone for a marriage function and expected back only late evening" and he wanted to start his work and asked me what all has to be done, I told him the work to be done.. and he asked for a stool to reach the loaft I gave him that and he was struggling to climb the stool as he was wearing a denim which was bit tight, I offered him my track night shorts which was very thin and kind of transparent.. He saw the shorts and hesitant to wear it.. I told him that it's a new one (smiling) then he said that's ok sir.. nice pant to wear during summer time and started to work.

That still was shaking slightly and I told him that I will hold that stool and you work.. he said that's ok but later got convinced. During the time I was also watching his work and having a glace on his tool.. Me being top some how I was very desperate at least to touch his t*ol once.

So mostly it took 3 to 4 hrs for him to work and he was sweating like hell since their was also no power in house then. Later he was about to change his dress and I told him to take a shower and go home since he said he also had to go for a function enroute his house. So he was ok with it and removed his shirt and inner shirt and was hesitant to remove that shorts in front of me, I said it's ok u can remove it as there is no one in house. Then he removed it and went inside the washroom only with his inners. By that time I was half nude and sitting with my inner to get inside the washroom next. Mine was too har* and the moment he came out I was like " oh god!!! What a MAN.. bloody he was wet from top to toe and wanted a towel. Ingabe him a towel and Crossing my nervousnous I told him that he has a very good shaped body and a also can sense that his tool is atleast 6inch (smiling) He was very shy and looking at the ground and no reaction at all from him, I was wondering to touch him but he said even I am very fair and whitish and started to ask me why am I so white. I told him that I mast***** often so no blood in my body.. lol.. he was also smiling and I asked him weather he likes me, he said yes. And all of a sudden I hugged him ensuring my candy touches his and within secs his became hard and that's it... !!

I touched it then he wanted to kiss me since I have pinkish lips.. he said that, how sir you smoke and u hv so pinkish lips.. I said I don't know.. and we mutually maste******** .. and went inside washroom and took bath.

I should say, he did not even react or showed any thing happened of that sort the next day at work. Even I did not reacted nor approached him for a 2nd trail..

Then I realised that " what ever happens we should give a try rather having a crush or desires which disturbs us often" provided it should not be a very close relationship nor a relationship which will ruin us later.

Thanks for reading !!
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
Need not be true always that top needs to be big, tall and dominating. I am medium size chubby bottom CD and i have been master with many tops and they love to follow me. Its very mutual between two who wanna play what role. If u enjoy either of the role then done. Lets not generalize that bottom is always slave and small etc etc. Enjoy buddys!!!
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
The psychology of a top is generally to dominate unless he got seduced by a power bottom. Majority of the tops always look for guys who are I'm, petite and not too big as they can dominate them easily physically if not mentally.

If the top is a dominant and looking for a sub then only they prefer taller bottoms, the reason being, dominating a taller and physically a stronger personality than them boost their dominant ego.
*Almost all my dominants has been lanky and shorter in height than me.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
I feel maybe there is some hope.

That excitement and eagerness of going all out and meeting someone just to hang out.. Spend some quality time... inspite of our hectic work schedules and having our own personal problems..

Thats the core of your intention... Your feelings...it cannot be explained in words..

I have done that. There were moments.. Felt maybe this could be it. But... As they say... "Enjoy it while it lasts"

At the end of the day.. Felt foolish for pouring out.
Emotions shattered.
We've all been through it.
It's just how you deal with it and pick yourself up somehow.. Without even discussing it with your close friend(s) because we feel might stupid and vulnerable... Just out of fear.

It's not easy. The healing process take days.. Weeks..
Months.... Even Worse.. Never.

There are traces of certain things we see in that one person we meet along the way. That secretly nudges us from the inside and makes us take a second glance...
Wondering what just happened? .. Who was that? And why do i feel something?

No one can explain it.

Best, for what it's worth... give in to your curiosity....absorb it....allow your feelings to take over and see how it treats you.

If it's meant to be... Embrace it with an open heart and give it all you've got to make it work.

But remember one thing.... The day that guy makes you feel more at home.. More of a person than you consider yourself less of because of your own insecurities and experiences of how the world has been treating you... Then again.. Not rubbing salt to the wound ... But..If he doesn't look at you as his last available bootycall because he didn't get lucky...

Then thank your stars... Consider yourself blessed...

Possibly.... He could be someone who actually values you...wants to know you....

No matter how messed up you really are.
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
I have seen live many action. I also have been the live action. Once in Spain, I was in a gay beach and there was a cruising area behind the sand dunes. I hooked up with a handsome bear and he was blowing me real good. Soon a small group of 4-5 ppl had gathered And we're masturbating looking it us. The bear guy did not allow the others to participate. Soon He started eating my *** and then *** me. I was in doggy position looking at the guys masturbating around me and the bear was *** me from behind soon when I wanted to.come, I came in his *** and *** my *** clean. By the end there were 6 or 8 ppl. All this happened in broad daylight.
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
Sorry it's empress garden not express
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
I heard about express garden is good spot, I went there 2-3 times but didn't find anyone other than couples, later I came know,there is water canal area, behind that express garden where all things take place, I went to that canal road, deep towards odha, I saw a young lad was *** one uncles *** passionately...he was *** him like pornstar, that was the first time I saw live ***, I didn't interrupt dem, I stayed far from dem, enjoyed watching, it was getting darker so, I didn't try to get blow for my self...... watching live is amazing experience
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Gaurav rajena was bodybuilder before he became pilot
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@LongCk4U, I am not sure if anyone would really want to have sx with Pilot in the flight, unless he is also passenger like others.
On ground, definitely many, fascinated with uniform, would love to have sx with them.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Vlog flying beast
Capt Gaurav Taneja
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
How many enjoy *** in flight or with pilot or airhostes
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Not all pilots are handsome and sexy... Theres a pilot who makes vlogs on youtube.. He is muscular ...but i dont find him sexy at all... Too much of protein powder in his body...his face too looks old and stressed out .... He doesnt turn me on at all
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Pilots: a few of them are gay, but it’s nothing compared to cabin crew. Many of them are “available”, they don’t give a damn. They cannot drink (officially), they must rest, so who cares whom they bring to their room?
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@ilovemasculine yes, I am a a proud member of the club!
No, they flirt openly. They must be concentrate on the job they are doing. There are hundreds of different situation on board, hence flirting might of course happen, but with own jargon.
Emirates, as well as Etihad or Qatar, has a blend of races and nationalities, so it much depends on what your type of man is... good luck with your next flights!
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Emirates has really hot ones.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@skytop: thanks for your reply. Yes. I certainly do understand their plight.
It must be stressful.

If I may ask, how about flirting between cabin crew especially the gay men? Does it happen? Are you part of the mile high club? ;)
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Wow ... Waiting for such tag .. I have been enjoying seeing them while waiting for the boarding. Some of them are 🔥
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Well said Sky top. Thanks for clearing the confusion. I will henceforth treat my crew with utmost respect and try hard when one rocks my boat.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@dilse4u, i am in the industry as well and I can assure you that the majority of male cabin crew are homosexual, I’m talking about worldwide, including India. So far, I haven’t heard about male cabin crew doing the extra money, I would say viceversa (they might be keen to pay).
By the way, also a good slice of the female cabin crew enjoy their own ***’ company.

@ilovemasculine, I understand your frustration, but don’t forget that they get barely 24 hours in Madras, so every minute counts. I have seen in my career very, very few colleagues flirting with passengers. Basically, it’s prohibited, you never look into the the customers when you walk the aisles and unless something more person occurs, you will not be proposed by a flight attendant. This shouldn’t prevent you from trying hard... Mile High Club is still looking for members and there s still no membership fee!
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Please respect your crew when you fly.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
In a recent British Airways flight to Chennai, there was bald chubby steward. Beautiful body and some perky moons. But damn, the *** on him deserved to be eaten like a feast. He was definitely gay. I tried to make some small talk in the galley after all the service was done and they were just chatting among themselves. I used the excuse of stretching my legs. But he was a bit condescending and said can you please use the other parts of the plane to stretch your legs, we need to take some.rest. I felt a slightly offended and I could.never see him in the same perspective anymore. I know they get hit on during every flight and they grow tired of it. But I felt he was speaking like that with no obvious provocation from me.

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