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i was molested by my neighbour ,, at the age of 15 mmm,, he is gay of 27 age n traped me ,,,mmmmm
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ss telugu players r so hot mmm

I like your suggestion. I will start with my incidence, when I harassed someone as I did gay *** without his consent (though he liked it).

That day, I slept at room of some office boys, who work at my friend's office. They call me also SIR, the way they call my friend. So I am bit friendly to all of them.
One of those is very cute, may be of 21 or 22, but surely not a minor. He is a villager type guy with a smooth body and a very good nice bum.
From other roommates of his, I came to know that he sleeps with his leg kept on the person sleeping next to him.
And I really like that kind of warmth and closeness from a man.

So that night, when I planned to sleep at their room (all 4 sleep in same room on floor), I decided to sleep next to him, actually between him and the wall.

All slept but I was awake as I wanted to play with him.
I intentionally, put my leg on him in a way that my thigh was over his thigh and my crotch was touching his palm.
After a while, I kept my hand on his crotch as if I did that under influence of sleep. And then slowly, I started rubbing his crotch.
Definitely, a young blood *** started to respond to the touch like this.
Within seconds, his *** was rock hard under my palm. Then he sensed it and turned facing me in a way that, my hand was covered by his thighs, and I could easily play with his ***...
He was in shorts, so I inserted my hand inside and played with his bare ***.
I opened my eyes and saw that his eyes were still close as if he is sleeping but his facial expressions were confirming that he was awake.
After a while he started playing with my *** and when mine got hard enough, he turned back keeping his bum aiming to my ***.
I slowly inserted my hand inside the band of his shorts and caressed his nearly smooth *** cheeks.
Then he himself pulled his shorts down, exposing his bum completely and pulled my *** and made that to touch his hole.

It was a clear signal. I tried to lube his hole with my saliva but I think that was not enough. And I was afraid too that my action might get noticed by others. All were sleeping but neither of those were drunk or sleeping dead.
I tried few times but I could not insert my *** inside.

Finally I gave up and *** myself and him and slept.

Next day, I found him avoiding the eye contacts. And since then he is not responding my msgs too.

All this makes me think that I exploited him. He did all under the heat of the moment, but later he felt guilt about this.
And that is making me feel bad.
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May be you forgot to notice that, I also used words like INNOCENT and LOVEABLE FACE for Ajay Thakur...

I don't want to correct you, as correcting a human being is out of capacity of another human being.
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@kiran1580 pr is a dating app...
Gay boss or employee?
We have a job opening in our office, lately i was thinking of posting ad here so that i would have colleague.. but then i got through this discussion and changed my mind.. Better not to mix up things.. chances of exploitation are more and don't wanna take risk.
Thrill of having sex in open area
It happend 10 days before.. metro ashoknager. I am regular user from asknger to alundur ... In the evening around 7 clock went inside the toliet saw ah handsome guy standing and surfing something on the net... Eye contact came to k now he is waiting for something more... I slowly showed mine he was thrilled and nobody was there we went inside one toilet he removed everything started squssing mine... I loved it and had nice fun for 10 mins and came out.. sexy guy . He was coming. O4 going to gym with gym bag.. nice cut *** enjoyed lot after long time in thw public. ANybody wanted come please plan AFt 7 in the nigh4 nobody will ve there and we can enjoy
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@Gayparity.. g4m is Guys4Men.. old name of PR(Planetromeo)
In my opinion this topic would be irrelevant if we talk only about how we have been harassed. I am sure there must be instances when we have harassed others as well. Since most of us are anonymous here, I think its an opportunity when we can take out the guilt by sharing stories where we are perpetrators.

Just a thought!!!
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Travelling to Amravati tomorrow by Pune Nagpur train at 5.40 PM.. anyone there?
Thrill of having sex in open area
Whats g4m
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Kind of smell sm prejudice n preconceived notions in ur post. The way u have put up ur views, esp the *** object thing. Reeks of tendency to use n throw n exploit. Anyways, wudnt want to drag this on n on. Just my humble viewpoint.
Thrill of having sex in open area
@ Kiran 1580, PR=Planet Romeo is gay dating app. Now days grinder is also used.
If you want that you had been the actual metoo ...go to twitter and post it ....why here in gay site were almost all are anonymous ....here it will definitely be the enjoyed part but feel free to post the trauma and victim part too
it was long back when i was studying first year and staying in hostel and its first time been to city. one weekend me and my friend thought to see a movie.. jumped hostel wall by 10.30 came to road and got lift in a lorry(since college was out of city and buses are not frequent). after a 15 mins drive it was been to a forest way. there the driver and cleaner both blackmailed to cooperate else will tell to college. we both got repeatedly *** with grease all over. after a lot of time they took our belongings even dresses and left us in the forest itself.

it was the first and worst exp i ever had
Thrill of having sex in open area
recently i went on crouded suburban train by night 8.30. an uncle with 40 years started to touch and gave me a arousing mood.
he asked me to get down on a particular station. there in dark dense forest zone we had complete nude ***.
since it was deserted place. there was no fear and we enjoyed a lot..
Karan6 is too rude. I toyally agree with wingedcupid above post. If you define about me too with narrow minded then whats the difference between you and homophobic people. They say only heterosexuality is natural and homosexuality is against nature. Be open and inclusive within our community first
When you are abused at very young age,though u liked it then, it is still abuse! As a child i liked the physical intimacy but i m disgusted and furious when i grew up for spoiling my childhood
I do not judge anyone's MeToo story here. Though they may have enjoyed over the time that they put in first encounter says they are affected by it mentally at least..the extent may vary and the forum audience certainly dont have yardstick.
Reading through i do not find sexual overtones much. At least they got the outlet to express. Dont like it Dont read it!
yeah Karan... topic is slowly got diverted... sorry for my part too :(
@Karan 6 I support for the article you wrote about #Metoo
What is all dis!!

The concept of metoo movement is someone Molests u and u do not like it. Someone take some advantage of u, in return for some favors maybe. Or someone just takes advantage of u!!!

95 percent of the stuff put up here are stories in which both the parties have enjoyed!! How does dat become a revelation??? U have liked wat the other has done, dis simply qualifies for a gay *** encounter!!! Any nonsense is being posted here in the name of an ongoing movement!

Do u have any idea about the mental trauma about the victims of sexual abuse!! All fools are writing their sexy stories here instead of actually understanding the whole concept of the metoo movement!! I wud suggest that the thread be deleted for such unwary posts!!!
Thrill of having sex in open area
What is PR
Thrill of having sex in open area
What is PR
When i was in college first year my Hostel security caught me when i was cross dressed in my room. from that time till i left hostel i was used by him and his frnds.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Pro kabaddi players are the hottest guys on earth. God bless those mini shorts.
Yeah, me too, i am bi-sexual by my choice, not because of anyone... I have experienced molested many times by different people, let me tell all of them. I am a choosy guy, I like young guys, hairless and slim body as I have mentioned in my profile. No doubts, I respectfully rejects if not of my choice.

First time I felted harrassed in my school days when I was 13-14, there was a senior in my class as he had failed for two concurrent years, more over he was the rowdy, and had power, I was good looking with fair skintone. He use to sit in last bench in the class, once I had helped him in something so he was treating me as his friend, I was a cute little slim skinny boy. When I use to enter class he use to order me to sit with him in last bench with two other guys, I couldn't deny him coz everyone in all were afraid of him... He had hit hell lot of guys who disobey him. So I use to sit with him in last bench, one day during some class, he said me that his thigh is paining, use Ur hand press and massage my thigh, soo I couldn't Deny it. I started massaging his thing, after few minutes or soo his *** was hard, he held me hand and placed over it and said do it here, I took at my hand... He stared and me with an expression of hitting me, without second thought, I placed my hand over it and started pressing it, I don't know whether he *** or not. I kept doing it for few hours. I was of 13-14, I use to get *** but never *** till then. This use to happen everyday... I say it molestation coz I never liked doing this to him, he forced me do everyday. One fine day during our sports class, he took me to our auditorium, he sat on the seat and made me sit beside him, said me to do it what we use to do in class. U did it as usual. But this time he unzipped, said me to put hand under his zip and massage over underwear, he was taking it slow and open, since we both were alone in auditorium. 10 mins by then he said me to put my hand inside his underwear. So I did, I knew his *** was huge... He said remove it. I did and say it was a huge one... He said come to my home today with me I will show you something, I said I have done work, I can't come. Again the same hitting look made me obey his order. He had big mansion, his father was a corporater of area. He took me to his room and said we have test tomorrow and we are studying. He took me to his room, dam his room was soo big with all comforts... He locked the room said don't make any noise... We got in to the bed he started the TV in his room, made me do same thing as classroom and said to take to his *** fully and remove his pants and underwear, his *** was soft now, not yet hard. He said me to *** it and make it hard. I didn't liked doing it, but had to do. *** it for 5-10 mins, and he *** in side my *** and said me to drink it.
Heroes of Gay History in India
Thanks for letting us. Sure they are unsung heroes who gave us this moment to live with dignity.
Thrill of having sex in open area
I recently met one guy on pr at around 12.15 in the night. We were both little tipsy and lived just few meters from each other. But neither of us has a place, so we decided to walk and explore. It struck me, why not go to the so called "cruising spot" someone posted here 😛. Ambedkar park. It's always deserted. We went in there, took a bench, started with a very hot lip lock, lots n lots of body play. Then i went down to show some love to his big cut shaft. After maybe 10 minutes, he spotted a group of local boys entering the park. So we stood up and pretended to take a walk. They left after 5 minutes. I went back on my knees and started using my lips on his manhood again. But He had some pretty good lasting power. I got tired of squatting. So i kind of lowered my track pants n gave him a clumsy lapdance in my briefs. I just love the warm touch of a peepee on my buttocks. It was almost 1.15am so I asked him to just *** n ***. So he asked me to swallow it,which i did. Then we left for our homes.

My step brother made me to *** his *** when i am 8 years old. He used me in multiple occasions for 2 years. His age might be at the age of 16 or 17. Just *** his *** everytime and one-time he made me to drink his urine. I neither enjoy nor dislike. Later he used to enjoy with girls abs aunties. Kind of a nutral situation After an year or so another cusion brother slept with me completely nude. He must be 19 or 20 at that time. He *** and wiped using a cloth. But I didn't understand what is it about. But he treated me well with love and care. But passed away in young age fue to depression and sleeping tablet. I believe his family members came to know about his sexuality and tortured him. He was unable to sleep and use sleeping tablets in young age. It become overdose and one day he died peacefully. I know what is *** only in the age of 15. My school friends described to me. But i was in total shock and it took sometime to realize thr truth. After that i started craving for *** but no one approached me. I got attacted only with guys. I really don't know its because of my step brother and cusion. I know it can't decide my sexuality. But really ir hurt me bad in my teen age. I was in very bad mental stress untill the age of 18. After that i had some sexual encounters with my school and college mates. Used Yahoo as well. Also with some sgrangers in bus, loo etc. I felt its very bad everytime. But unable to control my feelings. It continued untill my age of 25. That time I met one guy in yahoo messenger. He introduced me to G4M. I startee reading forums and then came to terms, accepted myself. Now i feel complete peace about my sexuality
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi

Just checked pix of Francois Sagar on net.

No man... ajay Thakur has very innocent and loveable face... While Francois looks very much a *** object.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
I love their bulging thighs
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
I like the hairless hot legs of kabaddi players who are exposed till thighs.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Ajay Thakur of Tamil Thaliavas is a hit.. Somehow he reminds me of the gay *** actor Francois sagat ., did anyone feel so ?
hi friend me batana chahunga ki mere sath kya hua tha , ek bar hum train se travel kr raha tha to ek admi ne mere saath grouping kiya tha muje pata nahi tha muje laga rush he to wo touch ho raha hoga lekin badme pata chala wo janbuzkar kr raha tha
@Gulfisaforever, thanks for supporting the views of others, some people make you guilty for saying what you have say, that's why I stay out of most of the discussions to avoid arguments.

Though we are gays/bisexuals we have also been molested in certain instances without our consent. By the #MeToo tag I meant to say only those instances.

My worst moment was once in an interview in DLF chennai. Being a walk in interview the footfall was huge and we were made to sit in close proximity with panelists in small rooms. This panelist guy right from the start wasn't looking at my eyes. His gaze made me so uncomfortable. His eyes were swaying to my crotch, neck and my hands in a very demeaning way. I was desperate to get out of the interview room. Though on a cruising day I would I enjoyed the attention of a guy. But not in an interview hall..

Next was an office DJ party where a guy gropped my chest while dancing. Another one was a spank on my butt by my then Team leader when I was leaning over my cubicle.. These moments made me feel more uncomfortable. I made sure to avoid those guys at office. Infact that guy who gropped me in the DJ later apologised to me.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Very nice may be i go to watch kabadi match if in bangalour
@Admin - I guess I had already mentioned the intent and requested the folks to mind the decorum.

Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Yes. Rahul's eyes are beautiful. Noes is shapely. And an uff body..
But kind of used to like him younger, in the first two seasons.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Rahul choudhary is the guy i love to see.
His eyes are so beautiful
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
virat kohli, i love him, i fantasise him every night
He rubbed *** on my back ,cummed all over my body,offered me his shawl to wipe the sticky thing and we parted.
I was 7_8 yrs old in hostel, all boys used to sleep on twin beds in huge hostel dormatory..in classes we spoke horney things, how it gets big etc..showed each other the ***.so such a curious friend came to sleep on my bed in evening.we were innocent enough to not know that others could see, as we rubbed each others *** under comforter/chadder. One boy 5 yrs elder than me observing this approched me later, blackmailed and invited to go to isolated place in night. he cummed all over by bodyt
At the beginning of my career , I had a manager who I guess was closeted gay . He was married and aged around 35. I was part of a large team (40+ members) and the he was very good to me initially . He used to praise my work , pinged me in IM for no apparent reason & called me to his cubicle for small discussions that could be resolved via IM. One day , while in his cubicle , he touched my palm with his fingers & looked at me suggestively . I understood his intention and moved my hand away . I was not attracted to him , Also , I never start any relation with anyone at work. I wont start any such thing with my manager. It could get messy in the future. So , without saying the words , I made him understand that I am not interested in him.

Since then his attitude towards me changed . He used to assign all the work work to my peers. I constantly got mediocre ratings and no appreciation or good opportunities. He even stopped my promotion and promoted someone who was clearly less deserving than me .
Thankfully , he ran into some troubles with the onsite managers & he was removed from the team. After he left , I got my promotion.

So ,we can become victims even when we are not sexually abused.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Rahul choudhary uff that desi look rough nd tough I like him so much & anoop kumar
Thank you @masterbot :) yes I have moved on and am much stronger :) but yes never turned gay or anything ! I ve always been into men ;)
@quickee really sad to hear your experience... The guy was a vicious ***... I am truly sorry you had to go through this.... Hope you are much stronger now
Thrill of having sex in open area
I have taken and given blowjobs in parks, cubbon park Coles park etc. Its nice to do in open if its not very visible! But yes be careful
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
For guys in early 40's kabadis, weight lifting and wrestling were the only source to watch male skin show. Swimming was good but the googles hide the face. Tennis and batmittion were good but the long shorts were not interesting. Those were times were there where no internet,no *** nothing. We had to literally hunt for skin show. Gays of present age are really blessed.

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