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Me too into formals
Shemale wife or partner
I'm real female from Mumbai but not free anyone wants to join
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Shemale wife or partner
Any shemale here?
Shemale wife or partner
I n top 21 looking for shemale or CD for long term relationship.I will truly love you and forever
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
hi I need a real true lovable bottom friend under 26 age I will be the best partner for u dear
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Hi like this thread
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
light dark to heavy dark are so super and sexy
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
TALL DARK HANDSOME - that's the norm to describe a handsome guy. No wonder we fall for dusky men. I think the skin tone makes them more manlier.

I am no exception :)
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Dark skin mens are my first choice and even better if they are matured. I just love them.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
there has to be love...otherwise lusty relationship are short lived....love in this world is same as other loving relationships
Gay literature
I have been reading books recommended on this thread (the ones I could get hold of). Finished reading "Cobalt Blue". What an amazing story! It was originally written in Marathi, and Jerry Pinto has done a great job of translating it into English. He has managed to retain the essence of the book very well, which is quite a feat in itself. It is by far among the best books of the gay fiction genre that I've read so far. The author, Sachin Kundalkar, is a keen observer of human behaviour judging from the book he has written. And to think this was his first book, written at the tender age of 22! I can't wait to read more of his works.

Am currently reading Saraswati Park, which has been recommended on this thread. Will write my review once I have finished reading it.

ARAVINDVAKUL, thank you for your recommendations. I've queued up "Maurice" and "The Boyfriend" for my next reads.
Nudists in India
Am open to hosting a nudist catch up at my place.
Near KPHB phase 9, Hyderabad.
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@Suvess, let's at with an example. Does a normal average straight girl like it if a stranger touches her inappropriately? She definitely doesn't but that doesn't mean that she's not into having ***.
We, the gay community have set different set of internal rules for ourselves because enjoying *** in our own way used to be a crime here even until a year and 4 days back. So the cruising spot and *** with random people used to be our easy escapades from the reality...
But that does not necessarily mean everyone has to like that. We are different persons with different choices. May be you are not liking the idea of having *** with a stranger. And that's perfectly normal.
There are multiple possibilities for our genders and sexuality. They are not binary at all. You can fit anywhere within the spectrum and it's completely alright. So my advice for you will be to stop trying to fit within those set labels of gay, straight, bisexual etc and just keep on searching for what you like and what or who can make you happy.
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@Suves, I was in a similar predicament myself. I enjoyed gay erotica, sometimes even watching gay ***. This got me questioning my sexuality since I've only been with women all my life and enjoyed it a lot. To decide once and for all of I was bisexual or just like gay *** as a festish I met up with a guy on ohmojo to see if I was attracted to him and if I end up having ***. Once I met him and talke stop him it was apparent that I only like gay *** on screen and don't really like men touching me, it wasn't because he was unattractive but because being with a man didn't really turn me on, I even tried to kiss him but I just didn't like it, I didn't feel anything when I kissed him. I still rarely enjoy sexting and sending gay guys a picture of my *** or butt, but that's the extent of it. I wish I was bisexual, I could've had way more *** than I do now, guys are ready to have *** way more early on than women but I guess I'm just not into guys, just like gay erotica or *** as a fetish. So meet s guy and see if you like being with him. If you don't then you're probably not gay. Try to do the same thing with a woman too, preferebly not a prostitute.
Gay literature
Nice thread! My first introduction to this genre was E. M. Forster's Maurice. Though I found the ending unconvincing, it was nevertheless extremely gripping and well-written. Naturally Forster became a favourite author for me from then! :-)

I have heard a good deal about The Boyfriend by R. Raj Rao but the reviews that I read were mixed. I have read the book in bits and pieces. Has anyone read it fully?

My introduction to erotic stories was Nifty of course in the late 1990s, but once the initial thrill of discovering them was past, I got very quickly bored with them. On online recommendations, I read Michael Arram's Towards A Decent Inn which was passable. Jack Kendle's Lost and Found was slightly better. His short story titled Mr. Pym has been one of the better ones I've read.

I guess now online there are a so many books published in this genre!
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@ Suvees
Hi it's natural,, still you need some time to open up,, choose anyone with whom you are comfortable, and explore,,,,
No need to worry about you future marriage life,,,,
Once you trust your partner, then it's a smooth flow,,, tc
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
Those guys in cruising spots, what do they touch? Your ***?

Kind of relevant, because maybe you're not top
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
Hiii guys..i need a suggestion.. i m 26 yr old, you may laugh on it bt i m not sure wat my orientation is.. I like the company of mens/ boys of my age, i like to watch hot or naked guys in gym, on sites on mobile etc.. Bt Whnevr any guy in cruising spot touches me or touch my privates, i dont like this..evn make me uncomfortable despite of being good nature of dat guy, i dont knw why..

Also, sometimes my family talk about my marriage in future dat scared me.. i know this may ruin someone's life who'll tie to me.. i Cant confess/tell my family wat m i.. wat i like... i knw they will never tolerate n accept this.. wat should i do ??
Gay literature
Gay literature
Hello STALWART, USEMEMUMBAI, CHAKOJOEL, MG123, and SPLASH431 - There is actually already a thread on ohmojo where personal and fictitious gay stories can be shared. Here it is.

They already have some good stories there. And I have one to contribute, too. :)
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Is it there in youtube? Could not find room mate tamil short film...
Gay literature
Hi STALWART - Sounds like a good idea, but I'll let the administrator decide whether this is the right forum for your request.
Gay literature
I was wondering if we can write n post our fiction gay stories n poems... May be in English or Hindi as it sounds more kinky n sexy.. I've written few stories n poem... I don't mind sharing!!! Waiting for response... To know me plz check my profile...
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Room mate short Tamil film
U can enjoy the guy ***
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
The Indian queer cinema also has notable ones like 68 Pages, Yours emotionally, Memories in march, Chitrangada and Another love story ( Akreti prema golpo) The last three has Ritparno Ghosh.
three also on youtube.
Surprisingly Darmiyan and Daira were main stream also on youtube.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Appa - a short film in Malayalam
No dialogs, still conveying complete msg.
I hope it keep you engaged through out the length and touches the souls...

Finding love - because it's not only about sex
@ damboi
Every love ends with sharing,, each and every thing,,,,feelings ,,emotions,, happiness sorrows,,finally your body and sole,,,
So whats wrong in having *** or *** on profile pics,,
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Love how people talk about 'uhhh everyone just wants *** uhh' and then they have profile pictures of their *** and *** lmao
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Hope to find someone like that... M young.... No age limit... If we really match...
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
In india, people only know Lund and Gaand, that's it. I wish someone I could find who is above all these. Just a decent relationship, because it's not only about ***.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
RAJSHARMA1990 - The film, KA Bodyscapes is available online. It was banned in Indua initially, but the ban was lifted. It is available for purchase from the US amazon.com.
Also read this about KA Bodyscapes for more information.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Yes Ragjuveerkd, you can get some STDs with body contact like Oral and genital Herpes, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. The Herpes virus is present on the surface of the skin of an infected person and it can easily be passed on to someone else through the moist skin that lines the ***, anus, and genitals. The virus may also spread to another individual through other areas of skin, as well as the eyes.

The gonorrhea bacteria are most often passed from one person to another during sexual bodily contact.

Chlamydia is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia. The disease is spread by oral contact.

Also pubic lies can be spread through bodily contact.

Hope this answers your question.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@Christofer1 Superb
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Can anyone tell if there are possibilities of any STDs if we indulge in mere body play? I am mainly talking about rolling over each other naked with *** in touch but no penetration kind of situation without condom?

Sometimes there are chances of precum oozing out of ***! Can this lead to spread of STDs?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Watch this. Hotness!!
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
instead of spending so much on PREP, practice safe *** n use condoms...
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
According to medical studies, PREP has 92 percent success rate, so the best course of action would be to take PREP and practise safe *** too.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
PREP is available in India under the name 'Tenvir EM'. It's manufactured by CIPLA Pharmaceuticals. Most medical stores sell it without a prescription, but it's mostly available in big medical stores like the ones outside big government or private hospitals in your city. If the medicine is out of stock, you can ask the chemist to order it for you from the stockist. It's expensive, so most medical stores don't stock it (Rs.2200 for 30 tablets).

Some people may initially suffer from side effects after starting this medicine. But the side effects like headache or nausea go away in 3 or 4 days. Most people suffer from side effects when they start on any medicine. And that's the case with this medicine too. Some people don't get any side effects, so it's how your body reacts to the medication.

You must take 1 tablet daily for 30 days. After that you can stop taking the medicine if your not exposing yourself to the virus. The *** stays in your blood for not more than 48 hours, so there are no reported long term side effects as such. But if you take it for 10 years non-stop, there could be some side effects. We don't know because there aren't many studies on the side effects of taking PREP for such long duration since the *** is relatively new. You must start PREP, 7 or 8 days before having ***. PREP doesn't work after a person is exposed to the virus. You must complete the 30 day course and not miss even a single dose if you think you may have been exposed to the virus. Some people think it's better to suffer from some side effects for a short period, than get HIV. It''s each ones choice.

Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Further, both this PrEP or PEP meant for purpose other than uninhibited, unlimited ***. It is to save lives and lead a normal life.
Some ppl unfortunately get exposed to HIV, in labs, in hospital.. Some wise ppl in love stand with their positive partner. Such ppl get benefits from such medicines.

PrEP or PEP won't give anyone license to hv *** unlimitedly.
Be wise, educate yourself.

Seems ppl are more curious about it. It is more authentic if you visit a proper counseling services or hospital for it.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Guys, PreEP is precautionary measure. Pre Exposure Prophylaxis.. It is for ppl who are willingly exposed to bareback ***. Unprotected *** can be addictive. So such PPL while being negative can start with PrEP. Means blood will be having antiviral medicines already. so even if virus enters will be denatured by medicine.
IMPORTANT NOTE: there is always small chance of getting infection even with PrEP.
So don't think that you start with PrEP then u can have any amout of *** shots.

There is something called PEP.. Post Exposure Prophylaxis.. It is immediate curative measure. Example if in hospital nurse get needle *** which is used on positive patient, or you knw you had unprotected *** with positive person immediately(within some hours window) person can receive PEP.means heavy does of anti HIV medicine.

Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Ok so I guess if a doctor starts you on prep, he will stop it if he's sure you've not contracted HIV?
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
PrEP is something you have to start and stop only with Doctors consultation.. And it is only giving protection with HIV(it is again not full 100%).. If one with PrEP still goes for rampant ***, that guy is still open to various other Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes and very negligible chances of HIV as well.
PrEP meant for guy who has positive partner.. Positive negative closed relationships.. Unprotected *** with undetectable positive person and negative person on PrEP will have absolutely rarest chance of transmission.
Section 377 is Repealed. What next?
The society I live in is completely straight, following culture and don't believe in being gay is normal. They think it's a disease ☹️.
The society I work with, educated , working all around places have huge respect towards LGBT community. Basically they don't care about your preference ,they look at your talent and work, your skills.

Even 377 is repealed , it's very difficult for Us to change their mentality. Few of them have Gay-lesbo daughters. still some of them accept change and others not.
What we should teach them is "Start accepting people the way they are, not the way you want".
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Thanks Dr. niljag... for ur information...
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
So does it mean that before you plan to have unprotected ***, you visit a doctor and start a long term dosage of prep?
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
PreP or any medication shouldn't be taken without doctors consultation.. And it is not available over counter without proper prescription..
Once started, it shouldn't be stopped or terminated again without doctor's advice. And indeed there are side effects of such heavy medicine taking regularly. Even you take crosin regularly, it will be having side effects. PreP will be higher doses now.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Thanks niljag. Is it available without prescription? I guess it should be.... And Are there any known side effects of prep?
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
As a being Doctor I can throw valuable light on it..
Is called preexposure prophylaxis a preventive n precautionary medicine for HIV infection.
It contains two drugs in it which has to be taken by person with a high risk like homosexuals.
It can prevent oneself from only HIV but not from other STDs like herpes, syphylis, gonorrhoea etc...
Before taking this medicine one has to confirm that he is HIV -ve bcos u don’t have to continue PreP for life time..
It has to be taken only when you know that u are going to connect multiple sexual partner so called polygamous...
If someone is HIV +ve taking PreP increases resistance to these ***..
I hope this will help u..

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