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Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@ Vishal Kumar, thanks.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@NottyHotty1 Oh Thanks so much.What a sexy body he has. I guess this is the vid


When I wear formals and travel in bus where no space to put fit i go in and get touched many *** while going last seat , get seat there and near by persons *** get touched to my chest . Its turns me on i feel to catch that ***.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Interesting opinions and contradicting views
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
I'm looking real relationship
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
By the way. Above post is in reference to oral *** and use of comdoms, however is also helpful during *** and vaginal ***.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
There are few things you can't fully protect against. Condom can help in reducing the risk but cannot eliminate the risk.

HPV (condom is of no use)
Herpes (condom is of no use)
Syphils (condom is not of much use)
Gonorrhoea (helpful)
Chlamydia (helpful)
Trichomoniasis (helpful)

As a general practice, apart from not having *** with sore throat, ulcers, bleeding gums and cuts, also look for following:

Any boils, warts, ulcers on the other person's genital. PLEASE NOTE people can pass STDs without manifesting any symptoms (SILENT CARRIERS). Hence this by no means is a full proof method.

Also don't swallow or take into *** pre-*** or ***.

Please checkout this link


Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
What kind of infections transfer through kissing with an infected person?
Which infections u could get skin to skin contact ( rubbing your body on your partner's body.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
h@shasmathu... just watch main prem ki diwani hoo...movie.. in one of the song hritink jump in sea with swimming costume.. u can see his thighs.. though for a short while.. i think.. te song name is ...teri zindagi main chali aayi..
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
Can anyone help me out with accomodation for one day frm tomorrow afternoon to Sunday evening . We can hv full fun in mumbai
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
its true. if a man and a girl is given a choice for *** i would choose girl
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
Based on my experience, I always believe that there is nothing like a 'straight' guy, especially in India. All are either top, bottom or versatile gays though most would not agree or accept it just due to the kind of social ambiance here. If you pursue with any guy here patiently, you will get him finally for fun. That has always been my experience so far. Everyone who does not agree first time is only because of fear or due to their situation though they love it. Just my personal observation and of course people may differ. No need of any favor as such, just seduce without giving up and you will get them.. :) :)
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
What’s the best way to protect ourselves while blowjobs? condom?
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
@ebubu - your observation is very valid, India is actually the most gay friendly place and most Indians are open to experimenting however everything is a bit covered up. I have seen st8 men in tier 2/3 cities towns and villages are open to experiment with men because the opportunity to interact with the opposite gender is limited and most of them view the top role as the man’s role so they don’t have a problem with it. If you are a foreigner they find it even more exotic and completely surrender themselves. They also are more comfortable because they don’t have the fear of being judged. Being an Indian I can tell you I have seduced a lot of st8 men myself and nothing gives me a bigger kick than seducing a st8 Guy.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Interesting comments!!! "I am not gay but I have *** with men as women are unavailable"- Things we say to justify our acts :-) . Life is more difficult for bottom guys :(
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@vishal...thats best
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Blowjob wont get u HIV but will get syphilus which acts as medium for HiV...There are infection like Gonorrhea too.These all spread thru blowjob
Shemale wife or partner
I am looking for a shemale partner
Shemale wife or partner
I think there is a shemale den near nice road on Mysore road exit.. anyone seen it? Anyone tried it
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Where are you based Manly Top?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@Eternal_bliss Love the vid. Aamir was twik and looks so hot in shorts. Please post more of Aamir Salman horts vids. BTW I dont watch much of hindi movies. Are there any movies were hirthik comes in shorts? I have seen him bare chest but not even one vid to reveal his things.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Well, I really don't understand why people are getting offensive, judgemental and accusing for being NSA *** here.
If you don't want to just have fun, fine, move on.
If you want to have a relationship or marry someone, go ahead.

I don't like to accuse the other person for being not what you expect.

After all you have *** with consent and you don't stop having fun in NSA situation too. That is the truth. Why playing victim card here. Just chill and enjoy :-)

Family's reaction to coming out
@Arin, a correction - transgender people don't have XXY or XYY chromozome. Those conditions are found in very few (not all) intersex people. Trans people are the ones who have a definite *** physically, but emotionally they belong to an other gender identity.
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
It is not enticement or taking advantage. We do not force anybody. Just get together for a drink and take it up from there. Clicks good. Does not, then too good. I never offer any money. Just holding hands while drinking, speaking naughty or giving coy looks gives me a kick.
If the other guy is not comfortable at any point in the conversation I back off and keep it a simple drinking session.
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
Of all my experiences and travels, I found out that India is probably the best place in the world when it comes to seducing straight guys with or without enticement. But I must admit it's even easier as a foreigner, because many Indian guys would be curious and ready to experiment something with foreigners / visitors, more easily that with other fellow indians. They feel more secure, perhaps.
Of all the times I cruised or hit on guys without knowing firtshand if they were gay or not, I've never experienced a harsh or violent refusal : it was always done with a smile or a polite refusal, and no bad feelings. This is really what I miss the most, of Indian culture.
Shemale wife or partner
Wher in delhi we can shemale who are genuine and safe also.
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@handsomedude30 what you said is very true. Good catch
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Aamir Khan fans would probably remember this quiz trivia. Which was his first film? Naah it wasn't QSQT. It was a film called, "Holi."

Here's a link to that film. Check out his entry from 10:47 onwards, wherein he is just in shorts. Young Aamir Khan just in shorts!!! Yes. And, at 12:46 someone even tries to pull his shorts, but alas, nowhere do you actually get to see any "genital!" However, if watching Aamir in shorts excites you, then check it out.


How do you guys tag the specific TCR when you share the video? (The way the TCR appears in blue, and when we click on it, we directly go to that particular scene.) It becomes much easier to view the clips.
Family's reaction to coming out
Gays will be looked as defective product and genetic disease as long as gays are tagged with LGBT. Trans are def part of chromosomal abbaretion and genetic defect like xxy or xyy. But gays or lesbians are not. Make ur world simple. It is just "instead". Instead of being attracted to gals getting attracted to guys or both. Most guys have best buddies and even gals and have gone kind of attraction in their puberty or teen. But no one would accept or some might forcefully try to get attracted to gals or pretend as no one wants to bring this amother issue of their life when most people are alreadt buried with so many issue and challenges. Most so called straight are bi and they too have fantacy of hunk or sexy or cute dude
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Don't know about size, but I have always had insecure with color of my ***. My body is fair and my *** is super black( not just dark). So, that makes me very insecure and I avoid showing it initially, otherwise, I would have been a nudist 😉
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Being a Top, I was in relationship with another top for sometime until we had to break up. Believe me, it was THE BEST THING EVER! Late-night movies, sleepover on weekends, cuddling in bed, long walks, etc.. We did everything... The only reason I think it was fun cause we didn't care about each other's orientation. Yes, there was lack of ***, we couldn't do anything more than foreplay. But the time we had was the best. Now I get jealous looking at straight people easily hanging around with their partners. I'm looking for relationship again with someone of my age, no matter if he's top, or bottom, cause seriously, I could get laid easily, but I want someone who can care about me.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
The bodybuilder
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
Yes, Ankit. Most of the so called gay/bi people on this site have a similar situation. They have come looking for *** from another guy because they couldn't find a girl to have ***.

And many people on this site are *** watchers. First they have watched lots of *** and masturbated a lot. Now they want to take it a step further and have *** with a real girl. But unfortunately they are not able to find a girl. So they come here looking for a guy to have *** with. They think something is better than nothing and satisfy themselves with a guy.

Give these people an option to choose between a girl or a guy to have *** with and I think majority of them would choose a girl.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Well said @decentbottom
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Hmmm... many over here are just for *** and behind beauty...
I like the frankness of few guys.

Its not wromg to just look our for NSA.. but dont make it a trend. Look at people abroad. They have a well defined social status even for gays and trans. Indians are never so daring to accept things as it is. Everyone is just concerned of getting their *** unloaded. If this continues, we can never have gay marriages happening in India. Forget gay marriages, coming out to society will remain a dream forever. We wanna copy western people dor for everything other than just accepting LGBT communities.

It might even be so unfortunate that once again just being a gay might be an illegal thing.

Please donot expect everyone to be smart and good looking.
Please donot define the word "gay" to something like just glamour and ***.

This whole testimonial is just not about ***. You spoke about premarital ***. Plese tell me if you would even marry a girl who is not virgin?
Although you spoke the truth out of your heart, its so awful to know that just because you dont get a girl for *** you are trying to find trans and gays.
LGBT community is never always behind ***. Please dont make us a *** commodity...

Because its not only about ***... Finding Love..

We are humans too and we deserve love buddy.... please dont get hurt. Am not simply opposing your words. Am just trying to make people understand what is to be changed...
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Handsomedude30 is right, I feel bad to acknowledge it but I'm a guy who has made out with a few girls but never gotten the chance to actually have *** and because of that I'm on this site looking for transgenders or feminine crossdressers. Believe me I know how appaling you might find this but because of how girls are brought up in our country pre marital *** isn't something most girls are into. This is the reason why bi curious or even straight guys who aren't blessed with amazing good looks get in this website for NSA fun. Even then, some guys like me try to meet a few gay guys on here and never really get to the *** because we can't make ourselves get *** when we try to be sexual with other guys so we look for someone as close to a girl as possible, hence crossdressers and transgenders. I apologise to anyone who feel hurt or offended at my comment, trust me I advocate gay rights as much as anyone but this is the truth.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
But what's wrong in that. Satisfaction is most important thing In ***.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
I think most of the so called "Gay" people on this site who are looking for *** with a guy is mostly because they couldn't find a girl to have ***. Even online it is very hard to find a girl.
So they come looking for sexual satisfaction from a guy for the time being, since it is easy to find a guy online. Very rarely it is about love. Most of the time its about satisfying their sexual needs.
@ayaanchennai, I got my *** circumcised in Lucknow. It was a 30-45 minute procedure under local anaesthesia... Post the operation, you need to press the swelling with ice wrapped in ice for 6-8 times a day for 4-5 days or as advised by the surgeon.
you can try in royapettah crescent hospital. they charge very less, i think round 1500 rs . no need to get admitted. you get cut in morning, take rest for 2 hours and then go home. no repeat visit for dressing. it heals in 10 days.
Shemale wife or partner
Hey i want a shemale wife and am ready to marry her
I am frm yapral secbad
If anyones interested dm me v can proceed to further things by meeting up
My suggestion was not to go for any surgery, because with my own personal experience I am telling this.

Before a month I too had this problem, after reading several comments through this thread.

I decided to stretch daily while bathing,
Every day while bathing I am doing this
Now after one month it is free to move front and back no pian at the time eriction also.

Now my skin at *** is very nice and loose
Now I can decide whether to keep if front or stretch back while oral or ***

No need of surgery......
No *** or jerk off for 6 weeks after circumcision
After getting cut your dome will be exposed to air and friction with underwear. It will feel water hot or cold.

You will *** without foreskin and oil can be used.
Your *** may get two tone and scar line. Your head will bulge out of underwear showing your circumcised ***. Good luck ;)
You should do stretching. If it doesn't fixes, get it circumcised.
There are 2 types of cut.
Low vs high cut
Don't get low cut. Go for high cut.

Clamp cut is easy than freehand circumcisions. Also you should prepare your mind before cut and ask doctor about complications like skin bridge, infection during healing.

If you keep it dry and free of infection it will get heal easily.

No phimosis and smegma.
Easy to clean
Less chance of penile infection
More time for ejaculation
Easy to receive oral

Loss of glans sensitivity

circumcision can easily fix it.
i had opposite condition. my foreskin was very loose and long. it would easily slide over glans andi had to keep pulling back because of its extra length.
thats why i decided to go for circumcision. i wanted to shorten foreskin but doctor sugested i may not get desired result. so went for full circumcision. it takes around 8 to 0 days to heal with proper rest. now my *** looks great too. only scar and two tone colour is remaining which wont go away. its there for all cut guys. they did not use any stitches for me so no suture marks also. it gave a clean look. i was done by simple pull and cut method which is used on muslim boys when they get it done around age 8 or so.
When my sxual advances backfired
I had crush on my roomie few years before.. i have seen his bulge everyday whole changing cloths and many times shaked in bed next to him, but no response from him.. one fine day with lot of courage, after he slept put my hands on his tool and it got erected.. but my bad, he woke up in middle of the act, started shouting at me ... He didn't talk to me for couple of months and later we were ok.. but still our close relationship is gone.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Also chances of getting STDs for the person recieving oral is relatively less as compared to the one giving it
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@slimtop95, although chances getting HIV through oral is less, there is high chance of getting STDs
Heroes of Gay History in India

@ FIFTY...........Wel, she was forced as in, her sister who came to know about her relationship blackmailed her that if she didn't stop it, she would tell everybody. Dutee decided to come out herself rather than give in to her sister's demand. I think she was heroic in that. I have also read about her parents not supporting her, but the media has definitely supported her. Left to be seen, how the sports fraternity supports or shuns her. Going be the success crazy society that we are, I guess, if she wins medals in her forthcoming races, she will be lapped up or else she will be ridiculed.

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