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Gay Confessions
If I need to say I confess..

On a *** day, my *** overrules my rationale.. So I had used bottom guys to merely *** my ***..

I identify myself as a verse top but when I act as a pure top I really regret and that's what I wanna confess.. I believe *** is a "Give and Take" act where both partners should be mutually enjoying..
Coming out
The most important part is admitting to your own self.. Are you gay? are you bi? are u just curious?... These are important questions that u must first answer and let no one misguide u into thinking u r someone you are not. na parents na friends. . maketh sense? :P ..
Coming out
Well said BigBoyMayan, tonedbloke and CrazyCruiser. You guys have provided progressive comments but at the same time pointing out the pros and cons in it.

" If you are a jobless, pansy man, who can't even fend for himself, but does only avargardi sitting at home, then of course don't expect your parents to be progressive about your life choice if they are already regressive." - Completely agree!

Coming out
I'm amazed at the views of some of the guys posting here. For them being gay is just about *** *** or having *** with men. Is there all there is to it?

It is very sad that many guys feel coming out does not serve any purpose. Obviously they do not have any conscience and so they do not mind leading a dual life. I'm guessing these are the guys who get married and continue to cheat on their spouses with other men and feel it is totally ok.

For the rest of us, being gay is about more than ***. It is about attraction and love. The society does not accept gay relationships because they do not see how normal it can be. The image they have of gay guys in their minds is that of shady and sleazy men having sleazy sexual encounters with other men. How would they have any other picture in their mind when they do not see gay men in regular social settings at all?

If people see more and more gay people they will see there is nothing abnormal about them. They will realize that gay men are just like regular people. They will see that gay men can have the same romantic feelings like straight men. They also might want to fall in love just like straight people. They can have the same kind of aspiration to be in a relationship like straight people. They also may want to get married just like straight people.

So how will they see all of this if all gay men stay firmly closeted and do not come out? That is why coming out is a very important thing to do. It is not an event or a rite of passage. It is a declaration that we want to lead a normal life and we are not ashamed of our attractions. It is a way to tell the world that being gay is not wrong and that we will not lead a life where we have to keep secrets, lead a dual life and be on the lookout to avoid being caught!

Coming out need not be a loud speech made out to the world. It can mean as simple as not hiding your sexuality under a hundred layers of secrecy. It can be as simple as telling your parents or your siblings that you have a crush on another man.

You need not come out to uncle Ravinder who thinks women's rightful place is in the kitchen. But you also need not keep silent when uncle Ravinder's son comes out as gay and is put through hell for it! You need not declare your sexuality at your work place. But you also need not hide your excitement if a hot crush of yours starts flirting with you.

The gay marriage debate was fierce in the US till 2015. Society was divided and it seemed like there was more opposition to it than was possible. Many states had explicitly banned gay marriages. However the US Supreme court passed a verdict that made gay marriages legal. It has been only 3 years now but in just that short span of time it seems unthinkable that there ever was an opposition to this. Today gay relationships and marriages have become such a norm that it is not even seen as anything out of the ordinary there. There are no debates. Anyone discriminating or being homophobic is considered and outright bigot. Sure there are a few people who still have not made peace with this fact but more than 90% people now feel that it was the right thing to happen. That figure was much lower before the Supreme Court judgement!

All this became possible because of all the gay men and women who decided they did not want to lead a closeted life and came out as gay. It makes a world of difference.

So I will say that coming out is something all gay men should do!

That being said, I will also add that coming is a very personal decision. In the recent movie Love, Simon, the protagonist is outed by a straight guy. Simon feels frustrated and rebukes the guy by saying "I'm supposed to be the one to decide when and where and who knows and you took that from me".

Everyone should have the right to decide when and how they want to come out. I have seen some out-and-proud gay men talk about closeted people with derision. What they forget is that everyone's life is not the same. Some men may face more difficulties than others. Some men may have stronger resolves than others. Some men may be able to deal with the consequences better. Everyone's life and circumstances are unique and so we should allow everyone to decide whether, when and how they would like to come out.

The ideal goal will be to reach a day where coming out is not at all needed. Being gay becomes such a regular thing that there is absolutely no need to declare one's sexual orientation. But until that day, coming out is the thing that will pave the path towards that future.

Coming out
Its not right time or right place to come out. Leading dual life is such a pain and a burden on one's self. This conditioning has so much altered my personality. I came out to my parents. They treat me like am diseased.. plagued and they pray for cure ! They expect me to still get married which is very bad. What if they had a daughter would they welcome a gay son in law? So unfair. I understand where they are coming from and their concerns. But unfortunately its very tough to explain this thing to them..!

Being closeted for 30 years.. it has exhausted me mentally and am clinically depressed. Sometimes even though life might take a very different turn, it is better to come out to avoid such healthy issues.
Coming out
I had to come out to my family but not intentionally. I had reached a "marriageable age" and being very eligible there were already proposals coming in. I stood my ground and refused to get married as I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 10 years then. So my sister who was having the discussion with me asked me if it was because of my friend that I was not getting married. I said yes. They were obviously very angry and tried their level best to convince me to change from my "evil ways". I stayed adamant. I was already independent by then and so I could manage not that they would have disowned me.
Gradually they came to terms with me and my relationship and now are comfortable with my boyfriend. They visit us now and then. He is also welcome to their homes. My mother took a long time to accept my boyfriend again as she felt cheated as she used to care for him a lot earlier. But now she is also comfortable. Life is so much better that I now don't have to hide my sexuality. 'But I dont broadcast myself as "being gay". I dont hide the fact also. I live my life the way I want to. I feel my colleagues and friends may or may not know about my sexuality, knowing that I live with another man. but I dont care.
Gay Confessions
Note from Admin:
This thread is for confessions. That means something that is typically either considered wrong or unacceptable. Something that normally you would hesitate to admitting in real life or people known to you. Or something that normally would not be looked at as normal.

Please do not post your fantasies, regular or sexual experiences or hookup requests on this thread.
Coming out
More and more people coming out will move the society to accept homosexuals. Society is made of our family, relatives, co-workers and neighbors.
Again, this will matter only to those for whom being gay is not just having *** with another man. There are many guys who are looking to spend their lives with another guy under one roof. And there are a few, who have achieved that.
Coming out
It is our own privacy. Why should we need to come out to all those individuals, whose life is not impacted by our orientation. Since the society has not fully accepted homosexuals i do not think we need to be open. Often, we must be open to those who are affected by our orientation and give them a liberty to choose.
Coming out
There are many ordinary (as in non-celebrity) guys who are out - to their family, friends, some at office too. Some big companies, some educational institutes have queer support groups. The LGBT NGO in mumbai conducts meets for parents of LGBT folks.
Coming out
First become a celebrity n then disclose ur orientation.. ordinary person is never accepted in our society.. its too taboo in India.. unless u have lots of money and u are a celeb.
Coming out
For some, or maybe many, being gay means suckung a xock and getting ***.
There are guys, for whom, being gay is not just about ***. It is also loving another man and having a man as a life partner.
I don't care about the former category and their opinion.
Crazy cruiser, i know, you don't like being complimented on your comments , but must say Your words are worth more than gold.
Coming out
Coming out to your parents is one thing
Coming out to your siblings is other
Coming out to your extended family, like Jeeju, Bhabhi, cousin is another
coming out to your close friend(s) is another

Being OUT and OPEN is completely different.

So choose wisely.
It is not like if they understand it or not
It is also not like what they will say
It is like, how much it is needed to you and how much it will affect your relation with them.

And believe me, we all know which relation is real and which is just for namesake.

So don't come out to the people for whom it does not matter or the relation with whom is not important to you or them either.

Come out to the close ones. And step by step.
Coming out
Considering Cutewhitey's enlightening comment about "dual life", let me share with you the experience as a guy who is out to his parents: The relief that you get after coming out is unparalleled. Sure, your non-progressive parents are going to take time to accept such a huge thing, but as long as you are doing well in your career and life, they will be happy for you over time. After that you don't need to have this fear about 'what if someone tells my parents" or "what if they find out about me from someone else" (and finding out from someone else is way more disappointing, mind you!)

You need to explain what being means, and what it will mean to you. They might have notions that being gay means you are a woman, or wanna dress up as a woman, or stuff like that... As long as it's not true in your case, you should be able to convince them slowly and steadily. If you are a jobless, pansy man, who can't even fend for himself, but does only avargardi sitting at home, then of course don't expect your parents to be progressive about your life choice if they are already regressive. This kind of coming out news requires a strong barter of convincing support about you being an independent and strong man. Please ignore cutewhitey's ignorant rambling. ("99.9% society is not yet progressive" i believe! where does he even get such kind of stats? No wonder your parents don't want you to be more queer than you already are! Stay in your closet and be straight)
Coming out
my advice would be not to come out. Our society is not yet that progressive. 99.9% the chances are that it would go against you. You will have to suffer the hardships, the struggle. Trust me the *** you may have after this would not be worth it. Instead i would suggest you to embrace this dual life. Its so thrilling, so exciting. Be adventurous, *** some ***, hook up with dudes, get ***, try gang bangs all with the comfort of knowing that no body knows your little secret.
Coming out
The question should not be IF you should come out to your parents, it should be HOW you should come out to your parents. All these degenerate guys saying you should not come out because your family won't accept you and *** is nonsense. These are the following things you should keep in mind before planning to come out to your parents, family or friends:

1. You yourself should be able to understand and judge how progressive your parents are.
2. Have they spoken about homosexuality in any context? Be it something seen on TV or news. What was their reaction?
3. How strict and rational they are when it comes to you, their son. Are they the kinds to take your side no matter what? Or are they more concerned about society and 'log kya kahenge'?
4. Are they malleable and open to being subconsciously conditioned to be educated about homosexuality? There's a difference between ACKNOWLEDGING their song as gay, and ACCEPTING their son as gay. Former comes first, the latter comes later.
5. What is their age? Are they in a physically good condition to handle such kind of life-changing truth?
6. What is your age? If you are not of marriageable age yet, it would be good to come out now, and give them time to get used to it. It will get messier once they are looking for girls and you proclaim you're gay. You're gonna *** everyone's happiness in that case just to be happy by yourself.
7. How much involved are your parents with your extended family? Is your coming out going to bring additional family members into discussion?
8. Are they the type who might kick you out of the house out of shame? In that case, what is your independent financial standing?

These are some of the things you should do a self-evaluation about before you come out. Bloody don't listen to other guys who have had bad experience, nor to those who have had it easy coming out. Everyone's situation and parents are different. The fact that anyone should give advice against coming out just because they had a bad time proves that they are a part of a backward setting and had an unfortunate time. You should go do what your gut feels like, but weighing all your options.
Coming out
Someone may not want to lead a dual life.That's one reason to come out.
There are many who are out and have been accepted by their family and friends, co-workers.
It is better to attain financial independence and gather enough mental strength before coming out.
Coming out
Do not do that!
Strong advice.
Even own family won't accept you.
You will be branded as a degenerate.

Ones who don't have the orientation will never be able to understand.
If you are lucky, they will think you have some mental disorder, try to force correct you. If you are unlucky, worse may happen.

Besides, what's the point?
If you feel lonely, you can always come here.
Certain things should be kept buried inside closet
Coming out
Please think deeply and weight the pots and cons before you tell your family.

My cousin informed our supposedly open-minded khandaan about his orientation and there was an eruption of disgust, nasty fun making, and shock from his parents, uncle's and cousins.

He's gone into his shell and is not welcome at any family functions.

Unless you know for sure your family is going to react positively, please think carefully before u take this huge step

Coming out
Sorry I meant pros and cons
Coming out
I agree, one having such feelings, must come out. Probably in our culture, it's bit difficult but one really want to enjoy their life, must have face the facts
Fairs of India
Annuall Kutralam Gay meet
Kutralam is water falls town in south Tamil Nadu. The peak season is from July till October. This gay meet happens on August 2nd weekend. It is an unofficial gathering of gay guys from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Bangalore. All lodges and cottages will be full with gay guys in groups. Most of them will be roaming half naked, since it is common near water falls. One can pick up guys near falls or the parks near by. You will be having hundreds of choices...
Gay Confessions
@ rahulroy
U r lucky indeed
I touched my hot co passanger's ***, very hot, but it was tiny :((
My fantasy is to seduce & grope hunks
Milk them heheheheeeee
Pls share some tips guys
How to approach guys
Coming out
There are some LGBT NGOs who help in this regard. They will explain how to go about it. They also get you in touch with a psychiatrist who can explain things to your folks.
Coming out
Hello...hope you are you doing well...my suggestion would be to settle yourself with a job first. If you're are well settled, then you may think of coming out...think and act.

Hugs Albert.
Gay Confessions
I act like a man, but am purely a woman inside. Always dream of a very manly macho man, dark, muscled, with lots of hair and beard doing me. In his manlyness i lose mine to become a woman and live with him as his wife. Just as normal woman.

As a boy i got touched all over by bus conductor. Till date i wonder what would hav happened had he taken me to a room, dressed me as a girl and opened my virginity. Maybe i would be his wife by now
Fairs of India
But what about the places that are near to Delhi.
Kurukshetra amavasya mela is a monthly thing and it is getting famois. Even so that during amavasya lodge owners try not to give room to any guy who looks too gay.
Coming out
Same I to think, not necessary to come out
First time Anal - Tips?
I had *** wd my frnd for the first time last month after one weak i am getting pain at opening of *** it starts after going to loo and when iam getting feelings that time also i feel pain there i dont know why it is ...please sujjest me ...wat to do ...when he pushed his *** in mine it's very pain ful his *** head only enters in me ...
Fairs of India
Wow being a keralite i knew thrissur pooram will be a good space for gay activity as there is lot of crowd and will be easy for someone to touch. But never knew such wild gay activity was going on
Gay Confessions
Hv sukd kissed frottage with couple of my cousins when in school... quite hot.. thinking about it i get hard
Coming out
Why would you wanna tell your parents you secretly love *** ***? Lmao
Gay Confessions
Rahulroy, you're a lucky one
The Cousin Factor
में और मेरे कजिन के बीच पिछले 5 साल से ये सब कुछ चल रहा है' हम आपस मे ***, ***, और एक दूसरे का वीर्ये पीते है / अब हमारी शादी हो चुकी है दोनों का जॉब भी लग गया है लेकिन अब भी जब कभी मिलते है तो पूरे मजे लेते है पहले की तरह
Gay Confessions
I'm working as professor in reputed college in Pune.one student used to look at my zipper during my lectures.One day I asked him wats wrong?
He said nothing sir .wen I asked wat u look over there ? He just didn't say anything. After he completed course he used to message me n wanted to meet..I met him once at my flat ...n it was nice ,very nice..
Gay Confessions
I agree with you. Have thought of not doing anything... I just talk sexual (str8 ***) with him now a days... That too less often.

Hope my infatuation to him reduces soon
Gay Confessions
@head you are playing a dangerous game if he doesn't reciprocate.
Gay Confessions
Trying to seduce my domestic help (male), who has just turned 18.
He is very cute... I often wish to kiss him... Seems he also have got my intentions.
I always open the door, when he comes to work in the morning, in just my briefs.
He does not mind... Or say anything.. neither he looks at my crotch.

Today I asked him if he shags, he said yes he does, but it comes little..
Once he asked me, when I was teasing him, if his *** will grow more... He showed me his *** and it was 2 inch in soft.
So I said yes, it will grow.
I touched his *** even took it in *** just for 1 time.
He dint react.

I often asked him to cuddle me in the bed... But he refused.

Will see if I can get him sometime or not.
No intention to *** him or make him to *** me.
He is str8 and I don't want to feel bad making him to perform oral or *** for me.
First time Anal - Tips?
ChristianTurner, great post.
Gay Confessions
Slept with a friend's dad along with his friends for two nights...3 tops n me a bottom..they banged me so hard
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Engaging in sexual activity, whether gay or straight at a public place cannot be or become a right. Not at least in India.
If one wants to stop that kind of harassment and looting , (not to teach the guys a lesson) it is better to approach the police, directly or in group or via LGBT NGOs.
Fairs of India
The below link has a dedicated spot for trissur festival u can visit for more details

Gay Confessions
it's 9 years ago...
one of my friends father who had come to visit us he did the unwanted thing to me while sleeping..He was a aged person I could not even do anything
Gay Confessions
*** a guy.
Gave gandhi to one.
Gay Confessions
I am a curious guy, yet not done anything with same ***. I really want to get groped by other fellow men.
Fairs of India
Thanks kinkbud. I read an erotica about Kumbh mela and the asked some guys around too. It definitely is a gold mine of desi cruisers. Where are you going kinkbud. Tell about your plans and strategies. He he.
Fairs of India
kudos to @manbot for creating this post. well let me tell you something these mentioned places are very apt to have fun. someone mentioned that its crowded and so how can you have fun. well you dont need to just cruise and find that person. it takes one to know one. you will find lots of men bathing in the water, from young to old, muscular to chubs its a treat to watch.. for other stuffs you can easily rent a place, because these places witness humongous crowd no one really pays attention. i have been to Kumbh mela at Allahabad but havent found anyone like this may be i wasnt interested or maybe i want exploring the right way. well this year certainly i will try
Fairs of India
Any fun happens at such place??
Fairs of India
I would have added my experience for sure if I had visited... never got that chance, but heard from friends and forums...
Flirting with a guy
I will share an experience I had at a pub in Mumbai a month ago. This guy was the bouncer there and I really liked his body. It started with casual talk and about his place, where he lives, his family and such social talk. After a few minutes, when I was sure that he would agree to bend ;), I just started staring at his booty. This happened quite a few times, as I continued casual talk. After some time, I asked when he would get off. Getting the cue, he called his break time guy and we went off to a secluded space where ... well.... thats history. Called him to my hotel the next morning and another steamy hot session followed.

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