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Fun Stuff from OhMojo.com for gay guys

Here is an assortment of fun stuff I have collected from all over the internet.

Aditya Narayan Aditya Narayan is cute, hot, young and very sweet! Son of singer Udit Narayan, he was always well known as a kid singer but came into prominence when he hosted the most popular Reality TV show in India, SA RE GA MA PA. Now he's working on his debut Movie Shaapit

Vijender Singh (AKA Vijender Kumar) Vijender Singh is an Indian Boxer who became the first Indian to be ranked No. 1 middleweight pugilist in the world. Fitting the labels of Hot, hunky, muscular, pin up boy etc., perfectly, he can give any ramp model a run for his money. Our interest in him is of course because he's the perfect gay eye candy.

Sammir Dattani (AKA Sameer Dattani) Sammir Dattani happens to be one of the guys who first failed in Bollywood but made a big splash down south in Kannada movies. After that he went on to become a known face in bollywood too and on top of his good looks has garnered critical acclaim for some of his work. Our interest is of course because he’s such a hottie and we just can’t get enough of him.

Shahid Kapoor Bollywood Actor - Hot Eye Candy - Right now Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is riding the biggest wave in his popularity. He has always been a hot guy and well liked by gay guys all around but with Kaminey's success, he is now one of the hottest stars in bollywood.

Upen Patel Model - Bollywood Actor - Hot Hunk. Upen Patel is probably the fantasy guy of countless gay guys in India (and abroad). He is perfection personified. Dimpled chin, glowing golden brown skin, cocky attitude, hard (and I mean HARD) muscles and mesmerizing eyes. Is there anything about this guy that's not perfect?

Raj Bhavsar Hottest US gymnast of Indian Origin. Muscular, beautiful face, strong and an attitude to match. That makes him the perfect hunk for OhMojo.com.

Gabriel Macht What a hunk! He is manly, cute, and wild all at once. Just seeing him in "The Spirit" makes you want to make a journey into the world beyond. Here's a collection of Gabriel Macht's Pictures.

Sonu Sood Talk about delicious beef! Sonu Sood has the hunkiest body in Bollywood. Here's a collection of Sonu Sood's Pictures.

Muzammil Ibrahim The Biggest collection of Muzammil Ibrahim's pictures - The hot model from India.

Collage of Gay Moments in India This video is very interesting for me because I have been looking up "gay india" in the search engines for a long time and these are the images I have seen a lot of time and I have come to relate them with the evolution of the gay liberation in india. What makes it more special is that towards the end it includes the banner of "GayHind.com" which was the previous incarnation of OhMojo.com!

Nike Cricket Commercial A bunch of guys start an impromptu game of cricket right in the middle of a busy street on top of buses, trucks and balconies. The Konkani track adds to the naughty fun the guys are having. Excellent stuff from Nike India.

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