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Virtual chats - successful or unsuccessful

Submitted by Pandi1980 Location: All India (All India, India)

We all will chat with everyone here in this site or some other sites in pr or gr.In your life time, have u ever felt that I found a great guy after months of virtual chats ?In some case, after so many months of chats it becomes unsuccessful too..

So narrate your successful and unsuccessful virtual chats either that I found my friend or I miss him

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Posted On Jun 21, 2018 - 05:13 PM

Your query relates more to "parkamele kadal" kind of stuff as in "Kadal kottai". The movie is old and the concept is completely obsolete now. As you might remember the famous Goundamani dialogue in Kathalar dinam "eppolam chatla arambhi datingku poiyiteruku" (or something like that- forgot the exact lines). If he can say that in 1999 we are in 2018 - you can think about the rapid development. Anyway jokes apart. I have never fallen in love either online or offline. But have had many casual encounters. Most where NSA while few where fun with friendship- for some time. So cant really comment much in this tread.

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Posted On Jun 21, 2018 - 05:52 PM

@ Sasmathu - high level of humour sense..Lol

Let me narrate mine, usually I will never chat with anyone or spend my time for someone whom I am not going to meet in my life time.I will ping them if I like their profile to know more about them and will continue to chat further only if they accept to talk over phone or meet me for coffee atleast (it may take some months but I should believe that it would happen for sure).The same will happen if they ping me also

The reason is that I should know with whom I talked and shared

Few months ago, I got some message in my inbox but I ignored that.Then slowly the conversation started and it bonded as good Friendship.There were lots of controversies over that period of bonding but something kept us in connection.I started feeling for him.Feeling here in the sense is not love/committment.It's like some happiness while chatting and expects him online.Meantime, he didn't log in for nearly one and half months.That time, i missed him (especially that controversial fight, Lol).All of a sudden, he logged in.Then I started to msg him.This time he didn't show interest a lot.After some days, again we both chatted as good friends.Few days ago, as usual controversial chat and it was my mistake for breaking of friendship.I regret for this.He assured me to call or meet me in few days before that fight taken place.

I know that nothing has changed.i am moving and he is also moving.But, I miss him a little.since it was my mistake.

Though this virtual chat is not fruitful it is my special always.It was my first unsuccessful (without meeting or phone call but started to feel as good friend)chat but I wish that I could meet him one point or other

It's not about love it's a kind of different feeling

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Posted On Jun 21, 2018 - 06:17 PM

Have never seen someone who takes so much effort and words to just conclude "there's nothing to comment"

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Posted On Jun 22, 2018 - 01:18 PM

I hate virtual chats. Recently I chatted with a guy it turned out to be a disaster .... Most of them are bloody self entitled as they are recruiting for army because they have certain rules. Its better to be realistic and pragmatic

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Posted On Jun 22, 2018 - 07:48 PM

The success or failure of virtual chats are subjective to the individuals, their preference and mutual compatibility. Of course, I have had many guys who had approached me through oh mojo too..but many a times it's either a loss of interest after a few conversations.. Or too much *** talks.. Or a realisation of lack of compatibility .. Above all an individual comfort factor..

Having said that I wouldn't say I never made any successful chat mates. Of course I have a handful friends whom I talk almost daily... ;)..

Personal space and preference is something every should give and also respect. Else be it virtual chat or real time meet, it s bound to fail.

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Posted On Jun 23, 2018 - 06:08 PM

I have lived most of life in 2 distinct space - the straight life and the clandestine gay life. Never allowed these two facets of my life to merge. Just like people from my st8 world so not know about my gay world I would ideally like to keep the friends from the gay world unknown about my st8 world.
For someone Like me it’s perfectly alright to chat and talk to people over the phone without meeting them ever but I believe it might not be true for a lot of others.

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Posted On Aug 31, 2021 - 12:57 AM

Recently i was havinv chat with a guy on this platform . The guy asked me to meet. I asked to exchange pictures so as to be on safer side, but he refused to share his face pics. Shared body pics. I still planned to meet, we decided time to meet tge guy didnt turn up online. This is shear disrespectful one should look for other guy time.

I have many good friends from these social platforms. Some of them are so close that i end up sharing my highs and lows. Not all are same , but i feel that guys should respect each other time on these platform as a basic courtsey

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Posted On Aug 31, 2021 - 05:00 AM

@Prataptomar, yeah many such guys are around... they dont bother to spend two mins to inform if there is a change in plan..
i too have encountered such.. once was chatting with a guy in GR.. though didnt exchange pics, we decided to meet up casually. I reached the area.. he asked me to come near to particular shop.. when i went and waited for a while, he stopped messaging. While i told him that am i waiting, he said he saw me but he is not interested.. it feels really awkward.. to get into such situation. Not that everyone would look good for everyone's eye. but showing some respect to come and tell in person would make them good instead of running away.

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Posted On Aug 31, 2021 - 06:01 AM

It is bad. A simple no dont do any harm. Such a coward attitude people have.

But in the end
I say to myself he missed a hell of bang from me his hardluck