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Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!

Submitted by Exotic1234 Location: All India (All India, India)

It's a known fact that most gay men love to travel. Especially If it is a destination which is gay friendly and you can and let your guards loose nothing like it. Infact global surveys year after year announce best travel destinations globally and there are yours designed especially for LGBT. Travelling by itself is such a pleasant and a liberating experience and if it's a new place/city or a country where no one knows you the sense of freedom experienced is even bigger - no need to pretend, no one to judge us, no need to look over our shoulders to watch just being ourselves. I have always found solo travelling a liberating and a pleasant experience. I have come back from each travel feeling at peace with myself and made some great friends from across the world. Am sure there are others who would love to share their experiences from travel. However I can make a start with sharing my experience of solo travelling to various countries around the world.

Thailand as you know is a gay Mecca needs and has a visa on arrival benefit for Indian passport holders. I have probably travelled to Thailand the most because I totally love the country - Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi each location is so unique and so beautiful. Usually I book hotels but my last travel I met a traveller who was staying in a hostel and encouraged me to experience it. I checkout of my hotel and checked into a hostel which was a gay one. There were dormitories with bunk beds and men from different parts of the world Canada Japan Europe Australia....it almost looked like a mini version of the globe with different nationalities. All of them sharing their experiences of travel a common bathroom some of the men from the west were mostly naked coz they found it hot. We went together to various gay places like Babylon for sauna and cruising , hit the most famous gay disco DJ station at night , go to gay gogo bars in Patpong go to massage places and get the world famous thai foot massage. Each day would start at 11AM coz we would stay outside until 2AM eat breakfast and make plans for the day. I meet people who are always willing to help and some stay in touch. I had a time of my life and I still remember the great time I had while there. That's why they say "The World is a Book and those who don't travel just read the First Page". While I love travelling with family and friends but if you want to find yourself - just try solo travel.

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Posted On Jan 31, 2018 - 01:08 PM

Hey bro! Thank you for starting this thread. Your experience looks promising, and I would love to be your companion the next time you're going to Thai. Please share the details of the hostel, I don't think there's any harm disclosing that information. Also how should we foreigners consider and be prepared in terms of safety etc.

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Posted On Feb 1, 2018 - 04:45 AM

If you want a pure g ay experience then you can try checking into Babylon Barracks. This is a huge gay hotel in Asia. They have dormitory styled rooms with common baths and people from all over the world have fun. They have the biggest spa and if you stay there the spa entry is free. However if you would like to save some cost you can check into a hostel called ETC which is walking distance from Babylon and just use the Babylon spa. Works out a lot cheaper. ETC is a nice and clean hostel and very well maintained. There is another one on the same road but not as good. DJ station is crowded everyday after 9PM. Also check out so soi2 and soi4 at Silom in BKK for gay action. Lot of good gogo boys show at Surawong road. I went to one called Jupiter where the boys did caberet and pole dancing. Amazing show. I went to Thai women for a massage and it was awesome usually they give you a robe. But there are Thai boys who do it too. Pattaya is more gay than BKK .....there is a lady boy show in Pattaya and Phuket that you must not miss. You can google out the information. Overall Thailand is a gay paradise

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Posted On Feb 3, 2018 - 02:17 PM

While most Western European countries are extremely gay friendly and have laws that allow gay marriages. Most countries have a sizable gay population and many many avenues for people to meet interact and have fun. Many gay couples live together and marry each other and start family together. However among these countries the one country and city that stands out exceptionally is AMSTERDAM. I have been fortunate enough to live and work in this and I must admit it's an amazingly open and gay friendly country in the world. The first country in EU to allow gay marriages and most people celebrate human sexuality in various forms. No one ever raises an eyebrow and hence people are respected for their sexual preferences. No wonder Amsterdam is called the Gay capital of Europe. If I have to pick a day the best date to visit the city is in April the Queen's day and night(now called the King's day) when the whole city is on the streets and the visitors from all over EU and other parts of the world come to the city . Being the gay capital it's the time of teh year when LGBT from everywhere head to Amsterdam. Lots and lots of gay parties everywhere. The Redlight district which is a tourist place becomes a paradise . The cockring night club which is a fav among gay crowd runs to full capacity. There are strip shows and some of the men who look like Greek gods display their wares and dance .....the most favourite joint is the Thermos Sauna which is a very very large sauna in Amsterdam and operates both day and night ....well it is crowded with men from all over the world. Most European men unlike in Asia are extremely comfortable with nudity so that's one place to spot men Dutch men and others in total nudity strolling between the steam sauna darkrooms plunge pool jacuzzi and the bar roaming all naked. The *** happens most freely and if you are a part of an orgy don't even be surprised. It's such a pleasure to see young men (Dutch are the tallest) roam around with huge rock hard *** all over the sauna. You have some extra money to spend pick from any of the Greek god looking hunks who look better than any Hollywood or Bollywood actor from the sauna or the escort services website. You have any fantasy or a role play just name it and you get it. So many gay hostels with bunk beds where more action happens at lower costs. Amsterdam is definitely a city which some who enjoys alternate sexuality must not miss. A definite destination which needs to be in any gay man's bucket list. Whether you are married or single everyone deserves a few days of freedom from the boring routine that kills us each day.

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Posted On Feb 5, 2018 - 10:31 AM

Please be aware in all good there can be some bad. I have had a terrible experience in a place like this. They are after your money not your hinnie. i had a near escape. I dont doubt the writer but be aware of what you walk into.

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Posted On Feb 6, 2018 - 05:04 PM

You are absolutely right among things to be careful in these cities and in India is to be very careful of your belongings. Never take too much cash no gold no expensive watch. There is definitely lots of thefts that happen if we are not watchful and careless. These cities have people from all over the world and lots of immigrats from Eastern Europe and Turkey. It's always good to be watchful but these cities are very safe no one will harass you and the police is usually efficient and better than what we are used to in India. The options to roam around freely and avenues of entertainment are massive.

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Posted On Feb 22, 2018 - 06:39 PM

The next location I went to and had an awesome time this year is BALI - The Beautiful Tropical 🏝 island in Indonesia. The only Hindu island in a predominantly Muslim country. Wait a minute just in case most of you are wondering if I even have a full time job or do I spend my life just traveling to exotic places well that’s not so true I have a hectic job that takes the life out of me but I keep my sanity alive by doing what I love the most which is traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and people.
Bali is an awesome location especially for Indians as an Indian passport holder does not need a visa for Bali. Just book a ticket and fly to Bali. The first thing that catches you about Bali is the cleanliness And the most awesome people in the world. Simple welcoming and very very humble. Bali has some amazing temples to visit and they celebrate all Indian gods. Like India you will see Ganesha at the entrance everywhere and then the other Indian God like Shiva Vishnu Brahma Rama Krishna. Infact Ramayana and Mahabharata are the most celebrated dances there and all Indian festivals like Diwali Dussehra are celebrated. The island nation is filled with tourists from all over the world especially Europe Australia and increasingly from India and China. The party area is Kuta full of youngsters from around the world partying all day and night . The gay capital is Seminyak and guess what Most Indonesians love Indian men. The culture capital is a place called Ubud.
Seminyak has a gay district with lots and lots of gay bars for visitors to Chill. The prominent ones being Bali Joes (BJ - the naughty acronym) ; the Mixwell Bar, The F Bar and a few others which have go go boys dancing on the podium, drag queen shows some even have shower shows. A lot of visitors hop from one bar to another and just groove to the lively music and dance to the smooth sea breeze from the beach nearby. There is a gay men only clothing optional hotel in Seminyak called Spartacus. Awesome gay men some clothed and lot of them naked roam around the hotel a lot of them make out near the pool and the best part is you are in a place which allows only gay men to check in. The pool the bar and the rooms are amazing and massages too good at hotel. However massages are the best part about Bali there is a spa everywhere and the cost so damn cheap just costs about 60k to 100k IDR which translates to anywhere from 200 rupees to 400 rupees for one hour of bliss. If you take 1.5 to 2 hour you end up paying about Rs750 in Indian rupees.Thats damn cheap compared to India and some of the best spas in the world exist in Bali. For a awesome massage followed by Happy Ending and maybe more I liked the Teman spa but there are so many others to choose from like Coco Grande G spa etc. Every street has a spa and a massage parlour along with awesome foot massage. Bali has a gay sauna called Eleganz the entry to which is just IDR 50K which is just Rs250 in Indian currency. Once in it has a small plunge pool a steam room a bar a gym and a large dark room. The gay sauna is usually crowded on Fri Sat and Sun but in a touristy place like Bali you can never predict. The dark rooms are specially meant for having *** groups and orgy. If you want privacy there are smaller dark rooms with door. The stay is so cheap in Bali for Indian Rupees 2000 if you are lucky depending on the season you can probably get a 3 or 4 star hotel with swimming pool and breakfast . If you don’t want to splurge on a room the shared accommodations are available for as cheap as 400 to 700 Indian rupee except they are a lot more cleaner and better maintained than India. While I rely on tripadvisor to choose my hotels a lot of people have also started choosing the Air BnB option. The food my next love is amazing with a wide range of choices for mostly non veg and veg people. The fruits are awesome too and our raw rice is freely available. The Bintang beer their national beer is also very cheap and the streets are full of 24/7 mini mart dept stores. I totally loved the people who are always smiling eager to help and humble. The cost of living is lower than India for similar service and there are some fascinating tours like the Mt Batur volcano the water sports the amazing temples rice fields . Bali is truly an awesome destination that I intend to visit another time in my life and each visit I come home thinking wish India was like this clean ,gay friendly and corruption free 😃

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Posted On Feb 23, 2018 - 06:02 AM

Yes Bali is an absolutely gay destination, I love the weather n people. All you can enjoy for such less money. Been there for almost four times in past few years. Love to visit again with right kinda friends this year.
I stayed at Spartacus which is just a gay heaven. Very gay friendly atmosphere n party atmosphere n massages are pure bliss. Anyone planning this year let me know

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Posted On Feb 23, 2018 - 07:53 AM

@Exotic and Gayspatk i heard bali is full of temples only. Now only i came to know it is for fun and pleasure. Want to visit bali if there is good companion.

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Posted On Feb 23, 2018 - 12:09 PM

Kalai : We don't need a companion to travel sometimes you might find a companion on the way. Also Solo Travel is a great way to travel coz it helps you spend time with yourself which we rarely do these days. May be book the Spartacus hotel or any gay hostel in Bali you will find a mate there .....
Gayspark : Nice that you had a great time in Bali ......it's such an amazing place to be in. Also water sports is great there ski ride parasailing underwater walking not to be missed at the Benoa Water Park.

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Posted On Feb 23, 2018 - 03:38 PM

Yes traveling alone gives you best adventure. I love back packing alone a lot n making new friends. Just be on your guard that's all. Yes had tried underwater parking. Also planning to visit again this April or May for four days n plans to visit angkor wat too

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Posted On Feb 23, 2018 - 11:29 PM

Yes it's true that travelling alone would give you an opportunity to explore yourselves. I use to travel alone but never got a chance to go outside India.Indonesia is in my wish list. @Exotic1234 will contact you for more information

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Posted On Feb 24, 2018 - 08:35 AM

@gayspark - I would like to do Cambodia and Vietnam myself someday. Angkor Wat is a world heritage and I wanted to visit it from BKK as there is a bus but could not manage because of the visa issues for Indian passport for road travel. Heard Cambodia has an amazing massage scene and the cost is lower than Bali. Also Vietnam has a low cost of living

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Posted On Mar 11, 2018 - 08:08 PM

I think western countries are more safe and fun to explore. I have not visited the far east such as Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam for that matter. For among the western countries, France, Germany, Czech republic, Netherlands have nice, hot options to explore. If you are in France, certainly visit some of the gay strip clubs in Paris, if you are in Germany, do not miss going to the gay strip bars/orgies in Berlin or Munich or for that matter, Dresden or Stuttgart. Berlin has more options, and I find it cheaper than Munich or Stuttgart. Do not miss the gay life or gay orgies in Prague, a beautiful city, relatively cheaper. Check out on those specific days/dates when they have orgies and plan your visit accordingly. Amsterdam is the king of gay life, more options over there-Cockring in Amsterdam is now closed, which was a nice club long back..but Club Church in Kerkstraat in amsterdam organizes some fantastic orgies....last year, I saw some hot handsome young men naked...interestingly some 2 Indian young men were there too...Look at their calendar and plan your travel, not on all days they have orgies..http://www.clubchurch.nl/ Usually club church has naked night on wednesdays, and sometimes on saturdays/sundays. Except german cities, in all of other cities in western europe, you need to be careful with money/passport and your stuffs..avoid wearing gold, avoid carrying too much cash and avoid carrying credit cards. If you want to be naked outdoors, try FKK strands in Germany or Cap de agade in France where outdoor nudity is legal and permitted. Scandinavian countries are too dull in gay life...

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Posted On Mar 12, 2018 - 06:31 PM

@Exotic: Yes, you are right. German guys are hot. Also, guys from eastern european countries are hot too. Have you seen young Polish, Czech guys? They have broad faces, nice smile and many of them are naturally well built...

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Posted On Apr 8, 2018 - 05:36 PM

Am going to write about my favourite city and the National Capital Region DELHI. Over the years I notice a distinct acceptability to Homosexuality in Delhi ever since the Delhi High Court Decriminalized 377. There has been a major change in the way gays are percieved. People now do not think it's a big deal being gay in Delhi. Also Delhi is a beautiful amalgamation of people from all over India and neibhouring countries like Nepal Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Additionally it has a thriving expat community and a lot of students from Africa. All this makes Delhi a truly cosmopolitan city and a gay mecca. Its a international travel destination and well connected to the rest of the world. Will list down the gay places for people who intend to make a trip to DELHI.
Over the past few years the culture of gay sauna and massage has caught up really well in Delhi and with so many of them mushrooming it's bound to bring a wide choice of men and facilities. The best ones are -
Mykonos - near Saket this is run by a French guy and is very professional. It has sauna steam jaccuzi massage rooms dark rooms glory holes. Gets crowded on Fri Sat Sun. The massuers are awesome but if you tell at the reception exactly what you like they provide you with someone who is not bound to disappoint. If you tell them in advance about your prefs like in my case I was upfront and told them was not looking for a top and was looking for someone who is versatile or bottom who is very good with BJ. They gave me 3 choices and I was definitely pleased with the services..massuers keep changing but Shaiz is damn good.
Kalph Kaya - near Nehru place cheaper than Mykonos but also a bit run down in terms of facilities. This has all of the above except Jaccuzi. Again Massuers are very nice and friendly. They keep changing but I have had a good time with a few of them in the past. Make sure you clarify right at the beginning about what the massuers will do it not do. Its best you tell the person who is helping you choose about what you like so you are not disappointed later. Of course sometimes we come across massuers who are so cute that it does not matter what we like. We just like them and want to be with them.
There are a lot of them in Lajpat Nagar area but most.of them only have massage services and nothing more. On a weekday you can bargain and get a good deal. Since all of them are close by you can check them out ask them to show the boys and only visit the place where you really like the guy -
Hammamm spa- they have a happy hour from 5-10pm so early arrivals mean a 30% discount but this could be a marketing gimmick.
We Care Spa
G Spa
Arogya Health Care and Spa
Menz Health Spa
Out of the ones above I have been to Menz Health and Arogya. At Menz Health Salman does it well but will recommend only bottoms. At Arogya I met a very hot looking sports guy from Haryana. He was so big down there and was a top. I like to top too so it was a wrong choice but then who can resist a good looking guy. Anyway the massage was average and the fun okish. The sports guy was obsessed with drilling so would have been a bottom guys paradise. I did not check out the others and have listed it only based on recommendation from friends. Then there is Dev Spa in Safdarjung Enclave which has some amazing guys at times. Some of the spa guys will WhatsApp you the pictures of guys that are available with them but that can be expensive as these guys are mostly in it only for money and are straight in real life.
The Grindr in Delhi is super crowded so if you are at a hotel then it should be easy to get someone over. However always be safe and never call someone over without meeting them at a common place.
Incidentally Mykonos is also a gay hotel with a few rooms and some good food. Nothing big but if you are travelling for fun this will provide you will all possible info you might need.
Cruising used to be a skill from the good old days of no internet but it's practically dead now. However if you are still in some mood for cruising these are the destination from good old days but mostly on Sat Sun and after 7 PM - Nehru Park Chanakyapuri years back very famous for cruising both Indians and expats as this is right in the middle of all the embassies. Central Park CP and now palika park again it's all occupied by metro but if cruising is your thing you can get lucky. Most cruising now happens in the Metro compartments usually eye contact but also you get lucky with straight guys too. Most of the crowd is lower middle class Indians and the shoestring tourists who stay at the cheap hotels and lodges on Paharganj. Daulakuan - if you love army guys this is the place to go to for cruising. Be safe. ISBT - most people are *** when they are travelling so this has a lot of cruisers especially near the toilet area but only working class comes here also be safe. If you can't speak Hindi no point.
Years back PegsnPints used to host gay parties every Tuesday but that's closed now but heard the number of venues that now host gay parties have increased a lot either a local guy at any of the spa check Mykonos or someone from Grindr can give you that info.
Most Delhiites are helpful and friendly. It's a shoppers paradise. Also while most massuers expect a tip just clarify at the reception that they must not bring up tips during the service. Mostly 100 - 200 is the norm. If you are very pleased give what you like. Among all the Indian cities Delhi is definitely a gay guys paradise and worth a visit. Depending on your budget you can stay at Paharganj or any of the middle or high budget hotels. Have fun while in Delhi while there is a lot of negative press about safety I think it can be a problem in any big city. Not much of a problem for gay guys as much as it is for women but make sure you carry less valuables and the only cash you need for the day. Also all the places accept Credit Cards and Paytm these days.

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Posted On Apr 8, 2018 - 06:16 PM

@exotic - As elaborate as always, my guess was right about the person who could have posted this by the time I saw the post in the home page itself ;).. Appreciate your attention to details.. It's like articulating a product on a marketing campaign..;) Jokes apart.. It was indeed nice that you took efforts to segregate the details based on the type, the class of crowd, on budget and variety on every options.. Got curious about Delhi after reading this..

But how are these gay saunas ?. Any private rooms

It's about gay sauna experience in Aussie - It was a feast to watch large endowments in open bathrooms, pools and the dark sauna rooms. There a sauna as such would be with a reception/lounge area (this is the only place you mandatorily wear a towel)it would have a few internet kiosk stations where you can log on any hook sites without inhibitions, erotic Novels... Then the movie room with comfortable couches were gay *** would be played. If you are lucky enough you could live a fantasy by watching a *** and getting naughty with your partner.. Then the numerous private rooms with an optimum supply of condoms , lubes and tissues.. And then those rooms with chains and swings ( just like those in BDsM porns).

Does Delhi saunas look the same ?
@exotic - Any insight into the gay scene in Bengaluru ? How far is the city gay friendly ? My visits to the city was always brief also mostly I stayed with my straight friends place from college and so didn't explore much..

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Posted On Apr 9, 2018 - 05:07 AM

@valentine - Thanks buddy. In terms of quantity it's no where close to the western standards. There are dark rooms where you can have se x and a lot of orgy happens there too. However the main motivation in any sauna are the people who come and if you like Indian boys you will like it there.
Do write a detailed note about your gay experiences in Australia. I have a visit to Melbourne in my bucket list and knowing the gay scene in Australia will help. Thanks for the compliments 😁

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Posted On Apr 9, 2018 - 07:40 AM

@exotic - My experiences are quite limited since I didn't explore much as all of overseas travel had been for work and I was all alone in all instances. I can share a few exp. from Sydney.

Gay sauna- The Oxford street and Taylor street in the central business district has numerous bars and pubs. Some are predominantly gay and you can see a mix up of both sexes in all bars. I had been to this gay sauna which I had described in my previous post. It was an exciting experience to be having a bath in open bathroom with fellow gay men and having conversations at the same time. It was during such conversations an Egyptian expat told me about the gay friendly bars in the vicinity. Since I was not into anals back then I didn't dare much in the saunas. But post the first visit you would be given discount vouchers which can utilised for subsequent visits. Combined with the happy hours promotions you can end up in just one third of normal prices.

Pubs - weekends are the best time to visit these. Also the crowd grows by numbers close to midnight. ' The Columbian' , ' Green park' are a few hotel bars which I visited. You get to see goodlooking and well built bartenders here. The dance floor is pretty live and close to midnight there would be special shows by transgenders/drag queens along with few well built men. If you are in the front you may even get lucky of being pulled onto the main stage while during performances.

ARQ - This one was a bit upscale since the drinks were pricey and also even coats or bags checkin were also chargeable. But the crowd out here was awesome. It was feast to see so many well chiseled men stripping down their shirts and dancing bare chested.

I forgot the name of another bar which was next to Columbian just a few blocks. The best part of this bar was this restroom. With a ceiling high fish tank separation you get to see the opposite guy. *** flashes and other kinky visions often happen here.

Since I stayed in an apartment overlooking the Hyde park it was visual spectacle to see many men of different races during their morning exercise regimes around the park. Though I am not a cruising person. I did enjoy watching these men when run with their shorts revealing their sexy body .

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Posted On Apr 9, 2018 - 07:44 AM

Mardi Gras in Sydney is famous. Though I never saw it live, I have seen those extravagant parades .

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Posted On Apr 9, 2018 - 07:44 AM

On you tube

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Posted On Apr 10, 2018 - 03:28 AM

@exotic1234: Pretty elaborate n detailed post. Thanks for taking the pain to jot down to the intricate details. I was wondering about the cost in Delhi. Would be great if you can enumerate as you did in your Bali post.
I end up travelling mostly on shoe string budget or with friends that I don't go to bars and clubs or saunas as I am not a party boy and i'm pretty introverted.

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Posted On Apr 10, 2018 - 04:47 AM

If you are in Shorstring budget the Paharganj is where you should go. All shoestring foreigners go there.

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Posted On May 4, 2018 - 12:42 PM

A few years back I was on an official visit to London and I decided to stay back on a personal basis so I could explore the sights and sounds of this beautiful international city. London is a diverse and an exciting city with so much to do. The best part is the city is well connected thru the London Tube, buses and taxis. Travelling to any part of the city is easy and safe. Never seen a city so cosmopolitan that It almost looks like a representation of the world itself. There were times when I would not see a single white guy in the tube and it was full of people from Asia /Africa. After my office meeting I vacated my posh hotel at Paddington to check into a touristy budget hotel in Southall. The Mecca of all Indian people. I knew food won’t be a problem there and with a Gurudwara close by am a big fan of the langar food (read free delicious food). One biggest downside about London is it is outrageously expensive. Nothing is really cheap in the city. Anyway I used my time to visit the regular tourist and the gay destinations in the city. The places I liked the most were the London Eye (much better than the Singapore Sling) as this offers breathtaking view of the city with along river Thames. The Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben. Truly amazing must visit. Madame Tussaud’s - this is by far the biggest in the world with celebrities politicians and prominent wax statues from across the world. So many photo opportunities the best is of course with the queen and the king of pop Michael Jackson. The Indian celebrities are not well made as the skin tones do not match. After a 3 hours you sometimes mistake the real people for wax figurines. Can you believe someone got shocked when I moved coz they thought I was a wax statue 😀. Buckingham Palace is a bit overrated as you will get much better and more beautiful palaces in India but I loved the gardens outside. Lots of free sightseeing options like the British Museum Art Galleries and just walking around the city Center in the unpredictable British weather is a great way to spend the day. You can also visit the shopping destinations at the Oxford street, Harrods, Selfridges apart from the street markets. Marks & Spencer is finally a good shopping option in London. Unless you are fond of high street brands buying any local stuff is not a good idea as you get them a lot cheaper in India. I splurge my money in good perfumes. Now to the gay options - If you like to stay at an exclusive gay hotels there are some good options in the Soho Gay Village but not much action happens there so unless you are travelling with a partner you might get a better deal at a regular hotel. I picked mine using the Tripadvisor ratings in Southall. The gay bathhouses are my favourite and London has a lot of options to choose from. I visited the following - pleasuredrome : it’s one of the best and has a pool jacuzzi maze dark rooms. The place is clean and on weekends very crowded. But someday it has young crowd and some days full of oldies. £18 is the entry fee and £60 for a massage. I actually had more fun on the day it had more oldies as they made me feel more comfortable and wanted. The younger crowd were a bit standoffish and rude and already in groups. I still met some twinkles but the experience was not as good as with the oldies. Sweat box sauna - in addition to all of the above this has a nice gym inside. My personal experience in this sauna was not very pleasant. The day I went there was dominated by White English men who made an Indian guy feel discriminated. It’s in the central London so the location is good and the crowd is good. I spent a good time at the Gym and I wasted about £17 on the entry fee here. Someone at Sweatbox mentioned about Chariots Sauna at Vauxhall and I decided to give it a try. This was a bit out of place and The entry is £13 which is lower and I had my best time here. The place was overflowing with people from all over the world. I connected very well with a Pakistani dude who was awesome to look at. We spoke in Hindi and it’s funny people from the two warring countries can connect so well in Europe. We felt more closer culturally. He was a fan of Bollywood and I was his fan 🤭😆. We went to the darkroom and got caught in the middle of an orgy with a lot of others joining us. It was an amazing time and all the while we were conversing in Hindi when men were making passes at us and had such a good time. Orgies can be fun if you happen to be the Center of Attraction 😀. London has some amazing bars and clubs to visit I personally liked visiting a club called XXL coz the name was catchy 😉. A hugely happening place on Saturday I went here with the Paki guy I found at the Sauna. Most common place for men who love bears. A lot of tall buffy hairy men on the dance floor. When you are drunk as a bat 🦇 you will probably make your way to the darkroom where a lot of action happens. Lots of people on poppers and always be safe as XXL looks like there are more tops than bottoms. Some of them can be pushy and strong. Of course it’s safe as the management and the bouncers are helpful but I saw a few bottom guy were in a huge demand. A lot of men in XXL were true to the name of the club. If big di cks are your thing don’t miss this club. No visit to a gay club is complete without a visit to “Heaven “ which is the oldest clubs in the city. It has a heritage dating way back to 1979 when homos exuality was not so well accepted in London. The best day to visit is the Thursday’s as there is a strip show and the boys are amazingly hot looking. This club attracts young crowd and if you are going alone you might be a bit lonely. I made friends with a young boy from Nigeria and we gossiped about the hotties around the club. I also saw a few Bangladeshi guys here and one of them was very well endowed. Never knew men from our neighbourhood had a huge cut dongs. I have to visit Dhaka 🤣 A stroll around the Notorious Soho area will also give you a picture of the straight scene. Lots of pros titutes looking for clients. The street workers soliciting tourists. Be very very careful as the thefts and mugging incidences are common. There is police presence but make sure you don’t carry anything valuable. A lot of se x shops selling the latest toys and magazines. My visit to London was action filled I have never seen a city with so much of action and such diverse people. Everyone fits in so well in this city. A famous traveller once said “By seeing London I have seen as much of life as the world can show”.
Wait up for me Dear London, I will be back to see you again !!👍🏼

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Posted On May 4, 2018 - 02:42 PM

@exotic1234 - By the very notification in the homepage, I guessed such a huge article should be yours and my guess was right. It was elaborate and excellent as usual. I guess you do a lot of homework whenever or wherever you travel. Not wonder your travelogues are so impressive..

In my personal experience too, Pakistani guys gel with us far better outside India. Of course, I befriended a few paki guys in the bars I have been in Sydney and Kualalumpur. After all Pakistanis are preindependence era Indians but victims of elevated egos of Nehru and Jinna which was fuelled by the British's "Divide and Rule" policy which we all fall victims till date.

The convenience stores/ 711 stores mostly have Pakistani or less privileged middle eastern guys (like Tunisia, Lebanon etc). These guys are definitely eye candies to watch at. Walking along the golden triangle area in Bukit Bintang (KL) you would find a lot of these guys in many shops..

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Posted On May 4, 2018 - 02:59 PM

@Exotic1234, True London is one of the best places i have visited last april,reallly loved the weather, the windiness, felt safe throughout the journey, walked miles strolling in and around the city all alone. Getting into tube, Hop on and off buses enjoying the views it was a fantastic trip. Especially visits to SOHO areas, pubs and gay bars was excellent. Great crowd and great energy, in the gay pubs and bars. Loved the views from london bridge, big ben, diana gardens is so beautifull and huge, walking along the thames and was great. Made friends at the bar with whom i celebrated my birthday it was fun! loved travelling alone the entire trip to London,Sheffield,Birmingham, Kent, Leeds and Manchester for almost 10 days.

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Posted On May 4, 2018 - 03:05 PM

@ exotic.. you well narrate the things rightly superb.. the sad part is I was there in London 3 years .I never experienced or not even heard these clubs..
All along I was visiting some straight pubs most of the times as I was staying with office fellows..
At that time it's quite early stage of my second Life which was not having so many ideas on PRs , gr etc.,
Mmm anyway still I have an opportunity to travel back to London..will try to explore..but before that will try to get a best company to explore these..

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Posted On May 6, 2018 - 04:58 PM

@valentine and Harshid : Thanks for your reviews.
@Valentine - Yes I agree We are culturally very close to Pakistan. At Bukit Bintang what really caught my attention were the Arabs 😈😜. They look so good.
@ Harshid - Don’t worry the next time you go to London you can have the fun you missed. But the cost is killing.
@gayspark - Nice you had a great time in UK btw did your ur trip to Madrid happen yet?

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Posted On May 10, 2018 - 03:07 PM

@Exotic1234, Yes I am back from Madrid trip just yesterday! man Madrid is truly seems to be like a gay capital of Europe. Really had the best time of my life in one of the best gay friendly destinations so far in the west. It has one of the best gay bars and night clubs i have seen. Local guys are really proud of their gay culture, they boast a lot about their annual gay parade "Madrid Orgullo" which is comparatively a grander gala event than the one in barcelona. I was really surprised to see same *** affection happening in open public and came to know it was the third country to accept and legalize same *** marriages. I was so overwhelmed to see happy men and women with their partners open in public and living their life as simple as it is. They really enjoy their life with good food and drinks and nights are always so festive. My one week trip was really not enough to drink the happiness and joy of these spanish culture and gay friendliness! Almost every night i was in the gay centre of madrid "Chueca" which houses city's most number of gay pubs and night clubs where the crowd gets merrier by night.The night life here starts when so goes down and runs with great energy until the sun comes up again! these guys really know how to party. I attended almost three parties apart from spending time with my regular friends at conference and seminars.
Only down thing with these people is they hardly speak any english, they hard speak few words and initially it was very difficult and i got lil frustrated but my first night at night club met a guy from London who knew spanish as well and my worries were put to an end. His name was paul dawson he was from Kent,England. He came with his partner and he was srilankan tamil. They really made a nice couple, so they both became my gay guides for the week and they took me around to night clubs and gave great company for almost a week as they also stayed at same hotel. It was a delight to have such a great company to hang around with. Entry to these gay bars and night clubs was hardly less than 10-15 euros and it always came with a drink or two, being a teetotaller it was not worth for me, i shared those drinks with other guys whom i made good friends with. It was fun chatting talking with them all exchanging their life experiences and their hook ups too. Lol
Best places are La Kama, D'Mystic, LL Bar (Drag show is the best and main attraction at this place, worth the show and money)
Boyberry is one of the most happening gay cruising bar which was really most happening place, the bar staff here are really supercute and drinks are cheap for those who enjoy.There is free wifi with pop and indie music playing in the bar, it has a basement with some special attractions you know what i mean yes "Dark room" cruising rooms! private rooms for fun with those whom u like. Almost every guy u see in this bar is shirtless, topless and ready for great action. you get to see lot of twinks, sugar daddies and beautiful hunks. its a really exotic place and loved all the attention i got and the sexual tension was really getting hot hotter and hottest! It gave a kinky feeling to see the guys flashing their assets to attract attention and somewhere so engrossed in their action and forgot the world around them. I was approached for a quickie by many but didnt feel like attempting but had lot of groping hands and hands were free to share and explore your body which i liked it most. The music and atmosphere would turn even the straight guy into gay or bi. That was the energy of this place.
There are other cruising bars where u could pick up *** movie kind of twinks for a pay to your home or hotel, they were eager to take in any package and satisfy you to the core. Since i had the good company of these two guys i didnt have the need to pick any twink for the night. Also i was not alone at nights had company of straight guys from other places who gave me good company at hotel.
Other gay areas include Malasana, La Latina , Lavipes with coolest gay friendly bars and pubs, night clubs and cruising places . They have loads of strip clubs too which i really and thoroughly enjoyed to last penny.My favourite gay bar in Malasana was "NAKED-Fetish Gay Bar". Great thing about this place is guys wearing speedos, leather, jock straps are allowed to enter. It was just like in movies i had to buy a nice pair of leather pants and leather shorts which i wore to this fetish bar. It was awesome place, strictly for 18 years above. It is strictly for hardcore *** in here! you can *** happening all over this place, it appeared to be like ga heaven! surprised to see so many guys in leather and speedos which was my favourite fetish! They have happy hour specials and dresscode lol no dresscode too! Yeah guys are allowed to walk nude or in speedos or even close to something or nothing. All you have to pay is just 6-10 euros depending n the day. You can get to watch all eye candy u can get.I can write pages together about this place. I wish you guys can visit the website to know more about this place. It has got great spacious dark rooms and private rooms and unlimited supply of gallons of lubricant and condoms in huge bowls lol. They even have a room with sling and bondage items for the fetish guys.
It has endless number of gay bars, pubs, sauna, bath houses some of them i visited during this trip were
Bearbie (Especially for bears)
Bears bar
Shower and BaR (My Personal Favourite)
Rimmel Pub
Organic Men's Club (Best *** bars in town)

The list is never ending, Hope you guys enjoy reading this inro into madrid gay scene, will be adding more when i find time

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Posted On Dec 30, 2018 - 04:29 PM

I am currently living in Vilnius, Lithuania. I love to travel. I am looking for a travel companion to travel across Europe. If anybody is interested please message me.

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Posted On Jul 15, 2019 - 04:46 PM

Bangalore to goa trip next weekend. month end last. nyone ready?

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Posted On Nov 30, 2020 - 09:11 AM

I have been to Japan couple of times for office work. They generally haveam/sauna bath on top floor. Thought to go once there because of chilled weather. When I went there, I was surprised to see all japanese were completely nude all the places swimming pool, sauna, steam bath. I was the only one who was in towel. It was good experience.

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Posted On Nov 30, 2021 - 11:09 PM

Check out gay cruises!!

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Posted On Nov 30, 2021 - 11:11 PM

Taipei, Taiwan during Pride is fun too!

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Posted On Dec 1, 2021 - 06:00 PM

Goa is definitely a dry for gays .. i mean if i open GR in Pune Zzz i will get tons of profiles around than in Goa ...

Also, local goan guys are hard to find mostly rude visitors or hotel worker staff ... so for me it was not good experience in terms of Gay fun

but but but ... I love beach beer and fun in goa .. one should not miss it.

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Posted On Jun 12, 2022 - 01:00 PM

From my experience,
Orissa is best for matures, matures high demand in Orissa.
South India gay heaven place sply kerala, off course language is problem.
Kerala is awesome for tour and ***
Hyderabad is another
Mumbai also, but place is problem there.