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Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities

Submitted by gumnaam Location: All India (All India, India)

Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities

I am a frequent traveller and mostly stay in hotel but there are following issues while looking for hookup:

Many Hotel don’t allow guest or local ids

Not keen to travel distant people on online platform.

Lack of time after work to look for mates online or to visit cruising places in these cities.

So My idea to suggest / recommend hotels in Major cities. Following may be the criteria

Hotels which allow guest and local ids

Hotels with huge number of rooms so that likeminded people stays in same hotel and save time.

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Posted On Feb 10, 2024

Its been over a decade since I have been to Mumbai but I used to travel frequently there and my local hosts used to always put me in a hotel close to the airport and mostly in the chakala/ east andheri/ santacrz east areas. These were normally 3-4 star hotels where you just want a room to sleep in as you are outside on work for the day, and you dont stay for more than two nights. I think I stayed at all the hotels there and most of them there would be some naughty activity happening all the time and they were relaxed.
In one instance when I was working around christmas, this was a hotel in a deep lane near the church and I had taken the hotel cab for work around the city, and I am talking to the front desk about this and my checkout the next day when I notice the young man is catholic and I wish him merry christmas and why hasnt he taken the day off. He tells me he's still training and there is no leave for him. I ask him when his shift is over and he tells me its early morning. Even though there were a lot of people in that area and the age gap between us was around 10-15 years, I dont know why I felt bold and I asked him if he wants to meet me once he finishes. And he tells me "we are not allowed to interact with customers" I apologise and tell him I wanted him to feel good and anyways I am checking out the next day.
Surprisingly early morning my room bell rang and I opened it in my towel and this young man was at the door. He spent nearly two hours at my room and we didnt talk much but it was one of the best times I had. He left quietly and there was no good bye or discussion. I go back to sleep
It was good because there was nothing to it, I forgot about it when I woke up and was busy checking out, there was someone else at the counter. I never stayed at the same hotel, and I have forgotten what the man's name and even his face.

I have not tried at other places because usually there are very few attractive people and those who encourage any talks, but if you are interested in someone no harm in asking. Once in another location outside India the guy said he's not interested but can send someone else and I said no. so you also might get a response like this

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Posted On Feb 19, 2024

I stay in noida but I need information about those type of hotels or Oyo rooms in Delhi ncr or noida/gurugram.....you know what I mean.....that type of hotels where everyone knows and supports these type of things such as gay *** or gay fun. Maybe you can suggest some hotels where the room service boys themselves can provide services (wink wink).

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