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OhMojo.com is back!

Submitted by OhMojo Location: All India (All India, India)

23rd July, 2020

Yes, we are back! And what a roller coaster of a ride today has been!

Earlier today, at around 10:30 AM we went live after being down for almost 2 weeks. Our hosting provider was not able to recover our database and we got tired of waiting so decided to start the website with the old backup database we had. That backup database was almost a year old. This meant we had lost about a year's worth of data.

We knew that the data recovery might still happen but keeping our users waiting seemed like a bad idea so we took the decision to go live with the old database. And what do you know...about 5 hours after going live with the old database, our hosting provider informed us that they had managed to recover our database after all!

So here we are! After being away for 2 weeks OhMojo.com is back with the full database.

If you are one of the few users who registered today (23rd July 2020) between 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM, please register using the same email address again.

If you had an ohmojo account earlier then you don't need to register again, your old account will work without any changes.

So what happened?
As you may know, the server hosting OhMojo.com crashed on 7th July and the website was down ever since. We had been using the same hosting provider for almost 20 years now. They have always been very reliable and we have never had any issues. There have been multiple instances in the past when the server crashed but our provider was able to restore the website within hours.

Unfortunately, this time around, perhaps because of heavy reduction in their staff because of Covid-19 and perhaps because of some additional internal challenges, they just couldn’t get our website back online soon enough.

We could have moved to another server much earlier but the problem was that our hosting provider didn’t just lose our full database when the server crashed, they lost all the backup database too! This meant, we had lost a great deal of data.

As the picture became clear, we realized that we might not get back our database at all so we decided to get the website working on a brand-new server with an old copy of the database we had. This database was from last year (early Aug 2019) but after being live for about 5 hours we got news that our database was recovered so we managed to restore the full database on OhMojo.com.

What went wrong with the server?
The server crashed due to a malicious network hack on our hosting provider’s network. A ransomware virus managed to enter the network and infect many servers including the one hosting OhMojo.com as well as the server that was being used for storing the backup files.

Was the data compromised in any way?
No. The virus managed to encrypt the data but could not transfer the data out of the server so no external person or entity managed to get it. OhMojo.com anyways uses encryption at the database level so no external person or software can read the data even if they manage to access the files. This means that our data was not compromised in anyway at any point of time.

Was the security on OhMojo.com server not adequate to prevent this?
OhMojo.com server has always been very secure from all external threats. Unfortunately, this virus managed to access our server from the hosting provider’s internal network on which the server resides. The virus used a bug in one of the older operating systems on one of the hosting provider’s servers to enter the network. At least this is the explanation given to us by the hosting provider. This was unfortunate and probably could have been avoided if the OS on that system had been updated to the latest version. We, OhMojo.com, didn’t have any way of knowing this.

Obviously, none of our security measures we had put in place failed and so the data of our users was not compromised in any way. The only bad thing about this entire incident is that our website was down for almost 2 weeks. We are committed to ensure we bounce back as we have always done. Your support has always been there and obviously we will need much more of it moving ahead.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to us directly (via a pm to this admin account).

We will not be answering any questions here on the forum directly, but we will definitely summarize common queries that users may have and post those summaries here.

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