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36 yr old Other from Kannur, Kerala (India)
Last Online: Jun 2, 2020
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just some of my feelings, i share.

women dont know what they have, we take so much effort to be like them. its a pleasure when i see men pleasantly surprised when they pull out my cloths and am left with shame, trying to hide my femnine assets. after that what happens is full scale copulation, till top passes his sperms into my love hole and ***, till i become mother to his children. he fully enjoys my creamy breasts, kisses my stomach. rubs his stubble on my soft face, as he holds me i can feel my soft nipple with soft and big arnolas rub his hairy hard chest. i wonder why was i born a man? had i been a woman by now i would be someones wife and been a mother to many of his kids. he would be spending much time on my *** ***, soft, white and massive.

My details
soft bottom from Chala in Kannur.
I dont believe in being gay. i am a woman in mans body. my duty is to please a man with my body.

i can come anywhere in kannur and relax you

men who are away from family and need some hole to put their lust should look at asking me to come to their place.

my man has to be clean and disease free. hygine is a must. i can give best sexual experiances

outside the bedroom, i am a normal looking male. if you like dominating, i am the hole for it

8792808680 this is my whatsapp number. I am not in it often. So pl give it time.

If you want *** with me pl have a place around Kannur. I will come. For *** chat and phone calls leave a msg on whatsapp.

Thanks so much for interest in me, i got so many people msging me after i posted. I cant reply to all. so some answers here. Yes i am looking for a partner. i am new to this, i preffer one partner. it has to be discreet. place (not hotel) you have to arrange. Free to come to places near Kannur. Mangalore, Coorg, Kasargod calicut. If you are in Bangalore, i can come and stay in your room every month for a week, you can fully use me. If anyone has all this, then pl msg mee, i will come to your place. Others i request you you to not msg me, you will be wasting your time.

Hope i satisify your lust

As fatties we are not men, we are women for the use by macho.men. Look at the softness. If a saree is put and stomach bulges out it will look just like a aunty. I really feel if you are fat, forget being a man, be a good woman and let a strong man use you and femnize you with each of his strokes. Fat men like me cant ever be men we are made for pleasure of top men. We are girlfriends, wives, whores and *** objects for the pleasure of top men

Know me from my writing below

Pleasure with a shemale like me is way better then with woman because.

Shemale is equally if not more horney then men.

You have no mood swings. Always ready to be made love to

No emotional drama, easy relationship

Safe because of no pregnancy

You can make a shemale do all sought of things, kinky ***, drinking your ***, putting Big things into her ***. Making a whore out of her by sharing her with friends. A shemale is always willing.

A shemale is very loyal, she will only be yours, unlike women.

And the pleasure of dominance on a shemale is very high. In *** a shemale you are not just having *** but your male ego is getting a huge pleasure because you made another man to be your *** slave. Putting that *** inside and breaking that *** is greatest pleasure. Slapping the shemale, biting her and doing painful things on her will give pleasure like no other ***. She will be like a *** doll.

And remember you become very special because for you a shemale gave up his manhood.

Only in a shemale can you truly find a friend and lover in one individual.

Also please remember she did so much for you, it's your duty to take care of her. Most shemales don't need anything from you but love and understanding. A shemale suffers from low self esteem. Though in mind she is a woman, she is very sad about her male looks. She hates her ***, never try to lick a shemale ***, she will think you are a lower male, you will immediately lose the respect in her eyes and also her submissiveness towards you, this submission is what makes shemale-male *** click.

Remember no shemale looks like those on *** sites. Like models in films real women look ordinary, same is for shemales. They are humans too. So expect to find another man who might look just like you, but inside that man is a sexual wonderland. Give the shemale time to change into the *** object you want. Slowly and with love teach her your needs, in a few months you will have a *** doll way better then any woman.

So when you find a shemale, grab her before any other man gets a chance. If you think women are Hard to find, then think how rare are shemales

**And please address us with dignity, men specially from Kerala use words like 'Da' , please don't! We are not your male friends, we are shemales. Address and behave like a gentleman. Else don't expect *** or reply from me.

With love
Shweta Vikas (Shemale)

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