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Gay Cruising Spot in Hyderabad - public gardens

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Submitted by luking4luv

India : Andhra Pradesh : Hyderabad : public gardens

this is one of the favorite haunts of all gay and bi***uals especially during the weekends. but be careful of lurking plain clothes police men from the nearby police headquarters, who are out there to "steal" money from guys who are scared to come out of the "closet", but it is the best place with lots of dark areas to have a "quickie" but again guys - ayor

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Posted On 8/13/2010 8:53:00 AM

give me more spots
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Posted On 12/14/2010 11:02:00 PM

other areas include ....tarakarama theatre in kacheguda where we take balcony tickets and get inside only to find ourselves in darkest of places and can find our friends there. we have to sit on the top right corner of the 35rs ticket balcony stall.
lamba theatre near parade grounds where we need to purchase 50rs ticket and get inside and should sit on top left corner of the hall. we will find our friends there.
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Posted On 4/25/2012 9:59:00 PM

pls be careful as cop have an outpost there in public gardens veryvery dangerous these days
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Posted On 7/10/2012 12:09:00 PM

don't go there u will defiantly cheated by the police
one security guard and police stared black mailing
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Posted On 8/19/2013 3:10:00 AM

lamba is now tivoli extreme. the genre of movies has changed but gay cruising is still very much on. find all shapes and sizes there. look for buddies in the lobby and the toilets.
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Posted On 11/8/2013 8:32:00 AM

any spot in near to tarnaka pls tellme
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Posted On 3/29/2014 5:21:00 PM

its really a good place where u can get gays so easily....i usually chat online and meet... i dont know how to meet people in public places directly.... this saturday i chatted on pr and everyone is busy ... i didnt any one.... felt bore. and dam *** as hell... just wanna give a try . simply got the bus and went to ***embly . it was 9.30 i afraid they wont allow me inside. but lucky there was some funtion going on at lalithakalathoranam. so i entered inside public gardens. with out wasting any time one guy came and started circling .... finally he apporached and ashed what i want... i said i am in need of a blowjob badly... he said is dont like to give blowjob. but he was enjoy body pleasure as he liked my body very much. i softly escaped from him...in no time a marwadi guy came on bike and introuduced him self. he directly told me he wanna *** me... thats sounds awesome and my *** stood on 90. we both dont have place.. so we decided to have it there....... as funtion is going on so no secruity is asking anything. so we went to those bushes and he gave a awesome blowjob. he worshiped my ***. i ***ed his face deeply continusly until i release my *** ... i literally ***ed his face like i *** an ***. i wonder how he bared my ***ing in his throat. finally he swallowed everything i released . i was about say thanks for that awesome blowjob. but he started saying thanks for letting him to *** my ***... that was a surprise visit and surprise awesome blowjob. he droped me at bustop ...in no time i got and left that place.... willing to visit again....
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Posted On 6/3/2014 12:50:00 PM

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i *** nice ***s u deeply, place withme..if ok calme 9676769727... my skype id :-- telugu18
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