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Submitted by Valentine84 Location: All India (All India, India)

The hottest trending Twitter handle these days.. Though women cry out about abuse we men have been silent victims.. Even some men were forced to homosexuality out of abuse.. Share your true stories.. Also mind the decorum ..

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 06:57 AM

hi valentie84 thanks for starting this thread , so thoughtful of you , i had been in this situation once , it happened like this ,

I had been to my friends home, he was my college friend, he wanted to fun bcos of his birthday , i was not able to meet him on his birthday , so met him in house that weekend , he was talking to me and then went to his system and started playing *** videos which he had saved in system , i dint take it seriously as this things are common now a days , i told him to close the doors on the safety side , so that u wont b caught in this action, so he went and closed the door and windows, and sat watching the video , he started coming close to me and put his hand on me , i was okay , he is my friend and he can do that , it gave him some confidence , he suddenly put his hand on my private part and started rubbing it seducing me , i was like WTF, he asked me let him touch my private part , he wanted to *** me badly bcos he was in mood , i told no no , he was on me ... continously without leaving me, i had no other choice to let him do it out of fear bcos i was in his home. he removed me pant button and forced his hand inside the pant and started rubbing my *** and made me ***,... i was feeling bad thinking abut what had just happened.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 06:58 AM

may this lead me into this thing to try everthing in this life ... i dont kno whether i m doing it s correct or not , it all started with tht incident , if it s wrong please so write me and make me understand it out. Thank you

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 07:56 AM

Good thread but something everyone faced too.

It happened in my early teenage. I stayed in a apartment. Went to get something for home. Was wearing shorts and Tee. The shop located within the apartment. As usual I was going to the shop, I noticed a guy staring at me. He looked around 25-30. Looked really good. I just pretended like I didn't see him and walked off. While coming back, he was there again. He called he handsome boy and started conversation. I just answered him and told ice to leave and walked. He spoke some random topic about the apartment and came along. He told my half while crossing a isolated area, I was shocked and asked what's this, he told me to come. He told told he just wanna speak little more with me. I told sorry, and he keep on asked. Then I followed. He brought near a staircase, he took my hand and kept on his ***, I just pulled out my half and he pressed my ***. I was tensed and afraid as many are well known to me. He did for sometime and he forced me to hold his boner. He made climbed up the stairs and brought where no one would come. As it was night around 8pm, it was quiet dark. He immediately opened his zip and forced me to ***. I told I won't, he tried for sometime but I refused. He kneeled down and opened my zip. He took my *** in his *** and ***. I cummed very soon in his ***. Then he told it's my turn to ***, I refused but he shouted and sit on the stairs. He opened his zip and took out his ***. Thankfully we heard someone approaching, he zipped his pants and pretended like nothing happened. He try to speak casually, I used this opportunity and just waved at the unknown person who came up. He taught i know him, I went to him and then ran down the stairs. Never met him again ! I hope elder people should respect younger ones and never pull them into these activities !

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 08:06 AM

I think the metoo thing would be more relevant in the context of how lgbt has been either conned or looted or harassed by the authorities or people in general. It's a little contradictory if on one hand we say, being gay is natural but on the other hand we point a finger at someone who gave you your first gay experience and blaming them for making you gay.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 09:17 AM

@Lips4hugepoles: I don't agree with the later part which u said. Sexuality is someone's own choice and it should not be forced by someone on to you. It is okay if you explore it yourself but no one have the right to force others to get involved. I am gay, that doesn't mean I can grab all men penises who are attractive to me and later say I was just introducing gay thing to them..it's their choice to continue or no. It's harassment clearly.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 09:45 AM

Two guys(brothers) abused me for 3 to 4 years when i was 6-7 yrs old.
I don't know if i would be straight had this not happened but *** almost every other day at young age gave me so much libido now. I fancy every hot guy

Since that young age i ll always feel shy to face group of men even today. I m much comfortable talking to or socialising with girls than men

I also feel envious of how easy it is for a girl to pick up the guy she wants. But i cant.

The abusers were straight guys and i always long for straight guys till date.

I have learnt accept and love myself over the years but the effect of this will linger till end for sure.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 10:55 AM

This is really an interested topic... agree that most of us who are here are forced to get into this at some stage where as there are % of guys who are into this by nature....

Even I can see I am a victim... it was in 11th standard... I could say I was not aware of any sexual feelings till that time ... it was a fine day in my classroom while everything went as usual.. a hand of my close friend who sat next to me feel on my thigh.. I thought it was by mistake as the bench we were sitting was kind of crowded and we had to manage because of the strength in the class room.. As I never had any straight or gay sexual feelings or encounters, I never thought that incident in any other angle. This happened few days and I never object as its common for any friends to keep a hand on others. But after few days.. his palm started moved upwards slowly... and one day, his little finger was on my pant zip.... That was the time I felt something wired on my feelings and realized his figure on my private part... felt bad and pushed away his hand.. he started doing it again and again... and I was helpless as it was in the class room and I couldn't even complain about this incident to teacher as he was my close friend.. During the break he used to behave very normal.. But this continued for some time and that's the time I started getting *** for the first time...

Am sure every guy would agree that its a nice feel to have boner during those teen age.. and for me first boner was because of my friend. Though I like the feel of his touch, I felt something wrong was going on.. so I tried to keep a distance but it didn't help as he was my close friend, staying kind of closer and mostly it was in class room. But slowly it started getting in the next level where he started touching my private parts even during the time while preparing for test and exams. he used to come home for taking some books or notes and stand near the door steps (where the lane was dark with low lights) in the late evening... started touching mine again.. and he made me to touch his *** too.. This initial steps brought me into a stage where I am right now...

some might say that I should have totally avoided him .. though I am not putting all blame on him... I wouldn't have been into this if this incident didn't happened to me..

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 11:02 AM

@rohanx4u that's not what i meant. Of course being forced to have *** or get molested is not right. What I was pointing at is what the original poster and the first couple of comments imply - i.e. Some men are forced into becoming homosexuals. It's probably a trigger moment in your life but not the turning point. The real harassment is more by authority figures and connmen who take advantage of you being gay in several ways

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 11:06 AM

I myself discovered homosexuality when I was molested in a train. That incident started it all. I wasn't particularly interested in it on that day. But when it continued happening over and over, i started liking it. I don't think that first guy turned me gay, he probably just helped me realise it. It would have happened sooner or later. I would have become curious. There are enough platforms to discover the gay world and I'm sure my curiosity would have led me to it anyway.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 11:49 AM

I was abused when I was 11 yrs my cousin who was 8 yrs elder to me in the agriculture garden I was curious after seeing his big one.from there it started a long story.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 12:31 PM

My first encounter was when I was traveling to my University to tamilnadu to collect my certificate by bus.
A middle aged guy, was sitting beside me in the bus.he started speaking by asking basic questions, for which I replied without any problem. v both slept and in the morning he asked me where I was going to stay. I said that i will have to take a hotel, for which he said that u don't have to waste money, u need to just fresh up and go to the university. I said it is okay, I shall not want to disturb you and he took me to his room. I was not knowing anything about gay till then.
He was waiting for the right time to attack. He was watching my move and I was not minding him, coz I was trying to get ready and got the university as soon as possible . He asked me to have a bath and when I removed my clothes and wrapped a towel and was about to have a bath , he bolted the door and and was approaching me ,i was not knowing what he was up to.he came near me and touched my back, my biceps and said I have a great body. I said thanks and was going to take a bath. He touched my back, and somehow managed to touch my ***, by touching, my *** enlarges within seconds. When my *** was ready, he took it in his *** and started *** it greedily and with full passion. By seeing this I could not stop him and I was also enjoying it , every bit of the *** he *** it for sometime and when I was about to come I asked him to take it out of his ***, he said it was okay, seeing this I felt sorry for him and thought to my self, how passionately men *** the *** and they enjoy that.
This was my first encounter band after that I had many , but I still miss the first one, nobody has ever done like that guy. He will always remain my first love.
After that I want to have just like that but I have not found anyone like him.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 01:10 PM

I too had gay experience with an elder cousin and another my age when I was in school. Did not like in the beginning.Later started enjoying it. Even continued in hostel with room mate. Later years changed all that. When I think of it now it was not bad.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 05:57 PM

For one, I did not 'turn' gay because of molestation! That way, I was never molested by anyone before I understood my attraction for men. So it came naturally! However, I did go through a period of mental and sexual abuse from a person which I want to share here!

I was 16 years old when I met this person in my hometown at a park. He was almost my age and We realised we re gay and got attracted to each other. So we wanted to explore and went to that park late in the evening and started kissing and feeling etc. At that time, we were caught by some guy in his early late 20s who as it turned out was gay/bi too! He started abusing us and stuff and threatened to take us to the police etc. We were too young and scared so we freaked out and tried escaping and the other guy succeeded in running away from der, but I failed to do so. He then started scaring me about police, family etc and I begged him to let me go! He then said sleep with me and I will let you go! I hardly knew anything about *** and had to agree with him! So he took me behind a bush in darkness and we made out and did he made me *** him dry etc. And the I returned home.

I had thought it is all over, but it wasn't! Although the experience was scary for me, I had enjoyed having *** wid him, he had kissed me well and it was my first time wid a person and I fell for it! He had forcefully shoved a piece of paper with his phone number (landline, this was the beginning of the 2000s) while I was leaving from the park and I had decided not to call him! But suddenly next day I thought it isn't a bad idea to have fun wid him one more time so I called him! He was happy and we met at a sports stadium and made out again! He said he is not satisfied wid just making out and he said he ll take me somewhere and shower love on me! I got really excited and went wid him! He then took me to a shady looking lodge somewhere in the town and we had ***, it was the first time I was seeing another naked male body and I did what he said! It was good frankly!I liked the *** part but also realised that he isn't a good person and has many other sexual partners and he was also creepy! So I said good bye and returned home! But I had forgotten that I had told me where I live and what s my dad's profession.

I had no intention of meeting him again and I had thrown away the phone number! I then got busy with my college and etc and forgot about him! But one morning as j was getting ready for college the door bell rang and it was him! He had somehow found out the house based only dads job description as it is a small town! Luckily I opened the door and he just said 'meet me near that park' and left! I met him while going to college and asked him not to bother me! For that he said he wants me and he won't let me go. He said he had voice recorded our *** session in the lodge! He even showed me a small recorder where he said he had recorded me saying we had ***. So he said he will share it wid everyone in the town if I did not listen to him! I was shocked and scared! I begged him to spare me but he did not listen! We made a pact, that I will meet him every Sunday evening for *** and he will not bother me in other days!

So then started the terrible time of my life! We started meeting every week for *** at different lodges! I had thot it will be just some time of *** wid him and then j can be free but he would not let me go for hours! He would treat me like his wife,speak dirty stuff and do things for hours! I started disliking everything about him! His smoking smell was stuck in my breath and I got very depressed! He now started coming near my college every two days and took me to the park and forced me to *** him. He would sometimes say he ll marry me then next time he would say he will share me with his friends. I was fortunate he somehow did not think about *** ***! May be because he was scared I might not take it! So yes this went on and on for almost an year!

I did my best to shoo him off! I stopped brushing teeth properly, I became unclean, thinking that he might leave me if I smell bad! But no use! He himself became very very dirty! He would make me *** him for hours and *** in my ***! Yes I now like to do all that,but with someone of my choice and not by force! He would threaten to tell my parents if I didn't comply!

And one day he came home pretending to be my friends brother and told my parents that he s come to take me to his brother birthday! My parents we're happy I had made close friends and let me go! I did not have a choice and went! He again took me to some guys place and they both used me! They made me naked and took away my clothes abd said they will return clothes once they re satisfied! They bit me, made me *** them and *** my *** repeatedly! Whole day they did this and the other guy wanted to *** me! But I began to cry and beg and so they did not go! They then made me go on my kneees and made me *** then and came on my face (imagine a 16 year old boy going through this and not a *** movie pls). I returned home and had high fever! I could not meet him next weekend and I think he became desperate! Then when I was all right and went to college he had come there! He said he s sorry and he wants me again! I did not have a choice! I went to him again, or else he would tell my parents! I was scared! This went on and on for some more time! I was devastated!

Then one fine day, while on my way to college he caught hold of me and said he wants to do it urgently as he was high! I said not after college, he said no he wants now only and took me to the lodge! I used to carry a Krishna photo in my bag, there I kept it in front of him and fell on his feet and begged to spare me! I told him I can't do it! But he did not listen! He did not even care for my begging and he went on wid violating me! For the first time he tried to do *** with me! He forced me bend over and tried to enter me! But could not and it was very painful for me! I began to shiver and he freaked out too! He still finished his desire by putting his *** between my thighs and rubbing till he came (they call it thigh ***) and then got me into an auto and I came home saying I'm unwell

Then came college day and he came to college! He came directly to mw said he has booked a room somewhere and gave me room number and said he ll wait for me! That day I was wearing my dads gold chain as it was college day! He looked at it with greed and I could sense he would try to take it away if I went to him! I became confused, scared, dizzy etc. I became very tired suddenly and waited till the college day was over and went straight to home and slept! I was so so so tired of it all I thought let it happen if he tells my parents!

And once I woke up, I went to my mum and told her that there is this person who keeps following me and today said he wants to meet me in a lodge! She the said that my father and he asked me what the matter was! I did not tell him the *** part but told him this guy who had once come home as my friends aruns brother is troubling me! But luckily by that time this arun guy had shifted from that town so dad could not find out! I dunno what happened later! My dad said he will go to the police and they will take care of him etc, and asked me to relax! But I could never relax after that! I was always scared scared scared that he might come back to me! And by this time in was in second puc so had to study also! I forcefully engaged myself in studies tuitions etc and life moved on and as we had shifted to a new house he could not find me i thought

But I was wrong and he did find out! But somehow he did not meet me in person as may be he was scared my parents know! One day he had pasted a note on my tutorial classroom wall that ' Karthik call Me or I will tell everything to everybody' but I did not care and as I had good friends by now, they said it must be some prank and I ignored it! Life moved on and he was finally out of my life! I would sometimes see him around the city center with a younger boy and i would change route and escape but I think I had also become stronger once I realised his blackmailing was all false and he did not have proof!

I then bumped into him some three years later and he tried to talk to me! I just stared at him and asked him to *** off and walked away and he did not follow! After some years in was travelling to my relatives house in a bus and he got into that bus! He sat next to me and started verbally abusing me and touching my crothch etc! He told me I was his best prey and he never found any one like me etc. As if he was enjoying talking about it! He also said he has many boys to enjoy now but would leave them if I become his bitch again! This made me angry and I grabbed caught hold of his thigh and pinched it hard! I did not let it go for almost five minutes and he was badly hurt! I began pleading me to leave him! His stop had also come but did not leave the grip and he was trying to escape! I then let him go as the bus started again and he had to literally jump to get down and as the bus went past him I put my head out and spat towards him (he was too far to spit on him) my revenge was taken!

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 06:55 PM

I do like to share my experience too
But i dont want to bleam anyone
At my teen age i was guy with thin body fair and red lips like girl . In my 10th class there was one jet black guy with molded body structure he was ncc guy
He use to watch me and follow me whenever i went in toilet for pie during class hours and use to stand beside me showing me his big black hard *** with red voilet tip and flashing it too me
He always tried to suggest me to come and take it in my *** but i was very shy and never dare to go ahead though i want to try it
I still fill i missed him and still regret for it
That made me to get more attracted towards hard tone bodies guys
Leter on i started my life as bottom after i passed out from my collage from mumbai
And really enjoyed doing *** with guys on my young age

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 07:01 PM

This #metoo crap came here as well?? WTF...

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Posted On Oct 12, 2018 - 07:36 PM

I think I started getting allergic to #MeToo

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 01:54 AM

There is nothing wrong in talking about physical/ sexual/ mental abuse and Bullying. Here at least we are not naming and blaming anybody! By sharing our stories, many can express the feelings they have kept hidden for years and bond with others who have suffered the same.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 02:28 AM

I remember when I was about 4years old. there was a neighbour boy next door, must be about 15years at that time. His both parents were working and he used to call me to his home to play and give me something to eat. He used to ask me to *** his *** and he also *** in my ***. I used to like because he used to play with me and all give me sweets...After that I got used to *** and looking at young guys of 15 to 20 years... even now I like that age group only.. though I m much older now...I think I m gay because of that guy who forced me or lured me at that young age.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 02:58 AM

Admin Note:
Going by some of the comments here, it seems that many guys do not understand the meaning or the intent of this thread. I request Valentine84 to weigh in so that everyone understands the purpose of this thread.

All posts detailing their first experiences or erotic encounters that are not really relevant to the topic at hand will be deleted.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 03:09 AM

I was also used by my cousin when I was less than 10 yes of age I used to visit my aunt's house on the way back from school to my home, once day I went there but my aunt wasn't there at home and only my cousin who was about 21 yrs at the time was there alone he invited me inside and forced me to have *** with him he even *** me forcefully which was very painful and left the *** inside, that time I did not know what that was and I was thinking he used his saliva to lubricate his ***, I feel very disgusted and I would have not led this dual life if such things would have not happened so early in my life
Guys only request to everyone please do not use young boys for ***, really is disgusting and spoiling some one's life for some pleasure.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 04:18 AM

One thing I guess is weird about the thread...

I will take my own example..

As far as I remember, I was always inclined towards men. I never had that inclination towards girls. I think being gay is quiet natural.

With that said, I don't feel gay can be molested or used. I studied in a boy's school. Love affairs at school was too common during those days in Bangalore. My classmates used to have girl friends from different schools as my school was not a co-ed one..

Few guys used to like me and write letters to me. I enjoyed it to be frank. That's becoz I was naturally gay.
Love letters of boys never changed me.

One guy kissed me. I liked it. I don't wanna say just becoz he kissed me I turned out to be gay.

But I had one thing running at the back of my brain for years. If people get to know am gay, things wouldn't be as good as what it is now. For years I had to live artificial life.

May be even now we all live dual lives, but as and when we grow old, that fear reduces gradually.

Seriously, people say, he used me, he molested me, so I turned out to be gay is literally a false statement. To be very open, people are born gay, it just takes an initiation to realise it. May be our friends, relatives, or colleagues make us realise our orientation.

How many of you still say you never enjoyed your first *** with men?

I don't think so.. none of us here dislike *** with men. Afterall that's why we are here. 😉

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 04:32 AM

@decentbottom, may be you are right but it's different experience with each individual we can't generalize and tell, I was attracted to girls before but that had changed over the years, I am still attracted but the percentage is reduced.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 04:43 AM

Actually it is very difficult to swim against the current. You not only face the force against you, you also face most of the people laughing at you and making fun of you and arguing with you asking why are you swimming against the current.

Same happens when someone opposes a HOT TREND, specially when the TOPIC is associated with ABUSE to a girl, MOLESTion of GAYS etc.

As per a theory, gayness is developed in human at the when he or she is in the womb.
If the environment is friendly, the gayness of the person blossomed, if the surroundings are different, the gayness of the person get suppressed.
There is nothing like an incidence can change your sexuality.

Definitely, molestation is wrong. Child abuse is wrong.
Anything in ***, which is not ENJOYED, whatever age it happens, is NOT CORRECT.

So, when it came to the news that Some Ms Nanda accused Alok nath, or Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar, I just don't give it a damn.
You were not kid or you were not confined to a premise that time that you would not lodge complaint that time.
And neither it is like just now the law has becomes so favorable all of sudden that you got courage to speak up.

Sharing your experience of being ABUSED during your childhood is correct. But blaming that incidence to make u gay is not correct.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 05:59 AM

Embrace your sexuality. Please don't divert this thread into how/what turned you gay or bi, not sure if that even a thing.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 06:53 AM

Emate i agree but then there is the matter of ultimate truth. What ppl have experienced in their lives. Thts the whole point of the me too campaign. For ppl to speak out. Let them say what they wish to say. Staying on topic etc is important, but human emotion is far more important. If there is sthg buried deep inside sm1s heart nd this is how it is coming to the surface, we shud let that happen.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 08:25 AM

@quickee really sad to hear your experience... The guy was a vicious ***... I am truly sorry you had to go through this.... Hope you are much stronger now

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 09:17 AM

Thank you @masterbot :) yes I have moved on and am much stronger :) but yes never turned gay or anything ! I ve always been into men ;)

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 11:35 AM

At the beginning of my career , I had a manager who I guess was closeted gay . He was married and aged around 35. I was part of a large team (40+ members) and the he was very good to me initially . He used to praise my work , pinged me in IM for no apparent reason & called me to his cubicle for small discussions that could be resolved via IM. One day , while in his cubicle , he touched my palm with his fingers & looked at me suggestively . I understood his intention and moved my hand away . I was not attracted to him , Also , I never start any relation with anyone at work. I wont start any such thing with my manager. It could get messy in the future. So , without saying the words , I made him understand that I am not interested in him.

Since then his attitude towards me changed . He used to assign all the work work to my peers. I constantly got mediocre ratings and no appreciation or good opportunities. He even stopped my promotion and promoted someone who was clearly less deserving than me .
Thankfully , he ran into some troubles with the onsite managers & he was removed from the team. After he left , I got my promotion.

So ,we can become victims even when we are not sexually abused.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 12:07 PM

I was 7_8 yrs old in hostel, all boys used to sleep on twin beds in huge hostel dormatory..in classes we spoke horney things, how it gets big etc..showed each other the ***.so such a curious friend came to sleep on my bed in evening.we were innocent enough to not know that others could see, as we rubbed each others *** under comforter/chadder. One boy 5 yrs elder than me observing this approched me later, blackmailed and invited to go to isolated place in night. he cummed all over by bodyt

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 12:09 PM

He rubbed *** on my back ,cummed all over my body,offered me his shawl to wipe the sticky thing and we parted.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 03:59 PM

@Admin - I guess I had already mentioned the intent and requested the folks to mind the decorum.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 04:14 PM


Though we are gays/bisexuals we have also been molested in certain instances without our consent. By the #MeToo tag I meant to say only those instances.

My worst moment was once in an interview in DLF chennai. Being a walk in interview the footfall was huge and we were made to sit in close proximity with panelists in small rooms. This panelist guy right from the start wasn't looking at my eyes. His gaze made me so uncomfortable. His eyes were swaying to my crotch, neck and my hands in a very demeaning way. I was desperate to get out of the interview room. Though on a cruising day I would I enjoyed the attention of a guy. But not in an interview hall..

Next was an office DJ party where a guy gropped my chest while dancing. Another one was a spank on my butt by my then Team leader when I was leaning over my cubicle.. These moments made me feel more uncomfortable. I made sure to avoid those guys at office. Infact that guy who gropped me in the DJ later apologised to me.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 06:02 PM

@Gulfisaforever, thanks for supporting the views of others, some people make you guilty for saying what you have say, that's why I stay out of most of the discussions to avoid arguments.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2018 - 06:11 PM

hi friend me batana chahunga ki mere sath kya hua tha , ek bar hum train se travel kr raha tha to ek admi ne mere saath grouping kiya tha muje pata nahi tha muje laga rush he to wo touch ho raha hoga lekin badme pata chala wo janbuzkar kr raha tha

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 04:55 AM


My step brother made me to *** his *** when i am 8 years old. He used me in multiple occasions for 2 years. His age might be at the age of 16 or 17. Just *** his *** everytime and one-time he made me to drink his urine. I neither enjoy nor dislike. Later he used to enjoy with girls abs aunties. Kind of a nutral situation After an year or so another cusion brother slept with me completely nude. He must be 19 or 20 at that time. He *** and wiped using a cloth. But I didn't understand what is it about. But he treated me well with love and care. But passed away in young age fue to depression and sleeping tablet. I believe his family members came to know about his sexuality and tortured him. He was unable to sleep and use sleeping tablets in young age. It become overdose and one day he died peacefully. I know what is *** only in the age of 15. My school friends described to me. But i was in total shock and it took sometime to realize thr truth. After that i started craving for *** but no one approached me. I got attacted only with guys. I really don't know its because of my step brother and cusion. I know it can't decide my sexuality. But really ir hurt me bad in my teen age. I was in very bad mental stress untill the age of 18. After that i had some sexual encounters with my school and college mates. Used Yahoo as well. Also with some sgrangers in bus, loo etc. I felt its very bad everytime. But unable to control my feelings. It continued untill my age of 25. That time I met one guy in yahoo messenger. He introduced me to G4M. I startee reading forums and then came to terms, accepted myself. Now i feel complete peace about my sexuality

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 06:47 AM

Yeah, me too, i am bi-sexual by my choice, not because of anyone... I have experienced molested many times by different people, let me tell all of them. I am a choosy guy, I like young guys, hairless and slim body as I have mentioned in my profile. No doubts, I respectfully rejects if not of my choice.

First time I felted harrassed in my school days when I was 13-14, there was a senior in my class as he had failed for two concurrent years, more over he was the rowdy, and had power, I was good looking with fair skintone. He use to sit in last bench in the class, once I had helped him in something so he was treating me as his friend, I was a cute little slim skinny boy. When I use to enter class he use to order me to sit with him in last bench with two other guys, I couldn't deny him coz everyone in all were afraid of him... He had hit hell lot of guys who disobey him. So I use to sit with him in last bench, one day during some class, he said me that his thigh is paining, use Ur hand press and massage my thigh, soo I couldn't Deny it. I started massaging his thing, after few minutes or soo his *** was hard, he held me hand and placed over it and said do it here, I took at my hand... He stared and me with an expression of hitting me, without second thought, I placed my hand over it and started pressing it, I don't know whether he *** or not. I kept doing it for few hours. I was of 13-14, I use to get *** but never *** till then. This use to happen everyday... I say it molestation coz I never liked doing this to him, he forced me do everyday. One fine day during our sports class, he took me to our auditorium, he sat on the seat and made me sit beside him, said me to do it what we use to do in class. U did it as usual. But this time he unzipped, said me to put hand under his zip and massage over underwear, he was taking it slow and open, since we both were alone in auditorium. 10 mins by then he said me to put my hand inside his underwear. So I did, I knew his *** was huge... He said remove it. I did and say it was a huge one... He said come to my home today with me I will show you something, I said I have done work, I can't come. Again the same hitting look made me obey his order. He had big mansion, his father was a corporater of area. He took me to his room and said we have test tomorrow and we are studying. He took me to his room, dam his room was soo big with all comforts... He locked the room said don't make any noise... We got in to the bed he started the TV in his room, made me do same thing as classroom and said to take to his *** fully and remove his pants and underwear, his *** was soft now, not yet hard. He said me to *** it and make it hard. I didn't liked doing it, but had to do. *** it for 5-10 mins, and he *** in side my *** and said me to drink it.

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 09:02 AM

When i was in college first year my Hostel security caught me when i was cross dressed in my room. from that time till i left hostel i was used by him and his frnds.

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 12:00 PM

What is all dis!!

The concept of metoo movement is someone Molests u and u do not like it. Someone take some advantage of u, in return for some favors maybe. Or someone just takes advantage of u!!!

95 percent of the stuff put up here are stories in which both the parties have enjoyed!! How does dat become a revelation??? U have liked wat the other has done, dis simply qualifies for a gay *** encounter!!! Any nonsense is being posted here in the name of an ongoing movement!

Do u have any idea about the mental trauma about the victims of sexual abuse!! All fools are writing their sexy stories here instead of actually understanding the whole concept of the metoo movement!! I wud suggest that the thread be deleted for such unwary posts!!!

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slim Bt
Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 12:45 PM

@Karan 6 I support for the article you wrote about #Metoo

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 12:48 PM

yeah Karan... topic is slowly got diverted... sorry for my part too :(

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 12:57 PM

I do not judge anyone's MeToo story here. Though they may have enjoyed over the time that they put in first encounter says they are affected by it mentally at least..the extent may vary and the forum audience certainly dont have yardstick.
Reading through i do not find sexual overtones much. At least they got the outlet to express. Dont like it Dont read it!

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 01:08 PM

When you are abused at very young age,though u liked it then, it is still abuse! As a child i liked the physical intimacy but i m disgusted and furious when i grew up for spoiling my childhood

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 03:46 PM

Karan6 is too rude. I toyally agree with wingedcupid above post. If you define about me too with narrow minded then whats the difference between you and homophobic people. They say only heterosexuality is natural and homosexuality is against nature. Be open and inclusive within our community first

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Posted On Oct 14, 2018 - 04:54 PM

it was long back when i was studying first year and staying in hostel and its first time been to city. one weekend me and my friend thought to see a movie.. jumped hostel wall by 10.30 came to road and got lift in a lorry(since college was out of city and buses are not frequent). after a 15 mins drive it was been to a forest way. there the driver and cleaner both blackmailed to cooperate else will tell to college. we both got repeatedly *** with grease all over. after a lot of time they took our belongings even dresses and left us in the forest itself.

it was the first and worst exp i ever had

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Posted On Oct 15, 2018 - 04:08 AM

If you want that you had been the actual metoo ...go to twitter and post it ....why here in gay site were almost all are anonymous ....here it will definitely be the enjoyed part but feel free to post the trauma and victim part too

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Posted On Oct 15, 2018 - 08:20 AM

In my opinion this topic would be irrelevant if we talk only about how we have been harassed. I am sure there must be instances when we have harassed others as well. Since most of us are anonymous here, I think its an opportunity when we can take out the guilt by sharing stories where we are perpetrators.

Just a thought!!!

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Posted On Oct 15, 2018 - 01:35 PM


I like your suggestion. I will start with my incidence, when I harassed someone as I did gay *** without his consent (though he liked it).

That day, I slept at room of some office boys, who work at my friend's office. They call me also SIR, the way they call my friend. So I am bit friendly to all of them.
One of those is very cute, may be of 21 or 22, but surely not a minor. He is a villager type guy with a smooth body and a very good nice bum.
From other roommates of his, I came to know that he sleeps with his leg kept on the person sleeping next to him.
And I really like that kind of warmth and closeness from a man.

So that night, when I planned to sleep at their room (all 4 sleep in same room on floor), I decided to sleep next to him, actually between him and the wall.

All slept but I was awake as I wanted to play with him.
I intentionally, put my leg on him in a way that my thigh was over his thigh and my crotch was touching his palm.
After a while, I kept my hand on his crotch as if I did that under influence of sleep. And then slowly, I started rubbing his crotch.
Definitely, a young blood *** started to respond to the touch like this.
Within seconds, his *** was rock hard under my palm. Then he sensed it and turned facing me in a way that, my hand was covered by his thighs, and I could easily play with his ***...
He was in shorts, so I inserted my hand inside and played with his bare ***.
I opened my eyes and saw that his eyes were still close as if he is sleeping but his facial expressions were confirming that he was awake.
After a while he started playing with my *** and when mine got hard enough, he turned back keeping his bum aiming to my ***.
I slowly inserted my hand inside the band of his shorts and caressed his nearly smooth *** cheeks.
Then he himself pulled his shorts down, exposing his bum completely and pulled my *** and made that to touch his hole.

It was a clear signal. I tried to lube his hole with my saliva but I think that was not enough. And I was afraid too that my action might get noticed by others. All were sleeping but neither of those were drunk or sleeping dead.
I tried few times but I could not insert my *** inside.

Finally I gave up and *** myself and him and slept.

Next day, I found him avoiding the eye contacts. And since then he is not responding my msgs too.

All this makes me think that I exploited him. He did all under the heat of the moment, but later he felt guilt about this.
And that is making me feel bad.

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Posted On Oct 15, 2018 - 04:31 PM

i was molested by my neighbour ,, at the age of 15 mmm,, he is gay of 27 age n traped me ,,,mmmmm

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Posted On Oct 15, 2018 - 05:27 PM

Sexual harassment typically involves the dynamic of power. If one is your boss or employer or priest or someone who has authority or control over you asks for or engages in unsolicited sexual experiences that amounts to sexual harassment. If two people of equal stature, age and gender engage in unsolicited interactions it is molestation. No abuse or harassment. As that experience doesn't stop you from engaging in your day to day activities.

There are umpteen number of studies that show absolutely NO correlation between child sexual abuse and later sexual attraction. Please don't peddle or fall for such myths.

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Posted On Oct 15, 2018 - 06:21 PM

I for one havent exploited anyone nor plan to do so. If u count out going to massage parlours like handsome or ayush. Which i dont think is exploitation.